How Many Visits to Paris?

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May 1996 2 days/at end of bus tour of Europe/ felt like I missed a lot, but loved what I saw (Novotel Gare de Lyon)
Oct 1997 12 days - on our own/ loved it the whole time/nice weather (Frantour Suffren)
May 1998 2 days /at end of tour of France/dog died at home and we left early/nonetheless France tour was wonderful (Hotel Nikko)
Mar 1999 6 days -on our own/cold but great to be back (Hotel Villiers Etoile)
Oct 1999 8 days - on our own/was going to Rome but broke foot in summer & figured I could cope with "known" walks vs. all new sights (Hotel Villiers Etoile)
Apr 2001 8 days- on our own/ went to Amsterdam in 2000, thought we should see something besides Paris/ Paris in 2001 was wonderful again (Hotel de Turenne)
Oct 2002 4 days - on our own/following return to Amsterdam & Brussels, we're ready!(Hotel Residence St Christophe)
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Stopped counting somewhere around 30. Was there three times in 2001, am heading out in two days for my second trip this year. But I can't say that on any of these trips my *destination* has been Paris (if you discount the 4 trips I made eons ago as a school trip chaperone). More often I'm in Paris for a few days at the beginning or end of a trip to somewhere else. Still, I couldn't bear to plan a trip to France that didn't include a few days in Paris.
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I've only been twice but I feel extremely lucky and elated to have gone each time!!

Capo-san, how did you like the Hotel du Nesle? Curious to know. It seems inexpensive yet nice??
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Mary, I loved it. Very cool little hotel with character and a superb location, only about a block from the Seine in the 6th.

I'd read that they didn't take reservations (whether or not that's changed since 1998, I don't know) so I decided to fly to Paris and wing it. Got to the hotel around 11:00 am and luck was with me because I got a room. It was *very* small -- the smallest room I've had in Europe besides the one we had at the Pensione Panda in Rome -- but it was painted in warm colors, had some of those old Cote d'Azur posters in it, and even had a nice private bath. And, it was only around $60 for a single, a great value for this location.
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A year in the sixties; finally dragged my husband over there in the early 80s and he fell in love with it too, so we have been about every year since then. I've already had my visit this year, but might consider going again in the fall.
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Ahhhhh Paris. I simply love Paris. First trip there in June 2001 and the sales were in full swing. What's not to love! 2nd trip this last March. Now I am planning my next trip to Paris for 2003, but this time I want to stay a whole month.
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First time in 1966 as a young teenager; not again until May 1999 for four nights with my husband (Hotel de la Bretonnerie). Hot weather and enjoyed it thoroughly. Next in December 2000 (Hotel Beaubourg). Cold and damp, but still loved it. Did more museums and lots of walking. Last time was December of 2001 (Studio apt. on Rue Braque in the Marais), best place to stay of all (only stayed three nights). Again cold weather, and rainy but great. We plan to go again in November of 2002 and bring our adult children and stay in an apartment on rue St. Croix de la Bretonnerie. Can't get enough of Paris.
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4 times!
August 1997: 1 day (one of those worldwind european tours)
May/June 2000: 7 days (on my own)
December 2000/January 2001: 5 days (visiting a friend who was living there briefly)
May 2002: 3 days (took my mom for her first trip to the city of lights)
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Elvira and Janice how do you manage going to Paris so often? I'm so jealous. Are you both independently wealthy?

I would like some tips so maybe I can do it a little more often. I went last September and will be going back in October. While there do you visit other countries or just go to Paris?
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First time in 1950, as a young teenager (so this really dates me!) Then not again until October 2001 for 10 days. I fell in love with Paris (I did not as a teenager, preferred Switzerland) and went back again this May for 10 days, and loved it even more. Can't wait to get back. But next time will make definite plans to visit Provence and/or the Cote d'azur. I want to go again in 6 months, 'cause at my age, you can't put things off for too long! I've also been having a great time studying French for the past year (my high school French has helped, even after 50 years!) If any of you France and Paris lovers have time, and live in a city that has Alliance Francaise,(most big cities do) check it out. They have lessons at all levels, and are great - much, much less expensive than Berlitz. I felt so great knowing how to speak some French this last trip. Also, for those of us approaching or already at "senior citizenry", it's a
wonderful way to keep your brain very active!
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Lived there for almost 3 years in the early 70's. Visited on and off during the 80's when I lived in London and later Cairo. Then again in the mid 90's when I lived in Moscow. It was often a layover destination on the way to/from the States.

Did not really start enjoying it until the late 90's when I finally went there on holiday. Enjoy going back at least once a year now that I have the time.

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I have only been there five times. BUT I only started European travel about 6 years ago. Had I discovered Paris earlier, perhaps I would have been there more times? Not sure. All I know is, it's addicting and I got grouchy and depressed last year when I didn't get to go. I try to stay about a week each time and take extensive notes for next time!
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1961-first trip, as college student; stayed in Hotel Cecilia, on Mac Mahon, one of avenues from Etoile. Such fun, to be young in Paris!

1988-husband won trip thru business; stayed in Meridien Montparnasse--lg., impersonal hotel.

1989- dghtr was studying in Strasbourg, met her in Paris for Xmas. Hotel des Marronniers; great little place

1992--Hotel des Vosges and Welcome Hotel, noisy; coming and going from renting gite in Provence for 2 wks.

1994--Hotel des Marronniers, back from 2 wks in total immersion lang. school in Tours

1996--Hotel du Lys, my favorite of the budgets! "Chick trip" with daughter and friend

2002--Hotel du Lys; trip with dghtr. and her husband
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I went to Paris for the first time in 2000, I have to say I'm completely hooked. I have since been back three times, I went again in 2000, twice in 2001 and I look forward to many more visits in the future. I plan on going again later this year.
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Four fabulous times!
June, 1972 - 2 days, college student,beginning of "grand tour" w/2 girlfriends backpacking through Europe

April, 1978 - 10 days with new boyfriend (now ex-husband)

August, 1999 - 5 days, solo, newly divorced(see 1978)

April 2002 - one glorious week with 13-year-old daughter

Would go every year if I could afford it. Still hoping for dirt cheap fare sometime soon,would grab a bag and try to convince a friend to go for long weekend.
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Nine times -- a week this September will make it an even 10. Generally I stay for one week. Most wonderful -- a full two week stay. Worst -- arriving back in Paris at about 3 PM to spend just one night before flying home.
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September-December 1985 - I delayed starting college by a semester so that I could travel. We spent perhaps 2 weeks in Paris, we would take day trops from there.
March 1987 - one week
September 1989 - one week in Paris
April 1995 - two weeks this time because I met up with a childhood friend that lives there
November 1997 - 4 days in Paris a quick hello with my friend
April 1999 - friend got married stayed around 5 days or so.
May 2001 - my husband went there on business I came with we spent about 10 days.
Feb 2002- passed through Paris for about 3 days
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Four days in 1975 and 4 days in 2000. Liked it much better in 2000 due to learning to be a more laid back traveler.
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Years ago I sold my 'vette and moved to Paris to study, and I've been going back every year or so, ever since. My hotel has gone up from $1.50 per night, incl. breakfast and laundry) to, well, I won't bore you. My most recent visit was this past December to celebrate NYE, just a short trip, and I so loved Ile St. Louis. I won't make it back any more this year, but will combine it with Venice in February '03 - in fact just allocated the FF miles earlier today for two tickets, so it is a GO. Great thread - lets have some more positive issues like this one!!! Fun and fab!!! I get so tired of all the bickering on this site. I like this one!!
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Seven times. The longest stay was three months, the shortest three days.

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