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Kat360 Jun 21st, 2011 01:06 PM

How many days in Ljubljana?
Hi all,

I'm in Slovenia this August for work experience and have some time to travel after the placement. I was thinking of spending four nights in Divaca (with a day to visit Lipica, the Skocjan caves and then a flexible day), three in Postojna (one day to visit the caves, the second to see Predjama castle) and moving on to Ljubljana for five nights.

If the first day in Ljubljana is what's left after travelling early from Postojna, and the last day is written off for getting to the airport, how many full days would anybody recommend staying in Ljubljana (I was thinking 3 or 4) and are there any places/things to do that anyone would particularly recommend? Also, what is Divaca like? I get the impression that it may be small with not much there - great for a bit of a break and flexibility, but only if the place is nice enough for it to be worthwhile..?

Cheers, Kat :)

danon Jun 21st, 2011 01:38 PM

Ljubljana can be seen in a day.
It is very small.

kja Jun 21st, 2011 08:54 PM

As danon says, Ljubljana is small and can be seen in a day or - if you want to spend time in its museums - maybe two days. It is charming, and well worth visiting!

I'm not sure that you'll want a full day for the Skocjan caves, spectacular as they are. As I recall, you can only visit as part of a tour, which takes something like 1.5 hours. And you can walk around the area - there's a nature walk and a few very small museums nearby - but it's hard for me to imagine spending more than a few hours on those activities, pleasant as they are.

Will be you using a rental car? If so, transportation might not take as long as you think. Check viamichelin or mappy for estimates of driving time.

You might want to consider adding charming Lake Bled to your plans - the lake and its island and castle and the nearby (and stunning) Vintgar Gorge can be seen in one very busy day or spread out over a more relaxing 1.5 or 2 days.

Another option would be to visit Lake Bohinj - I don't believe there's much to do there other than admire the gorgeous scenery - or take a drive into the Jungian Alps.

Hope that helps!

Kodmania Jun 21st, 2011 09:31 PM

Hi there Kat!

You have a lot of spare time there to explore a lot more of Slovenia then you have mentioned!

As mentioned, you only need a day to see the Skocjan Caves and Lipica and the same for Postojna Caves and Predjama.
That leaves you a lot of extra days to explore places like Bled, Bohinj, the Soca Valley, the coast at Piran and even out east in beautiful spots like Logarska Dolina and the Jeruzalem wine trail.

Not sure if you have a car, if you do it is easy to reach all these places. If not, might need a little pre-planning but still easy enough.

Ljubljana is easily seen in a day or 2 so you might want to spend a few nights in Bled\Bohinj, Piran, Logarska Dolina, Maribor or Ptuj.

Your choices are endless really, see how you go!

Kodmania Jun 21st, 2011 09:32 PM

PS There's nothing in Divaca, its just a train stop for getting to Skocjan basically!

SloJan2 Jun 21st, 2011 10:41 PM

I agree with the others. One day for Postojna and Predjama. One day for Skocjan and Lipica. One day for Ljubljana and add in the other sights. Do not miss the Soca River Valley ie Kobarid and Bovec, esp. if you are a bit outdoorsy.

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