How cold will I be in early November?

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How cold will I be in early November?

I'm looking at the first week of Nov. I've heard I'll be miserable; I've also heard it's a nice time to visit London. I should note that I tend to be hot natured, and if I'm walking, I can actually work up a sweat even w. temps in the high 40s F. I was told to expect average highs of 50 - is this accurate? And is there more rainfall at this time of year?

Please indulge me w. a couple more misc. questions:

Grocery stores in London: I've read they don't bag your groceries for you, a non issue for me. Anything else that I should be prepared for versus what I'm used to in the US?

I've priced out air and 6 nights in a South Kensington studio apart'hotel for a little over $1,000 including all taxes. Good deal for early November, or should I keep looking?I know a hotel would cost less per night vs. an apt., but I figured after I eat out 2 meals a day vs. cooking in the apt. I'd come out about even.

Thank you.
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We were there early Nov.,'00 ( our ballot-counting woes were talk of the town!), and the weather was just about as you heard. I wore the equivalent of a rain coat with lining, and it was all I needed. It rained part of one day. But, as we all know, weather is variable, and taking layers is the way to go.

Your $1000 (including air?) sounds like a good deal to me. London lodging is not cheap. Have fun!
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what is the name of the apt hotel? Sounds good to me, I would maybe be interested or one of my traveling kids!
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My best tip for the grocery stores: Milky Ways Seriously, the fun size bars are great for snacking in your room at night. They are not at all like ours--they don't have the layer of caramel and they taste like a malted milk shake. I bring them home for the people I work with. Fill a bowl in the kitchen and they're gone by 9:00!!
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If you are in Britain on November 5th, check out a fireworks display (Guy Fawkes night - pity he can't be brought back from the dead and be allowed to succeed!), you should find them all over the place.
Now for things that you'll find different - Fries are chips. Chips are crisps. Jello is jelly. Jelly is jam. The first floor is the ground floor. The second floor is the first floor!!! I could go on! Food is expensive and portions will not be what you are used to, for instance a sandwich will be two slices of bread cut in half with a little bit of filling. You won't get a free soda refill. Go to any big supermarket and ask for your bags to be packed - they WILL do it.
For the last few Novembers, we have had very mild weather. It is hit or miss. London gets less rainfall than most of Britain. More than anything, enjoy it!
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Mars Bars (UK) = Milky Way (US), at least approximately.

Milky Way (UK) as described by Mel.
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There are bonfires and fireworks displays all over the country on or near Guy Fawkes Day - the 5th (often on the nearest Friday or Saturday early evening).
The other November event (in London at least) is the Lord Mayor's Show on the second Saturday - the formal inauguration of the Lord Mayor for the coming year, with a big parade in the morning (depending on the weather, this may be better viewed on TV!) and a fireworks display at 5pm (best viewed from the South Bank near Blackfriars Bridge). The Sunday nearest the 11th is Remembrance Day with solemn ceremonials all over the country, but especially in Whitehall, led by the Queen. On the 11th itself, there may well be a two minutes' silence in remembrance of the war dead.
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As a pedestrian you must look the opposite direction (London traffic drives on the left side of the road)first - look to the right. I just about got creamed coming up out of the tube station the first time and crossing the street by looking the wrong direction.

Sandwiches generally don't come with mayo. I wished I had brought little packets of mayo for my daughter. Didn't bother me but you know teens.
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Hi Joy,
We are going to London in mid-October. I found a deal on where we get airfare on Virgin from LAX and 6 nights in a four star hotel in St James/Mayfair area for less than $1,000 each (including travel ins.) Check it out!!!!
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THanks for the tip. I checked it out and it would save me $152. BUT my only hotel choice is a Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury (I prefer Kensington) and I figure by the time I eat out vs eating 2 meals/day in a studio apt, I'll just about break even.

Plus I'd have to buy travelers insurance in case I have to cancel, whereas w., you dont pay till you check out and you can cancel up to 21 days before departure w. no fee (they charge one night penalty for cancelling after that).
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