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zeke Aug 6th, 1999 06:01 AM

How about the ferrie or hydrofoil from athens to mykonos or santorini?
I will be going to Mykonos and Santorini and I am planning on flying into Athens from the United States and taking a boat . Are these boats reliable???? <BR>thanx <BR>zeke <BR>[email protected]

bly Aug 6th, 1999 07:18 AM

zeke - We did the same trip last fall. We overnighted in Athens and got the ferry and hydrofoil schedules from the concierge at the hotel. We ended up taking the morning ferry to Mykonos via Paros which is only a few hours away and were in time for a late lunch on Mykonos. We took the hydrofoil from Mykonos to Santorini - the hydrofoil is a couple hours, the ferry is about 7 if I remember correctly. From Santorini, we took the overnight ferry w/ a sleeping berth back to Athens. We never had any problems on the boats and never had advanced reservations. We were traveling in the off season. If your going at the height of the tourist season, you might look at booking in advance. bly <BR>

Monica Richards Aug 6th, 1999 09:04 AM

Allow me to share with you one of my worst travel stories involving a ferry from Athens to Mykonos: <BR> <BR>I took a tour with my fiance and 8 of my friends, and we got up early to catch the ferry to Mykonos from Athens. Our tour guide made sure we got up on the highest sun deck to ensure our maximum enjoyment of the trip. It was a beautiful day, sunny and everything. One thing we thought was strange was the large amount of Romanian peoples (okay, they were gypsies) on this boat. They were literally blocking every single aisle with their blankets, luggage, etc. You couldn't move! Apparently there are no maximum occupancy rules on Greek ferries. So we are off on this long epic journey. As soon as we get away from Athens, these gale force winds kick up, so strong that they are whipping the sea all the way up 5 decks onto ours. There's no room anywhere to move. You couldn't read, or play games, or even talk really. We all just laid on the deck covered with our beach towels. But the absolute worst was the condition of the bathrooms. I don't know if these romanian people weren't used to indoor plumbing or what, but they had gone to the bathroom on the floor, both #1 and #2 and the stench was incredible. The toilets were still working, so that wasn't the problem. And you can't really hold it for 7 hours! I was trying soooo hard not to throw up. Then the final crowning glory of this wonderful trip--when we reached our first island, the horn on the top of the boat sounded. A louder sound you can not imagine. No warning toot, nothing, just this ear-drum splitting noise. Our ears were ringing for days! Man, were we ever glad to hit Mykonos (covered with a white layer of salt from the sea water)! And the grossest thing--they didn't even stop to clean anything before they turned that ferry around. I feel so sorry for the poor saps who had to take it on the return journey. <BR> <BR>It turns out that there was some kind of religious pilgrimage and that's why they ferry was so packed. Also, apparently the winds always kick up in August, but our ignorant tour guide didn't know this. <BR> <BR>So my advice would be to take the hydrofoil--travel in comfort and get there quickly. The extra money is well worth it. Oh, and never, ever, book a budget tour!

Bill Barr Aug 6th, 1999 09:15 AM

Zeke <BR> <BR>I'll reply to you by email in response to yours regarding the trip from Athens to Mykonos. <BR> <BR>Lile Monica I too have used the ferry but, fortunatly, haven't had the problems she had. <BR> <BR>The ferries do get very crowded in July and August asnd it's worth paying a few dollars more and travel first class. It's not a lot of fun travelling in deck class as Monica's testimony confirms. BTW the pilgrims would have probably disembarked at Tinos but as that is only a one hour sail to Mykonos the benefits of more space aren't so good. <BR> <BR>One word of warning though and it goes against what Monica recommends. If you are in any way troubled with motion sickness do NOT use the hydrofoil. You are much more likely to become ill if the sea is rough. <BR> <BR>Bill

Caryn Aug 6th, 1999 10:43 AM

I had a similar experience to Monica's (minus the gypsies but just as crowded). The ferry from Athens to Mykonos is the WORST travel experience I've EVER had and I've been to Europe about 7 times. You have a picture in your mind of sailing the calm, clear blue sea. Well, it may be a little blue but it most certainly is not calm. I also experienced the gale winds and the sea being splashed on me. During all this I suffocated from both the cigarette smoke and the exhaust from the boat. I have never before or since then been seasick but let's just say I didn't feel too well on that boat. People told me to watch the horizon. But it kept disappearing from view due to the violent pitching of the ferry. I ditto Monica on the bathroom situations. There were also people throwing up all over the ferry. All I could do was hold my head in my hands, look at my watch for HOURS and think, "I can't get sick on this boat. I can't get sick on this boat." This trip was in mid July and I've been told it is typical. I recommend flying. A couple extra dollars would be well worth it to me. It's much quicker anyway. Better to spend those precious hours on Paradise Beach! About hydrofoils: I went on one of the flying dolphins in Greece and felt almost as sick. Luckily it was only about an hour trip. A travel companion did get sick on that hydrofoil. They are no picnic, either. Take a plane.

Zeke Aug 6th, 1999 11:53 AM

thank you all for replying, <BR> <BR>Now all i need to know is how to plan my hydrofoil trip from athens to myconos then to santorini and back to athens, how much are do these trips cost? and is there a set schedule? where can i find it?

Bill Barr Aug 6th, 1999 12:26 PM

zeke <BR> <BR>For hydrofoil services go to:- <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Use the drop-down menu at the foot of the page and choose 'Kyclades Hydrofoil Service' and then pick 'From Piraeus' as your starting point. This will give you the times of the daily services plus the days of the weeks they are operating. <BR> <BR>It may also be worth checking out the following for the ferry schedules:- <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Bill

April Aug 6th, 1999 01:40 PM

Wow I'm glad I wasn't on Monica's ferry. Apparently we were right in renting a room. We took the ferry to Folegandros and later to Santorini. I enjoyed seeing all the islands it stopped at along the way. <BR>

specs Aug 6th, 1999 03:16 PM

I agree with the above postings. Our ferry trip to Mykonos in August was scarey. When we weren't in danger of being pitched into the sea, we were overcome by cigarettes and diesel. The crew also emptied a dumpster sized load of garbage right into the water. Neither eco friendly or people friendly. <BR> <BR>I made the same trip in May. The sea was not as rough, but I think that trip must always be windy (Mykonos=windmills) <BR>Sitting in the wind for that length of time was exhilarating at first, but then became tiring. Indoors was worse, however, because the above mentioned cigs and toilets. <BR> <BR>I took a flight back to Athens from Santorini and wondered why I had never done this before. I would definitely fly again and just ferry in between islands. There are smaller boats that run between islands and they seem to handle the waves better than the bigger ferries.

Laura Aug 8th, 1999 05:59 PM

zeke, my husband and I did the Greek Islands a year ago. It's very inexpensive. The ferry is about $8 but always choose 1st class. The flying dolphin is much faster and about $15. There are boats to every island and you can buy tickets at any travel agent. The trip to Santorini is long so take the faster boat. Bon Voyage!

Suzanne Aug 9th, 1999 08:21 AM

My ferry trip from Athens to Mykonos was pretty different than most I guess. It was in early October and full, but not jammed-in crowded. I met a nice couple and we were sitting on a deck with our duffel bags. The weather was beautiful, and I actually fell asleep in the sun for an hour or so. There were no major winds or pitching of the boat at all. By the end of the trip, the toilets were getting pretty gross, but not as bad as people have posted here. Don't drink too much coffee before the trip. I took another ferry to Santorini and again, it was a beautiful sunny day--and a very relaxing ride. Many of the people who took hydrofoils got sick during the ride. I think the time of year may have something to do with how enjoyable the ferries are.

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