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Lynn Valvona Jul 10th, 1997 05:03 AM

Hotels- Quirnale/Rome, Punta Tragara/Capri, Bauer Grunwarld/Venice - any info?
My husband and I are traveling to Italy in September. We've made some reservations for hotels in a few of our destinations (where we're splurging a bit). Would like to know if anyone has input about them: Quirnale/Rome, Punta Tragara/Capri, Bauer Grunwald/Venice. We still have time to make changes! Also, any recommendations for hotels in Florence, Siena, and near the Cinque Terre (around $100/night)?

D.Rucks Jul 10th, 1997 07:48 PM

We stayed three nights at the Bauer Grunwald in Venice a few years ago, and it was such a pleasure that we will stay there again this fall. Four of us were traveling together, and we had a suite on the top floor with a balcony that overlooked the canal. We were so happy to have a beautiful place to stay! Order champagne and go out on the balcony and watch for the gondolas to float past you! Listen for the serenade! Be sure to ask for a discount on the accommodations--it may be possible.

Debra Jul 10th, 1997 08:27 PM

In Florence (a must) check out the Hotel Porta Rosa.
We stayed there about 8 years ago and then stopped back for a visit in 1993. Enjoy!!!

Lynn Valvona Jul 23rd, 1997 01:02 PM

The Bauer Grunwald sounds wonderful.We've also been hearing good things about Hotel Europa & Regina in Venice. Can anyone compare it to B.G.?

Richard & Irene Zubris Jul 23rd, 1997 02:49 PM

We stayed at the Bauer Grunwarld in 1990 and
thought it was super ! The rear patio leads to a lovely church and a few streets to St Marks Square. It looks out on the Grand Canal and
if you're lucky (as we were) you'll have a room with a balcony to bring home wine, cheese, bread and cake to eat and share with the pidgeons and seagulls !! Good choice. "Rex" and Irene

D.Rucks Jul 25th, 1997 05:21 AM

Hi, Lynn: Regarding the Bauer Grunwald in Venice, try using the Alta Vista Search Engine, type in: Venice Hotels "Bauer Grunwald" and you will get 10+ references, some of which have beautiful pictures of the hotel and an aerial shot showing its location in relation to the square. Really cool. I also did this procedure for a Milan hotel: Milan Hotels "Four Seasons" with the result of lovely photos. Have a memorable trip. Best wishes. D.Rucks

Judith Berger Jul 25th, 1997 07:07 PM

Joe and I love the Quiranale in Rome. Location is great, and hotel a delight. Need anything ask for Rosa. See if you can get someone to show you the secret entrance to the Opera. The opera stars used it to meet secret lovers ect. Not sure who uses it now. Excellent staff, and a wonderful breakfast ENJOY!

krista Aug 1st, 1997 04:04 PM

stayed at Hotel Quirinale in October and really enjoyed it. The hotel is very nice and the staff is very helpful, they recommended great restaurants for the way I eat which is a non-fat, no dairy, no red meat diet and even called the restaurant to let them know we were on our way. The hotel is in a nice location and walking to the sites (Spanish Steps, Fontana De Trevi, etc.) was not a problem. I was traveling with my friend and they were always helpful with getting taxis and helping us out. We felt very safe. The rooms were nice but the pillows were very uncomfortable and the shower curtain was cut about four inches above the bath tub so water went everywhere. Maybe that was only in our room but it was very annoying. Apart from these minor details the experience was great.

Joyce Fiedler Aug 2nd, 1997 07:28 AM

For your Cinque Terre location, I highly recommend the Hotel Miramare in Rapallo. It is easy walking distance from the train station, is right on the water just in front of the dock where you take the boatin one direction to Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, and in the other to the Cinque Terre villages. Easy to get to any of the above by train, but the boat would be the most impressive. The hotel itself is lovely, even if Frommer's doesn't make it sound too attractive. I don't know why. We first checked into the Giulio Cesare which he so highly recommends, and we didn't like anything about it, including the location, clear across the bay and back from the water. In comparison we found the Miramare (same price) to be wonderful, high ceilings, room enough comfortably for three upholstered chairs, large bathroom with tub and bidet, small balcony, and the friendliest, most helpful management one could ask. In May of last year it was about $64 for a double (ask for one large bed, if that is your preference - I forgot and asked for a double, so we got two beds, but later changed). It would be higher in September, but with the dollar increasing so dramatically, it won't be too much more. It was the best value in a hotel we have come across in some years of travelling. Address is Lungomare Vittorio Veneto 27, 16035 Rapallo; phone 185/230261, fax 185/273570. Unfortunately, I have sent them two faxes (as we plan to return in October) but have received no reply. However, I have no qualms about going without a reservation. We chose Rapallo because of the excellent base for train trips. Let me know if you want any more info. (Such as an excellent, inexpensive restaurant.)


Sandy Sep 14th, 1997 11:47 PM

We are looking for a place to stay in Rome in Nov. Could you tell me how much you paid at the Hotel Quiranale? Were the taxi's expensive. Could you walk to any of the sites? Did you try the bus or subway? Thanks

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