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Jena Aug 3rd, 1999 04:21 PM

Hotels in Zurich, Basel and Interlaken
Interested in mid-priced, nice hotels with parking and private bath in these cities (going this September). Any feedback would be appreciated.

Bob Aug 3rd, 1999 06:08 PM

Interlaken: We stayed at the Swiss Chalet last November. Nice place. Built for the ski crowd, but nice rooms. Interlaken has a large tourist office on the main street in town. We just went there, told them our price range and they showed us what available. You may want to try to contact them from here before you go. Be sure and see Murren. Nice area.

Linda Aug 3rd, 1999 06:54 PM

We stayed at the Hotel Weisses Kruez--very nice. You can see it on the Interlaken home page. Be sure to shop at the Bucherer store for watches, clocks, etc. My watch has been working for years & they have people in US certified to work on them. Also, we ordered Xmas gifts from their web site, they arrived safely & the Bucherer people emailed to be sure everything was ok. Super place.

RH Aug 10th, 1999 03:55 PM

I agree about the Swiss Chalet - good value off season. Enjoy.

suzann Aug 11th, 1999 06:15 AM

Jena, <BR>For Zurich, you might want to consider staying in the suburbs. I found a wonderful hotel in Kussnacht on Lake Zurich called L'Ermitage (at It's a four-star hotel with a five-star restaurant; it's also about 100 chf cheaper than comperable four-stars in the city. It's about 40chf taxi ride from the main train station, but only about 5chf (the fourth stop, I think) on the s-bahn. The lake-view rooms are more expensive, but you can get the same view from the restaurant terrace. I loved the combination of peaceful location and convenience to the city. It's one of my favorites! <BR> <BR>suzann

Ed Aug 11th, 1999 01:36 PM

For Interlaken see <BR> <BR>But why stay in Interlaken? Why not in the mountains instead of outside them. See <BR> <BR>Ed

bo_jack Aug 11th, 1999 03:33 PM

Zurich -- there is a Comfort Inn -- no atmosphere, particularly -- but well located for seeing the older part of the city -- about $120 per night -- fenced parking lot about 2 blocks from the hotel.

Marla Aug 12th, 1999 07:20 AM

We stayed at the Hotel Lotschberg in May --- recommended in Rick Steves' book. Nice, clean place with good size private bath, parking nearby and close to the grocery store and train station. We paid approximately $100 for their mid-size room. As an added plus, Fritz and Susi, the owners, speak wonderful english!

Eileen Aug 14th, 1999 07:41 AM

Hi, Jena. In the old town of Zurich near the Limmat River, I've had the chance to stay at Hotel Helmhaus and Hotel Rossli. Both hotels have reasonable rates, and rooms are very clean. <BR>

Debbie Aug 16th, 1999 12:49 PM

I stayed at the Hotel Walla Walla in Zurich. It is a two minute walk to the main railstation. The room was very nice, and about 90CHF per night for one person. There were several museums within a short walk.

Dorinne Aug 16th, 1999 05:30 PM

After spending a week in Spain this November, we fly into Zurich for one night. <BR> <BR>I'm looking for a unhotel like hotel close to the airport. We would like to see a little of the city and also eat our evening meal someplace nice and unusual. We fly home the next morning. Thanks for any ideas. <BR>

steve Aug 16th, 1999 08:09 PM

You can stay right in Zurich and take the train to the airport-it's just a ten minute or so ride. That would be more interesting and scenic than staying by the airport. We had a lovely dinner on the terrace of the Hotel Storchen-they have a very nice restaurant that sits up over the river and the view at night is wonderful. The hotel looks nice, but it was a bit pricey for us(Zurich hotel rates are very high). Many of the hotels are within walking distance of the station and depending on your budget you should find one that is suitable.

Zahi Aug 17th, 1999 07:27 AM

The Swiss tourist information have a web site were you can look for hotels in Zurich (and other places) and make reservations. If the hotel has a its own home-page, there is a link. <BR>The url is: <BR>

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