Hotels in Vienna/Salzburg

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Hotels in Vienna/Salzburg

I am going to Vienna for 2 nights, Salzburg for 1 night and was wondering if anybody had suggestions for a nice hotel($100-225/night) for 3 people sharing a room in either location. I was hoping to be in a central location so i could do as much exploring in my limited time as possible.
thanks for you help.
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We liked Hotel Schweizerhof ( in Vienna. It's right behind Stephensdom and a fairly convenient walk to almost everything. Try to get an "inside" room - the hotel has a large opening in the center. Our first room was at the back of the hotel and on a Friday or Saturday night it is loud because of a nearby night club. Otherwise the neighborhood is quiet. The breakfast is excellent and bountiful. On a previous trip we stayed at Hotel Opernring which is in a marvelous location and we really like it, but it has gotten price-y and on our last trip they required a minimum stay of 4 or 5 consecutive nights. Our room there was huge with a balcony looking over Ringstrasse and the opera house. The Golden Crown in Salzburg is in a good location. just a block from the river and bridge to old town. The street it's on seemed more populated by natives and less with tourists. Except for morning church bells it was very quiet and had a pleasant back yard area. The room was clean and comfortable.
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thanks for the tip.
i will look into the schweizerhof.
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We enjoyed the Hotel Trumer Stube in Salzburg. It is not in the old town but is a very short walk to this area. We stayed in a room for 4 so they will be able to accomodate 3 of you. They were very accomodating to our needs (we left before breakfast was normally served but they got us something to eat before we left) and they will get tickets for you to shows around town. Do a search on the web and you'll find their website.
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Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth in Vienna. Search this site and you'll find rave reviews about it-- including mine.
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Do you really think that you're going to able to see anything in Vienna in just a day and a half ?! and just one day in Salzburg ?! This trip is such a waste of time, money, and energy IMHO!
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Re: Salzburg
The Hotel Wolf Dietrich has an annex (right across the street from the main hotel) which is a nice older apartment building. I'm sure they have a suite which would be nice for your stay. The standard room I had at the annex was quite spacious. Nice neighborhood, just across the river from the Altstadt. The Wolf Dietrich's restaurant, "Aarlich" was also quite good.
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Oh, and ditto Maureen B's statement re the Kaiserin Elisabeth. I've posted my comments more than once. It was a regular poster's recommendation which led me there in the first place.
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I respectfully disagree with mveet. We had only a day and a half in Vienna in March and managed to see what we wanted to see and still had time to stroll through the city. If you manage your time right, it may be hectic but it can be done.

For a hotel in Vienna, I would recommend Pension Pertschy. I don't know if it has triple rooms, but we stayed there and found the hotel room to be very nice and clean, and large by European standards. The location is wonderful, right off of Graben and a short walk from St. Stephens and the metro stop.

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I respectfully disagree with Tracy!

Seeing all the major Vienna sights in just a day and a half is like going to Paris, seeing the Eiffel tower, Arc de triomphe, the Louvre, possibly Notre Dame, and then leaving on the following day!

By doing so, you wouldn't know what's different and special about the new place your in. You wouldn't get a sense of the real Paris! and you will miss out on what could make your trip alot more special!
Like walking around in one of the neighborhoods to see the wonderful architecture and the people. Then walking into a Parisian cafe, to relax a little bit, and maybe try an authentic Pain au chocolat or Crepe!
You get the idea!
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Just remember that one of you has said "seeing all the sights is impossible" and the other has said "we saw all we wanted to see." Both are obviously correct. You see what you want to see or what you have time to see. But there is no way for anyone to see everything of interest in Vienna in a day and a half.

Having said that, I would not be able to recommend anything other than Schweizerhof or Konig von Ungarn because those are the only ones I know. Of the two, I prefer KVU but fear it might be a bit out of your budget, depending on when you go. Good luck.
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I'll tell you where not to stay, Hotel Bellevue! I just returned from a Travel Study in Europe, 13 students and 2 teachers. Sounds boring, but we had the most amazing time ever! We started out in Vienna,, then to Prague and finally in London. The hotel in Vienna was not as nice as the latter two, but we made it fun. It's older and it does not have any amenities, kinda reminds you of something from 1970's horror movie. However, it was conveniently located across from the Billa Bippa and a few shops! You'll have an amazing time in Vienna, make sure to visit Schonbrun Palace and spend some time in the Bermuda Triangle!
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In Vienna I would recommend the Tourotel. It is conveniently located near the WestBanhoff and a quick trolly ride to most of the major sights.

In Salzburg I would recommend the Trummer Stube. Very nice hotel, centrally located.

Have a good trip.

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i am trying to see some great cities in a limited amount of time. i don't know why you are so critical of that. would you rather me just stay at home and read about vienna?
some of us have limited time to travel, i don't think its such a bad idea to get just a taste of some of these places.
i have done these types of trips before and i have never felt they were a waste of time.
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If you like traditional, then I second the Kaiserin Elisabeth for Vienna. Lovely little hotel, fabulous location. But if you like modern and trendy, then I recommend the StyleHotel, which has just opened. It is right across the street from the famous Cafe Central and right next to the Herrengasse ubahn stop. It is like the Meridien in Vienna, perhaps even trendier (the Meridien attracts a substantial business clientele; the Style Hotel is very definitely going after the design and entertainment crowd). Their web site is but it's still under construction. We stopped in to look around and the staff were very nice and it seems like a fun place to stay (the bar scene was buzzing!). Once they get going, their prices will climb, but for now the hotel is still in your price range.
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mveet: The question posted wasn't if 2 nights in Vienna and 1 night in Salzburg was sufficient time for each city. It simply asked for hotel suggestions in each place. Why berate the poster for his trip plans? Rather presumptuous on your part isn't it?

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Hear, hear, Giovanna and Tracy.

There have been numerous times when I've squeezed in a destination for whatever time I could spare for it. No regrets. My own trip to Salzburg was all too short, but I would not have missed it - there is such a thing as whetting your whistle for more!
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thanks for the suggestions. i think i will be staying at the KE. its seemed a good mix of old world style with modern comforts. thanks again for all your help. also, thanks giovanna for your defense.
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If you are going to be in Vienna during the warmest months (June 1 through mid September), strongly recommend you reserve a room at the KE with airco. Not all rooms have it--you have to request it and get it confirmed in writing (email, fax). It can get quite muggy and hot in Vienna in the summer.
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I stayed in the Koenig Von Ungarn in 2004 and I think it ran about $185? We loved it and it is in a wonderful location. Very spacious and beautiful bathroom. WOuld highly recommend KVU
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