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SchuhmacherDE Jun 1st, 2011 12:37 PM

Hotels in Marais, Paris
Hi all, my fiance and I are planning a weekend trip to Paris at the middle of July. I stayed in the Marais district the last time I went (5+ years ago) and really liked it. However, the hotel we stayed in at the time has since closed down so I was wondering if somebody here could recommend a nice and reasonably-priced hotel in that area or in another nice area within the city center vicinity?
Thanks in advance for any input!

PatrickLondon Jun 1st, 2011 01:07 PM

"Nice" and "reasonably priced" are rather subjective terms - any guide examples you can offer?

macdogmom Jun 1st, 2011 02:21 PM

Jeanne D' Arc is a nice place in Marais. Very reasonably priced and good location.

Christina Jun 1st, 2011 02:25 PM

where did you stay the last time that you liked? That will give people an idea of what you want and your price range, assuming it is the same.

annhig Jun 1st, 2011 02:35 PM

For the first time in many visits to Paris, this year we stayed at a hotel in the centre, rather than further out. This is the hotel we found:

now I wouldn't stay anywhere else. Staying in the middle of the city made such a difference to seeing what we wanted to see, getting around the city, even tour nocturnal perambulations!

it's nothing very special - just comfortable, very accessible by public transport, and quiet.

Mara Jun 1st, 2011 03:24 PM

Speaking of a nice hotel, here's one:

I stayed here many years ago - it's quirky, has a great location, fairly low price - some pretty good reviews on tripadvisor....

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