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singer8 Jan 25th, 2005 03:41 PM

hotels in london
if you could stay using american express points in these hotels, which one would you stay in? One Aldwych, The Halkin, The Grosvenor House Hotel, Milestone Hotel, or the Ritz? Thank you for your help.

singer8 Jan 25th, 2005 04:32 PM

has nobody been to these hotels?

WillTravel Jan 25th, 2005 04:45 PM

No need to post three threads on this subject. The reason no one has answered is because there are probably very few people who have stayed at all five of those hotels and who feel qualified to compare them. I'd look at the Luxury Hotel forum at because that forum does have some people who make a point of comparing all London luxury hotels.

Otherwise, what interests you in a hotel, and what type of area would you like?

Have you looked at TripAdvisor to compare?

singer8 Jan 25th, 2005 05:15 PM

I can only stay at these hotels because I'm using my american express points. I know it is kind of limiting. thanx

Rich Jan 25th, 2005 06:31 PM

I have stayed at Grosvenor House and the Ritz ( both on expense account ) of the two, Grosvenor seemed more comfortable and less "stuffy" Bot locations are good, but I prefer the Grosvenor on that count also.


elaine Jan 26th, 2005 08:17 AM

I stayed at Grosvenor House a few years ago. Luxurious hotel, though rooms could use updating, at that time.
It's about half way between two Tube stops, Marble Arch and Hyde Park corner so Tube access was okay, a couple of blocks too far either way, but I'm quibbling.

I can't imagine anyone has anything seriously bad to say about the Ritz, and it is next door practically to the Green Park tube stop, and makes for convenient walks along Piccadilly even to Trafalgar Square or theatres.

checking is good advice

earl30 Jan 26th, 2005 09:21 AM

how old are you? one aldwych is younger and trendier, nice rooms and two very good restaurants. the others are old folks palaces.

Walter_Walltotti Jan 26th, 2005 10:30 AM

The most famous of the hotels is The Ritz and if you like old world grandeur this is the place for you (Think Julia Roberts stops there in the film Notting Hill). It is often considered amongst one of London's best - probably more so than any of the others on your list.

I think the hotel went through a dodgy patch a few years back (stories of them sawing bits off the doors so they could put the newspaper under etc), but my understanding is that under the new owners things are very much back on form.

singer8 Jan 26th, 2005 04:03 PM

Iam 43 years old so maybe one aldwych is better than the grosvenor house and the ritz. I heard that you cannot wear jeans in the ritz. Is that true

Intrepid1 Jan 26th, 2005 04:24 PM

Believe me, you can wear anything you want to in The Ritz if you can get by the usual "I'm doing everything I can to intimidate you" looks from the doormen...especially if you are wearing some of those $250 a pair "designer" models!!!

Personally, I think the reason someone above generalized the Ritz as being an "old folks palace" might be because it is a pricey place to stay and a lot of "younger" people either cannot afford it or choose not to. One Aldwych isn't exactly cheap, either..or you could stay at my own personal favorite, the Hotel Covent Garden.

I suggest you look at the reviews on TripAdvisor for these places before deciding.

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