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Fancyh Aug 10th, 2017 06:02 AM

Hotels in Barcelona
Does anyone know about H10 Cubik Hotel and location to tourist attractions? Also, names of 4 star hotels in EIxample area? Looking for a quiet and pedestrian area with restaurants and shops. Thank you.

Robert2016 Aug 10th, 2017 07:03 AM

H10 Cubik Hotel is a newer 'hip' hotel just up the street from the Ohla Barcelona, so the location is fine if you like a busy area.

Since not all 4-star hotels are created equal, how much are you looking to spend?

benmia Aug 10th, 2017 07:06 AM

We loved the Gallery Hotel. Basically around the corner and one block from La Pedrera.

ribeirasacra Aug 10th, 2017 07:16 AM

***Looking for a quiet and pedestrian area with restaurants and shops.*** In BCN? Never will you get that.

Christina Aug 10th, 2017 08:07 AM

I was going to say, I think your idea of some quiet and pedestrian area isn't going to happen. Because the areas of BCN that are pedestrian only are not quiet that I know of. Not sure what you mean by that, pedestrian-only areas can be difficult to get to, also, at least by taxi, although there are sometimes concessions for taxis. Actually, I think Barcelona has a plan to turn more areas into traffic-free zones called superblocks, but don't think that has happened yet. The only areas I know of that are pedestrian-only are Las Ramblas (def. not quiet) and some parts of El Born and El Gotic area. Maybe there are others.

I stayed at the NH Calderon in Eixample and it is on ramblas Catalunya which does have a pedestrianized center boulevard, though. I don't know that I'd call the area quiet exactly, but my room was quiet because it was high up. Loved that hotel, but I generally like NH hotels in Spain. It was a very convenient location for transportation and walking (you could easily walk to placa Catalunya and down the Rambalas for example, to El Born or wherever).

H10 Cubik hotel is NOT in a quiet area at all, it's not too far from placa Catlunya, actually, and is near El Corte Ingles dept. store. I think nearby ave Portal de l'Angel is pedstrianized with lots of stores (not quaint) although I think vehicles are allowed on it for deliveries, etc. The place I stayed was quieter than that, you might give it a look. It claims to be a 5* hotel, which seems a bit much, but it's very comfortable

Fancyh Aug 10th, 2017 10:41 AM

Thanks for the info. We were planning to spend $275 -$350 per night. I realize BCN is very busy and noisy but I meant a pededtrianized center blvd. I will check on the hotels mentioned. 4 star can be misleading but we like an updated hotel. The NH Collection has many hotels but I had read that there were some in EIxample.This area seemed like a quieter area (if there is such a thing) Thanks

BigRuss Aug 10th, 2017 11:27 AM

<<pededtrianized center blvd.>>


Christina describes one of the Ramblas (there are several), the Rambla Catalunya is a busy two-way street with a median that is basically 8-10 meters wide and used only by pedestrians.

Eixample is not really "an area" as you may be thinking about it - it's much larger than El Born or the Raval or Barrio Gotic. It is a large swath of Barcelona located west/southwest of Placa Catalunya (check out the Barcelona street maps, most are oriented with west or NW at the top and north to the right). There are various parts of Eixample.

That said, if you get a Barcelona map that has the streets and the metro stops on it, and draw a box connecting Diagonal, Verdaguer, Tetuan and Universitat Metro stops, and get a hotel in that box, you're probably going to find what you need AND be close to the attractions and transport.

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