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dan Aug 2nd, 1998 06:05 AM

We are going to Paris in early October and are looking to stay in the 7th arr. if you know of any good, safe, and clean hotels here under $85US, please let me know, and if they have a website. Thanks

Louis Dameson Aug 2nd, 1998 03:48 PM

Here are some hotel asking 550F or less for a double in the 7th. arr. during 1997. <BR> <BR>1. Hotel de Beaune 29 rue de Beaune <BR>2. Hotel du Champs de Mars 7 rue du Champs de Mars <BR>3. Muguet 11 rue Chevert <BR>4. Hotel de Nevers 83 rue de Bac <BR>5. Hotel du Palais Bourbon 49 rue de Bourgongne <BR>6. Hotel Saint-Thomas d┴quin 3 rue Pre aux Clercs <BR>7. Hotel de la Tulipe 33, rue Malar <BR> <BR>These are all listed in Fodor's Rivage "Hotels of Character and Charm in Paris". Recommend that you order the 2nd edition from for updated info and prices. <BR> <BR>If you bother to search down in this forum you will also find info about hotels in the 7th arr. <BR> <BR>Most hotels have web sites which you can find through a web search. <BR>

joan doyle Aug 2nd, 1998 04:23 PM

Dear Dan: For what it's worth, I have stayed at the Hotel St.Thomas d'Aquin and found it very agreeable. My sister and I had a double room (with twin beds) on about the fourth floor, I think. It was pleasant and quiet--though that may have partly resulted from the fact that there was a transit strike in Paris the week-end we were there. I promptly came down with what Parisians call "la grippe" and spent most of my time in our room (thus making me an expert on the St. Thomas d'Aquin); but we did find plenty of good and reasonably priced restaurants within walking distance and my sister said the transportation (when it ran) was good. Hope you have a good time. Joan

Leslie Aug 2nd, 1998 04:46 PM

We stayed at Le Muguet in April and would recommend it highly. The rate was half what we paid recently at another hotel and the room was as nice. There was a neighborhood restaurant, "Bistro 7th", around the corner that was also a very good value. <BR>

Maira Aug 5th, 1998 06:32 PM

My husband & I stayed at the Hotel Muguet. It is a very quiet street (Rue Chevert) . The location was prime. We walked to the Rodin Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Musee D'Orsay, Napoleon's Thomb (Le Invalides). There is a parking garage by Les Invalides. There was a post office, great restaurants, convenient laundry facilities, etc.. <BR>

Donna Aug 5th, 1998 08:26 PM

Hotel Muguet is a favorite of Sandra Gustafson (author of Cheap Sleeps in Paris and Cheap Eats in Paris, both of which I highly recommend - her reviews are very comprehensive and accurate). The neighborhood is fabulous. Quintessential Paris. Within walking distance to lots of sights (including the Eiffel Tower and the Seine - awesome for moonlight strolls). Hotel is close to a convenient metro stop (on a line that does not require a lot of transfers for getting all over). This is a safe and quiet neighborhood full of wonderful shops and conveniences and fabulous restaurants in every direction with good food at reasonable prices.

Christina Aug 6th, 1998 01:36 PM

For what it's worth, I stayed at the St-Thomas <BR>d'Acquin and did not like it very well. The people <BR>were pleasant and professional and the breakfast <BR>room was nice, but the room was VERY ugly (modern <BR>motel-like furniture) and it had the TV on the wall <BR>like in a hospital, near the ceiling so you couldn't <BR>really watch it well (I've seen this in cheap hotels <BR>in France and it has now become my mark of crummy <BR>French hotels, as the nice ones don't do this). I'm <BR>sure it depends on your room, and that's one problem--in France, the quality of rooms can vary <BR>widely in the same hotel. It was very noisy, also, <BR>(window about 2 feet from neighboring apt windows) <BR>and not that close to a metro stop. The prices are <BR>fishy here, also, because I paid $95 for a SINGLE <BR>and that was 6 years ago. So, either the current <BR>ones quoted are way off, or I really got ripped off <BR>(as I said, my room wasn't that nice, either). <BR>

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