Hotel St. Beuve - any opinions?

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Hotel St. Beuve - any opinions?

Has anyone stayed at this hotel or know anything about it? It's near the Luxembourg Gardens, in the 6th, but near Montparnasse. I usually stay closer to St. Germain de Pres, but this sounds very nice. I hear that there are great little bistros etc. in the Montparnasse area, and that it's not as touristy as St. Germain (although this hotel in considered to be in St. Germain. Would appreciate any advice or opinions.
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Santa Chiara
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Hi, Suzie, I stayed at the St. Beuve last month, and I would recommend it. My room was small, but perfectly adequate, and the bath was large with bathrobes and big, thick towels. The front desk staff are friendly and helpful. I run, so being near the Luxembourg Gardens was nice. And there are three metro shops, all within a block or three of the hotel. Enjoy.
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We stayed there a few years ago and it was very nice - spacious, nicely decorated room and lobby, quiet street. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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It gets very good reviews from people who have stayed there, as follows:

Hotel Sainte-Beuve (3 star left bank)-
bright and spacious rooms
very helpful, friendly staff
very comfortable
had a most enjoyable stay
typically small Parisian rooms
nice in all respects
very comfortable, enjoyable
a beautiful small hotel
a delightful hotel
rooms were light, bright
bathrooms were extremely modern
For more Paris information e-mail me: [email protected]
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We're staying there in 2 weeks! I was convinced by the good reviews on many websites. If you want to know a recent review, I'd be happy to give one after we return on Memorial Day.

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Any idea about how big their deluxe rooms are? They say it is 19.5 meters square which is approx. 215 sq. feet. Is this a good size for three persons (2 parents with 12 year old).

And their breakfasts are only continental (of course they say they order croissants from one of the best patisseries) still it's 12.96 Euros/pp! Is it worth taking or should we go out and buy our own?

I asked if we could get eggs and they say that yes, we can, but it's extra also if we want cheese that's extra too. So breakfasts seem to be quite costly.

Please advise!! But the rooms do look nice. Thanks.
Old Jun 15th, 2002, 10:13 AM
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Just a note that last month I asked the Ste. Beuve for a rate for 15 nights in October. They quoted $162E.

I wrote back saying I regretted it, but that was more than I could afford. I expressly mentioned the positive remarks I had seen on Fodors' travel forum. So they replied that, since I was staying two weeks, they'd only charge $110E.

Though I chose another hotel (which included breakfast for $110), it doesn't hurt to ask for a better rate if you're staying a while.
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Jeanne, Just curious about which hotel you selected. Was it comparable to St Beuve for that price? Sounds good!
Old Jun 15th, 2002, 12:29 PM
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Thanks for the advice Jeanne. But I doubt they will discount anything for us-we are staying only for 2 nights. I hope b'fast is worth it.

If anyone knows of any good places to have b'fast instead please let me know. Thanks!
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I usually stay in that general area and think there will be places nearby the hotel to have breakfast if you want, I'd just look around once you get there to see the best choice. that does seem expensive for a continental breakfast. I don't really eat breakfast myself, except for coffee and a croissant, and I usually go to one of the well-known cafes on bd MOntparnasse near there for that (Rotonde or Le Dome). Le Select is a nice place and they might have stuff also; I know the Rotonde has breakfasts, including breakfast crepes which are basically thin pancakes, I'm sure you know. As I recall, Rotonde does have some special breakfast menus that include eggs, I think it would not be more than that, and perhaps less. There is a basic patisserie (a little more modern than that) called Bagels and Brownies right near that hotel where you can get coffee and bagels or rolls cheap, they have bar counters you can stand or sit at. It's at the corner of rue Notre Dame des Champs and Vavin, I think (about a block away).

There are lots of good restaurants near there, I like Chez Marcel and Dominique's (Russian) which are on rue Stanislaus, I think. Right near the Ste Beuve is Table des Fes (or something like that) which is a good North African restaurant.
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Thanks for the reply Christina. Since we've got a 12 year old does anyone know of a McD close by?
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CURIOUS: I'm booked at Hotel Bonaparte, 61 Rue Bonaparte near Place Sainte-Sulpice. 110 Euro for a double includes tax and breakfast. They do not have a of the reasons I chose them...the thrill of anticipation, you know. I read an article in (Vogue?) about the "resurrection" of Rue Bonaparte and it's newly fashionable shops. It's very near Jardin Luxembourg, Rue Buci market and metros. I emailed back and forth with one of the people who rated the hotel on Fodors and she said there are great cafes, restaurants, shops in the immediate vicinity.

Hotel Bonaparte is discussed at Fodor's Rants and Raves:

I wish I were going tomorrow and could send you a trip report soon!
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CURIOUSS: Ooops, here's the correct site for Hotel Bonaparte on Fodors' Rants and Raves:
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CURIOUS: Good grief, what's wrong with me. Hotel Boneparte quoted me 104 Euro with tax and breakfast, NOT 110 Euro. Sheesh, I think I need a vacation!
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Thought I'd respond in this post as the other one about the closest McDonalds had 55 posts this morning (yikes!!!)--I went away a few days and thought how can there be that many things to say about that. there wasn't, was there

IN any case, there were a few correct answers on there and a few off--the closest McDonalds is at 167 rue de Rennes, about where rue Littre crosses it (about one block north of bd Montparnasse).

There is not one next to the Mustang Cafe--I suspect that person was thinking of the fast food chain Quick which was there quite a few years ago, but that is now a Leon de Bruxelles (at corner of rue de Montparnasse and bd Montparnasse). That might be a good choice with your son for some meal as they do cater to kids, it's a nice, casual atmosphere, mostly Belgian moules and frites but other stuff. The Chez Clement restaurant someone else mentioned on bd Montparnasse (about across the street from the Rotonde cafe) would also be a good choice. Well, there are a zillion places to eat around there, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding something you like.

(I found the other post a little funny how someone thought a croque monsieur is superior to a Big Mac -- har har har, they are both greasy, fatty junk food.) I actually go in McDonalds at times for cheap drinks and their ice cream sundaes are pretty good. Some like it because it's nonsmoking -- I've had French people on the street in Montparnasse ask me directions to McDonalds, it's actually fairly popular with French teens and kids. Just avoid the one near the St-Michel metro as it's a zoo, dirty, crowded and not very nice (and they have too many tourists there so make you have a receipt to use the restroom).

Nearby rue Montparnasse going towards bd Edgar Quinet has lots of good crepe restaurants on it, those can be popular with families, also. Well, anyway, you will have no problem finding places to eat. I think the Rotonde could be a good place for breakfast if you want something more than the bagels and rolls as at is right in front of the Vavin metro stop where you might be going anyway for sightseeing and for some reason I am partial to that place as they seem to have the nicest waiters in Paris, almost all of them are very sweet and helpful and friendly and they do have that prime corner terrace.
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