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Delegator Jun 24th, 2003 01:37 PM

Hotel Sant Pau
Hi. I just returned from Barcelona and wanted to post about this hotel. I would not recommend it. My husband was in Barcelona for a conference and this was the recommended hotel. So, we chose it. It was across the street from the conference, so that was good (perhaps the only good thing). It was approx. 130 euros a night and NOT WORTH IT. The location was ok -- near the Hopital Sant Pau and quite near two different Metro stops. It was also about a 15 minute walk from the Segrada Familia. I usually walked to that metro stop in the morning as what better way to start my day than with a view of the Segrada! Anway, when we arrived, late on a Monday night, we checked into our room. It is one of those hotels, common in Europe, where you turn a key to turn on the electricity. The room was so hot, and when we turned the key and turned on the AC, it was not cooling down. We went down to tell the people at the front desk, but they told us we hadn't given it time to cool down. So, we went out for dinner. When we returned, it was still hot. We went back to the front desk and they told us we were being fussy, that most of the rooms were 27 and 28 degrees C and ours was 24.5, so it should be fine. Doing the conversion, we concluded that even 24.5 is too hot. They wouldn't do anything. So we went up and tried to sleep. I have to tell you, it was so hot. We were dripping. As you may know, last week in Barcelona there was a heat surge -- it was about 95 F every day. So ...

Delegator Jun 24th, 2003 01:42 PM

Part 2 -- we went back downstairs. It was now a new guy at the desk. He said he'd send someone up to look at the AC. He sent up the busboy (who the previous guy at the desk had told us had no knowledge) who pushed some buttons and nothing happened. We went back down and they told us that if the AC was broken, we'd get the night for free. It was so hot. As the hotel is next to the hospital, we didn't want to open the window. And, anyway, if you open the window, the AC automatically shuts off, so we didn't want to open the window for that reason either. Needless to say, we didn't sleep well.

THe next morning, sill another guy at the desk, they finally admit that our AC is broken. They tell us our room should be 21 C. They tell us they have no other rooms but will have one at 5, so we should bring down our bags and when we return from the day out, we can get the new room. We go eat (the included breakfast, which was fine, nothing great, nothing terrible). When we finish, they tell us we can have the new room. Immediately we can tell it is so much better. However, when we mention the free night, they completely refuse to even consider it.

Before leaving for the day we speak to the person at the front desk about getting some clothes pressed (they do not have irons to give out to customers, nor do they have hair dryers). It is about 5 euros a piece. The paper indicates that it takes 48 hours, but my husband needs his stuff for a conference the next day and as a way to placate us, they promise to have it done. They tell us to leave the clothes in our room on the bed, which we do. I but you can guess what happened next . . .

Delegator Jun 24th, 2003 01:46 PM

We return at 9:30 p.m. to find that the clothes have not been pressed. Of course, it is now too late to even think of going out to buy an iron, something we'd considered as pressing 2 suits and 2 shirts was 23 euros -- a cheap iron couldn't have been much more. They were, again, completely unappologetic.

Anyway, I just re-read what I wrote and I sound like a baby. It is funny, that first night, my husband and I kept saying to ourselves -- are we being jerks -- are we begin fussy americans -- perhaps this is how AC works in Spain -- etc. But, really, it just sucked. Our first day touring in Barcelona we were so exhausted (and it really was the only day my huband had to tour).

The rest of the time the Hotel was fine. However, it is not worth the price. I'd avoid this hotel.

AAFrequentFlyer Jun 24th, 2003 04:31 PM

I have to respectfully disagree. I stayed there about 2 years ago, and I thought the rooms were great, and extremely clean, the view I had was great as well, as I had a front corner room on a high floor, so I could see the hospital grounds, and some parts of the city center. It's not a hotel for people that like to have all the services, but there is that little restaurant and a bar downstairs. I just took my laundry down the street where it was done the same day and very inexpensive. The location is not the best for all night party, but that was fine with me. Just like you I took the subway, and the rides were not that long to get to the tourists area.
I believe I actually recommended this hotel here on Fodors after my return :)
I do understand, how sometimes if something happens in the beginning of a stay, then the rest is not enjoyable, so I'm not saying you're wrong, but at the same time I would still highly recommend this as a great moderately priced hotel to stay in Barcelona.
Oh, my AC worked fine :)

Delegator Sep 16th, 2003 08:41 AM

Update -- we just received a refund for our first night. My husband and I were just discussing this and as time has passed are not as angry as we were when it occurred. We were disappointed -- when a hotel is recommended by a conference (which Sant Pau was) you sort of expect the business amenities you need on a business trip -- which include an iron. Even if there isn't an iron in the room, the hotel usually has one to bring to your room to use. So, I guess most of our disappointment should have been directed to the conference planners. Still, the management at the Hotel could have at least been honest with us -- i.e. admitted the air didn't work but that they didn't have any other rooms.

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