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Anthony Aug 3rd, 1999 10:46 PM

Hotel room tax?
Hello, I'm confused, should hotels be charging an extra 7% tax rate for rooms? <BR>I read on the Rick Steves site that hotels should not be adding on tax. But all the hotels I've heard back from include a 7% tax including the regular rate per night for the room?? <BR>Anyone have any clue about this?

Mary Aug 4th, 1999 08:00 AM

Nope. I don't think so. All taxes and additional service charges should be included in the room rate. Unless European countries have instated a luxury tax for rooms over a certain price as they have in the states. <BR>

Anthony Aug 7th, 1999 02:45 PM

Hi Mary, <BR>Thanks for the info. The tax shown on all my faxs from the hotels in Spain are listed as "VAT" which is not included in the actual price of the room. Is this something I should inquire about? Or is the VAT something which is normal for a hotel room?? <BR>Still confused

Myriam Aug 8th, 1999 12:50 AM

In my opinion the VAT (value added tax) should be included in all prices, also the prices of hotelrooms because the rate is different in every country. <BR> <BR>In France you might have to pay kind of a "residence tax" (don't know what they call it in English) varying from 1.5 FF to 3 FF per person per day. This tax is sometimes included, sometimes not. <BR>

Anthony Aug 8th, 1999 02:44 AM

Now I am even more confused! <BR>Should I be charged an additional 7% VAT for a hotel room in Spain or not?

bo_jack Aug 8th, 1999 04:34 AM

Yes, you should probably be paying a VAT of 7% if that is the appropriate rate in Spain. You will be charged a VAT on the room rate if a VAT is appropriate. The issue is whether the rate you are quoted includes VAT or not. Typically the rate quoted will say either "Rate includes VAT of [X]%" or "Rate does not include VAT of [X]%." In both cases, you are being told the full amount that you will pay -- although in the second case you have to do a little arithmetic to get it. Either is certainly more straight-forward than the typical American practice of quoting a rate without mentioning tax.

Louis Aug 8th, 1999 05:09 PM

If you are looking on the internet you know that anything goes. It is often very difficult to determine what is included in rates. If you are dealing directly with hotels then the problem is simple. Ask for the rate including service and tax. Yes, France has invented a new tax on hotel rooms for tourists. This may or may not be included in any quotation but it only involves a few francs a day.

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