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donna Oct 5th, 2000 04:14 AM

Hotel Raphael
I think I just accidentally posted this to the old Italy board. If it is duplicated here I apologize. <BR> <BR>Message: I am about to make a reservation at the Hotel Raphael but would like to hear from someone who has been there about the rooms. I have a choice of a standard double room or a superior double room, or a deluxe double with a terrace. I think the deluxe with terrace is too pricy for me. <BR> <BR>From those who have been there what are the differences between the standard and superior please. <BR>

donna Oct 5th, 2000 04:16 AM

Ooops - forgot to mention - Hotel Raphael is in Rome.

Patrick Oct 5th, 2000 06:56 AM

We stayed at The Raphael in July, with two Superiors, both rooms were very nice and virtually identical, decent size, but not what you would call spacious. We never saw the standard rooms, but they must be pretty small. In fact the negative comments about The Raphael posted here in the past have mainly referred to the tiny room size. There would be no great advantage for the terrace as far as I am concerned, especially as there is a rooftop terrace that would certainly have an even better view. We really liked The Raphael, best of the three hotels we've stayed in in Rome. They were also a most pleasant and wonderful staff, and when the other two of our party didn't arrive as planned due to an emergency landing of their plane in Boston, the hotel cancelled their room for the night, held it for the rest of the stay and didn't charge a thing. You'll enjoy it, but I would opt for the larger room.

Tom Oct 5th, 2000 07:02 AM

GREAT hotel...killer location...go for the superior room...much larger

nancy Feb 16th, 2001 07:00 AM

Trying to top for len

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