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Vivian Apr 12th, 2000 08:27 PM

Hotel Pensione Italia
<BR>I just booked 4 hotel rooms at the Hotel Pensione Italia in Rome. I got it out of a Rick Steve's book. I am nervous because the rooms were reasonalble and still available. Anybody ever stayed there.?

Pat Schulte Apr 14th, 2000 07:04 PM

We have stayed at the Italia a couple of times and the rooms are very nice and the staff very friendly...don't forget to take your Rick Steves book if you want the discount

Loraine Apr 23rd, 2000 02:17 PM

Could you tell me what the rate is per night? <BR>Thanks

Mike Miller Apr 23rd, 2000 05:15 PM

In Oct 99, the rate was $160,000 lire (cash only). They told me the rate was going up in 2000 to 180,000. Well worth the price. Excellent breakfast, good staff who will make dinner reservations for you, call a cab, etc. Try the pizzeria bakery a couple of doors down - great pizza and cookies!!!

Vivian Apr 24th, 2000 12:13 PM

We booked our room at 180,000L and now I am happy to know that someone else has had a good experience there. I can't believe how many hotels are out there and one never knows. I am so excited about our Rome trip! It is nice to know a few good places to eart are nearby! Thanks for the information!

Mike Miller Apr 24th, 2000 04:15 PM

Vivian, you did not say whether you were coming by train or air. We came in from Siena by train and the Termini was a madhouse due to construction and the number of people in there. Our only almost rip-off was by a man who came up and asked us if we wanted a taxi. If someone does this, do not go with them. There is an approved taxi stand in front of the station. Use this and this only for a taxi. The others will not charge you the "meter" price. Also, there is an ATM machine on Via Natzionale about a block from the hotel. We just can't wait to get back there ourselves.

Vivian Apr 24th, 2000 10:20 PM

Mike; <BR>

Vivian Apr 24th, 2000 10:34 PM

Mike; <BR>Do you like the short and not to the point of my reply? ha ha. I don't know what happened, but anyway, we will be flying into Rome. The hotel has a pick up service where they will sent 2 cabs at 100,000L apiece I believe (we are 8). I need to research taxi fares, train fares and what nots. We are going to be in the annex rooms across the street. I just asked about them and they said we were booked for those rooms. I still can't wait, but I check this forum all the time. I want to see how Easter week went and if the crowds will be thinned out alittle. I won't hold my breath!

Mike Miller Apr 25th, 2000 02:22 AM

Well, the price is about right for the cabs. You will be staying in the newest part of the hotel - it was just remodeled last year. It is the only part that has air conditioning.

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