Hotel Nazionale or Hotel Raphael?

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Hotel Nazionale or Hotel Raphael?

Ok, so I have reservations at both The Raphael and The hotel Nazionale for May. I hear good things about both, but the price for the nazionale is about $50 per night less. Is the Raphael $50 per night nicer? Could anyone give me an opinion on what the best choice is location wise. Both are right by Piazza Navona, but I would love some firt hand experiences.

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Hope you get some opinions.
Just for your info,
I do not find the Nazionale in any of the guide books I have
Good luck.
Did you check out any of those other hotels mentioned in your other post?
Esp. if you are looking to save a few $$
Good luck with your search!
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I di and After talking to them they all ar either booked up for May 4-7th or they only have one double left and I need two. Your advice has been great though. Nazionale is rated a four star hotel and they are charging $260 per night vs. the Raphael's $300. I saw The Nazionale --- --- (it has two more names after it)on both and and it looks very nice. But if the Raphael is that special maybe I will just stay there. Maybe I am just being to anal. Anyway if anyone has stayed at one or both of these your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Nancy for all of your help.
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There are a couple of Hotel Nazionale's in Rome. We stayed at the Delle Nazionale which was quite near the Trevi Fountain, but saw another one near the Pantheon. Do you know for sure which one you are talking about? We also stayed at the Raphael this past year, which was my preferred hotel. Oddly enought the Nazionale had raised their rates almost 50% in one year from 1999 to 2000 so it became almost as much as the Raphael. We liked the Raphael mainly for its location, but also for its beautifully furnished rooms and very nice staff. Our room at the Nazionale was a little larger, but not nearly as nice, and the hotel lacked the general charm and friendliness of the Raphael. Breakfast was not included at the Raphael, but we did it one morning and found it overpriced. At the Nazionale it was included and it was OK, but I'd prefer to go out to Navona and do my own thing anyway.
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Ok, I know I am probably reserving to many places and being over paranoid, but it is because I am bringing my Mom back to Italy where she was born for the first time in 42 years. I want to stay in the middle of 'The beauty' of Rome with the history and the restaurants. I have reservations at the following maybe you who have frequented these places can suggest based on location and value. I first booked a room at the Farnese which is over near the Vatican. Fodors rated it very highly as a 4 star but people have told me that I don't want to be that far from downtown and the sights. So I added The Raphael to the list. I booked two double rooms because along with my Mom, my sister and her husband are coming. The rate was 650,000 per night per double at the Raphael. I know it's nice but is it worth $300/night. Then I added Hotel Nazionale a Montecitorio to the list. This is another 4 star on Piazzo Montecitorio near the Italian Parliment. It looks gorgeous but again 560,000 lire per double per night. Is it $265/night good? And Finally I just added The pantheon to my list of reservations. They are running a special for May when I will be there for a double with breakfast 500,000 lire. This is also rated as a 4 star, and for that price and considering it is right between Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain, can I go wrong? AHHHH! Someone help!

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