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Gino Giannetti Oct 27th, 1997 01:53 PM

Hotel Locanda Sturion/Venice-Been there?
I'm looking for anyone who has stayed at the Hotel Locanda Sturion in Venice. Would like to hear your comments. Am contemplating making a reservation there. Welcome any suggestions for the $125-$150 price range. Looking for central location.

Rhea Oct 29th, 1997 05:32 AM

See my reply to"Places in Venice". I walked every
morning to Rialto Market; or San Marco Sq. Oddly
Dosodorro which was very close & Accademia Bridge is better than Rialto for people/vaporetto/traghetti watching. 2 of Fodor's rests. panned out; one was excellent.

Mary Oct 29th, 1997 06:26 AM

Hi Rhea--which restaurants panned out (and which did you like)--I think several folks might be interested in your experience--thanks.

Rhea Oct 30th, 1997 05:45 AM

At Mary's request I list:
Fodor's recommended rests.:Taverna San Trovaso was
just ok; not great; caters to tourists.Trattoria da Fiore was outstanding. Get back table where the locals eat (fish platter for 6 served up by 2 wait-persons) Great Find for us: Rosa
Rossa, Calle della Mandola on way to Accademia Bridge from San Marco just before San Stefano Sq. Recommended: stuffed cannoli, eggplant/ham/tomato sauce indiv. casserole, sole. $25-30 for 2 plus they have great indiv. pizzas.

Mary Oct 30th, 1997 06:19 AM

Rhea--thanks! I wanted to add that we really enjoyed another "locals" place we found on La Guidecca--Do Mori--it is right up from the vaparetto stop; they have tables outside on the lagoon; the food was great, very reasonably priced and they were also totally cool about just having primi and a salad if you are not a big eater. It is also a nice ride out there and back in the evening.

Patrick Williams Oct 30th, 1997 02:30 PM

Will be back in Venice in '98. Have you any info on the Basilea Hotel, close to Rialto/stazione?
Has it changed its name? I'd love to stay there again (it's been almost 7 years) on an anniversary trip next fall. Thanks.

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