hotel in athens close to airport


Apr 11th, 2011, 02:14 AM
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hotel in athens close to airport


My husband and I are planning a trip to Greece and Greek islands the first part of June 2011. We are staying one night in Athens then on to paros for 4 days, naxos for four days and last Santorini for 2 days then flying back to Athens to depart the next day back to the States.

I have a few questions and would appreciate any help.

1. Where is a good place to stay in Athens so we can get to the port the next morning at 7:00 am for a ferry to Paros?

2. Also on the way back to the states is the a reasonable hotel on a bus route to the airport that we can stay at. All of the reviews for airport hotels are not very good.

3. I am not sure if we should book a ferry now or do it when we get there. The choices on accommodations for the ferry are a little confusing.

4. We were going to rent mopeds on Paros and Naxos and a car on Santorini. Does that sound like a good idea?

Thanks for any help. We are really excited about the trip.
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Apr 11th, 2011, 04:16 AM
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If there is any way you can make the afternoon Blue Star to Paros (leaving at 5:30pm), that would be better than staying a night in Athens at the beginning of your trip. Some days there is also a Hellenic Seaways highspeed leaving around 5 pm and arriving much earlier on Paros than the Blue Star. No need to book in advance unless you are travelling to the islands at the beginning of Pentecost weekend (Jun 10-13). Save the day in Athens for the end of your trip.

Unless you have a very early flight departure it's best to spend your last night or two in central Athens, near Syntagma Square or Monastiraki, where you can catch the metro to the airport. Buses also leave from Syntagma Sq to the airport.

Unless you are experienced at riding scooters or motorcycles, I would recommend renting a car, or just using the bus service.
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Apr 11th, 2011, 04:33 AM
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Two years ago we stayed in the Attalos Hotel near Monastriki, and were able to get the metro in time for the 7.00am ferry without any problem. It is also near the metro line for the airport.

An alternative could be just to stay in Piraeus. I can't vouch for the hotel personally but it gets good reviews on tripadvisor, and friends of mine have booked it for June. Hotel price includes a free transfer to your ferry.

Be careful renting mopeds anywhere unless you are very sure of yourselves driving. Roads in Santorini are very windy and high - I would be nervous on a moped. We found the buses fine and reliable.
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Apr 11th, 2011, 07:47 AM
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I'm with Heimdall ... make that 5:30 Blue Star ferry if possible! Get "reserved economy" (or also called "Air Lounge" seats (37€), ask for seats in side sections, by windows (center section more like a theatre, w. 300 seats). U can sit out on deck for sunset, then go in for food, and a nap.

TICKETS — PLEASE tell me you are not planning to sail on Friday JUne 10!!! Or Sat June 11! This is the start of Greece's first 3-day "getaway weekend" (Pentecost) and a million Greeks will be fleeing Athens for the islands! If so -- try to book tickets instantly!! e-mail Amphitrion or Pacific Travel immediately!! They both have offices @airport 24/7, you can pick up tix right on arrival, avoid mob scene at pier. Even if it's not that "rush hour" friday, good idea to get tix that way if u sail the same day.

This is an object lesson in being specific in your inquiries: "the first part of June" is too vague to tell whether you will run into a big transportation challenge like the above.

HOTEL NEAR AIRPORT -- I don't know what airport reviews you are talking about; surely not for Sofitel! That's a luxe hotel; most complaints would be about price. Again, you don't give enough to go on, because you don't give us your budget limit. Also you don't tell us how early your flight is. Here are choices:

(1) HOTEL near SYNTAGMA. Tons of hotels within 200-300 yards of Syntagma Metro/X 95 bus stop. Metro starts 5:30, so not poss. if u must be in line by 6. And I won't bother listing any hotels unless u give budget clue.

(2) SOFITEL at AIRPORT. Across street from TErminal. €200-300 per room.

(3) HOLIDAY INN ATTIKA -- Halfway between Syntagma & Airport. Nothing of interest around. Has a shuttle, but don't know if it goes early enough for you. €125?? check

(4) ST. THOMAS B & B -- 10 min. taxi from airport. 3 rooms, small pool, set in olive groves. €100+, big buffet breakfast (but not early enuf if you have 8 am flite); no shuttle.

(5) PERIS HOTEL -- 10-15 mins from airport; shuttle from 7 am/midnight. cont'l bkfst. Budget alternative.

(6) RAFINA hotel -- budget alternative (€70) but €20 taxi.

ISLAND RENTALS -- If you are experienced on mopeds, OK on Paros, no mountains just hills. Moped on Naxos a BAD idea, unless yu are jsut going to tool along the road to far beaches & back. Besides Naxos has good bus system for this; then just rent a car for a one-day island exploration. On Santorini, no no no to Mopeds!! I cannot tell you how many people I've seen with crutches, full-leg casts, arm casts. Always turned out to be moped/ATM. Why not use busses & taxis?
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Apr 11th, 2011, 11:19 AM
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Great! thanks for the replies. Sorry about the the non specific details. I read the bit about being very specific AFTER i posted. I was just excited.

We are arriving on the 2nd of June and I think that we can make the 5:30 ferry. Thanks for the information on which seat to book. We are flying back to ATH on the 11th late and departing the 12th around noon so the downtown hotels sound fine. We were wanting to spend around $100 for the quick overnight. We depart ATH before lunch on the 12th.

We are pretty experienced with motorcycles. My husband and I both ride large touring bike across the U.S. and have sport bikes for the curves and mountains. I think we will do fine with mopeds on Paros and Naxos but will stay with a rental car on santorini. We are interested in having our own transportation to get to some clothing optional beaches that the public system doesn't access.

Thanks for all the help
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Apr 11th, 2011, 11:28 AM
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One thing I forgot to ask. Do you think I can make the 5:30 ferry if I arrive ATH at 2:30? THanks
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Apr 11th, 2011, 11:48 AM
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You shouldn't have a problem making the 5:30 pm ferry if your flight arrives on time. Allow about 30-45 minutes to go through passport control and pick up your bags, and another 90 minutes for the trip from the airport to Piraeus. In practice it will probably be quicker than that. Usually there is no one waiting in line at Amphitrion Holidays, so buying your ferry tickets there will take only a few minutes. Instead of the bus, you may want to take a taxi, which will bring you directly to the ferry. Then all you have to do is grab your bags from the taxi, walk up the boarding ramp, and hand over your tickets.
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