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Hotel Haus Lipmann in Beilstein on Mosel... how great is this humble establishment? Searching for "Magical Hotel Accomodations..."

Hotel Haus Lipmann in Beilstein on Mosel... how great is this humble establishment? Searching for "Magical Hotel Accomodations..."

Mar 20th, 2005, 01:16 PM
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Hotel Haus Lipmann in Beilstein on Mosel... how great is this humble establishment? Searching for "Magical Hotel Accomodations..."

I've read many a review on this site regarding the Hotel Haus Lipmann in Beilstein on the Mosel. It seems to be the favorite of a good number of travelers. And, you're glowing reviews (and the magical pics on their website) have taken me in.

With that said, we are a group of 6 traveling for 7 days in Germany in early May (in and out of Frankfurt). I have contacted Hotel Haus Lipmann for their availability during our 1 week tour and they amazingly have 3 rooms for us for 2 evenings (SAT, Sun before we depart from FRA on Tues am).

So, my question... How great is this place? Is it one of those travel experiences that is first (or even 2nd, 3rd) to come to mind when you recall your holiday? I am hoping that it is and if so will be willing to adjust our itinerary to make it fit...

To give a glimpse of what I mean... Some of our fondest accomodation memories of past travels have defined our vacation. (and I would have to look up the names but, here are the most memorable... the chalet in Murren that upon opening your wooden shutter window you took in the full glory of the Jungfrau, and upon lying your head on the pillow in the evening in the still and quiet you could hear the water bubbling out of the old fashioned iron like water fountain outside the window.... or the sweet little zimmer/pension?? in Garmisch that had the most wonderful and accomodating owners who when I became sick, delivered me breakfast in bed with a fabulour herbal german tea that cleared my cough and sore throat within a day (we bought 5 boxes at the local pharmacie.... and they had a chicken coop in yard for everyone to share, with an incredible view of the Jungrau from our balcony with french doors... yet another was the palatial mansion in Lake Maggiore, Italy whose owners catered to your every need, made the most wonderful breakfast, welcomed you with a coctail upon arrival, and had the most amazing view of Lake Maggiore from their grounds which were filled with majestic trees, a winding drive, topiary bushes, and beautiful statues, the hotel in Venice....sigh, ain't travel great!) BTW, I wish I could recall the names of these and would gladly look them up in my past travelogues if I had any idea where that was.... we just recently moved! But, if someone is interested, I will begin the search.

In any event, I am hopeful that Hotel Haus Lipmann can provide its own special travel experience in not the exact ways as mentioned above but, in its own distinct manner as it relates to the Mosel experience.

And, if anyone recalls any other memorable accomodation that caused you pause in the list of sites to see and food to try and really led you to experience a place, I'd love it if you would share! Right now, I am particularly interested in Heidelberg and Trier and if someone has a really great one in Triberg or Black Forest, I'll switch up the itinerary yet again (and, dare I ask... an alternative to Hotel Haus Lipmann? on the Mosel or Rhine?). I usually hope at least one of the accomodations will really make an impression on us!

Thanks in advance!!!! I'm having a great time planning (even though I've been given very little time to do so,,,,) Your comments will be much appreciated!
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Mar 20th, 2005, 02:31 PM
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I'm not familiar with this hotel, but we loved the Mosel and this town, made a mental note to return and stay in Beilstein. And next time we'll skip the Rhine.
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Mar 20th, 2005, 02:33 PM
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Hi akwill. This is not really a review of Hotel Haus Lipmann. Rather, your itinerary is similar to mine. Germany in early May, staying a couple days in Rhine/Mosel area. I'm on the fence about booking the Lipmann also - the website and the book drew me in. I've placed inquiries on www.tripadvisor.com about this Rhine/Mosel accomodations as well as www.frommers.com. Should I have any responses I will surely post for you. Good luck and please can you post here again if you find anything out about the HHL? Happy travels.
Mar 20th, 2005, 02:40 PM
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Plagerizing myself from 2003 trip report: I took out most of the stuff but left a great shortcut to see Burg Eltz. The hotel was 85 Euros per night, the staff was fiendly, the room had a view and the shower was great. It ain't the Ritz, but it certainly was a memorable place for us. Since you will be there on a weekend, ber sure and checvk out the place behind the hotel (described below).

"DAY ONE & TWO - Haus Lipmann - Beilstein on the Mosel.

An easy 1 1/2 hour drive from Frankfurt airport to Beilstein. We arrived at the Haus Lipmann which has a great location across the street from a ferry dock on the Mosel River. We had blue skies and sunshine. They also have a restaurant terrace overlooking the river where Tracy and I downed some goulash soup and some pommes frites. I saw Tracy beginning to have the first signs of jet lag narcolepsy, so we set off on foot to the Beilstein castle (Burg Metternich). An easy 15 - 20 minute walk from the hotel. I climbed to the top of the castle, while Tracy scouted out the beer garden for some guy who would let her go to sleep. It was a picture perfect day and the views of the Mosel Valley were astounding.

Tracy didn't find another guy, so we went back down to Beilstein and walked through town. The walk through town takes about a minute. Pretty much everything is a hotel, restaurant or shops and caves selling wine.

Dinner started at 6 on the terrace at the Haus Lipmann, and after a shower to try and wake us up a little, we fell downstairs into the restaurant. The food was good (we ordered a couple of different types of steak - my pepper steak was fantastic).

The owner of the hotel Mr. Lipmann came over to our table and greeted us. He is a very nice guy. We were the only Americans, and soon a big group of gregarious Germans started mingling on the patio. I asked what they were up to (in a nice way, of course). and they said it was a reunion of the class of 1957.

We chatted with them until about 8:30. Tracy said it was time either to go to sleep or to file for divorce. After thinking it over while sipping an after dinner drink, I felt sleep would be better since a lot of the trip was already paid for.

The next thing I remember it was morning, and we had ten hours of sleep under our belts.

In my next installment, it's on to the Burg Eltz, a day of exploring the Mosel Valley, AND a great time getting drunk with nearly 200 Germans.

We finally met our first Americans at breakfast. They had tried to drive to Burg Eltz the previous day, but had gotten lost. I am not a big Rick Steves' advocate, but sometimes he does give good advice, and he did not fail us on this morning.

I had read in Steves' book not to follow the signs to Burg Eltz, because those were longer hikes. Instead we ignored the Eltz signs in Moselkern and followed the signs to Munstermaifeld as he had suggested. We kept the faith because it seemed like we were headed in the wrong direction.

However, in about seven kilometers we came to a T in the road. Signs to Burg Eltz were seen again. We made a left and went though Wierscheim and from that town's exit sign it was only 2km to the Burg Eltz Upper parking facility. It was an easy 10 -15 minute walk down to the castle from there (More on our hotel friends later).

Burg Eltz is a cool sight to behold as we walked down the trail from the parking lot. It is in the middle of a forest, and it is quite imposing.

It was Friday night, so, after another delicious Lipmann meal with a beautiful sunset over the Mosel, we decided to go out. In back of the Haus Lipmann is the Zehnthauskeller (owned by Herr Lipmann's brother-in-law). We got there about nine o'clock and the place was hopping full of Germans singing folk songs and other stuff being led by a guy on organ and I think a synthesizer.

The only table was in the front. I walked around and heard no English speaking people anywhere. Perfect. We ordered some wine and two German couples sat at the other seats at our table. The next song was about two seconds long when one German lady locked arms with Tracy and one German guy locked arms with me and the songfest had begun in earnest.

They ordered some wacky shot of some liquer which they let me taste. Then I decided to order. Since I had already consumed some wine at dinner, I was feeling no pain. In my pathetic German I tried to order two shots. Instead the waitress thought I said five.

Well, when the five shot glasses arrived at the table, I quickly made a decision to give four of them to my German friends. From then on it was one long drinkfest. The highlight was singing "Take Me Home Country Roads" in English with 200 Germans all locking arms and swaying with the music. John Denver would have been proud.

When I got the bill, I could not believe it. I had ordered 11 shots and/or wine drinks for ourselves and our German friends. The bill was only 21 Euro and change. I asked the waitress if that was correct and she said, "Ya" or something to that effect. I tried to tip her 5 Euro for the great time and she said, "No, I can't accept it it. It is too much."

"How about two?," I asked. She said that was too much but took it and thanked us profusely. A fun time had by all.

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Mar 20th, 2005, 02:43 PM
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Sorry hit post instead of preview

Staff was FRIENDLY...not fiendly (I wouldn't send you to a fiendly place)
be SURE and CHECK (like I should have done)
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Mar 20th, 2005, 04:28 PM
Original Poster
Join Date: Mar 2005
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maitaitom, Thank you very much for your post. Exactly what I was looking for (actually a lot more!). Felt like I was there and it sounds just fantastic. sounds as if you had a great time experiencing the local culture, which is what I love about travel. Your experience at the Zenthauskeller (sp?) is hysterical, what a night, what a memory, I'm sure! Your entry left me wanting to read more! Thanks for taking the time to help out. And, thanks for the confirmation that Steves' directions ARE accurate to Burg Eltz fr.Beilstein (we've followed some in past that seemed to be wrong (could've been us...)..) Herr Lipmann sounds like a great guy, which seems to make all the difference in accomodations...

I am considering a 2 day itinerary like yours, possibly trying to squeeze in a short cruise on the Rhine. Is this easily doable from Beilstein? Did you think 2 days was enough for your visit to the Mosel/Rhine? Even for a short trip, I've concluded I don't want the trip to be exclusive to the Mosel/Rhine, hoping that is the right conclusion...

In any event, thanks to all! And, aggiemom, I will certainly post any other info I get on HHL. Who knows, maybe we'll cross paths in early May!

Thank you!
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Mar 20th, 2005, 05:42 PM
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So, akwill, are you booking HHL? I'm waiting for an email to clarify reservation and cancellation policy but it looks like we'll stay there (if the room is still available - maybe it has a cult following!) To maitaitom -- I thoroughly enjoyed the travelogue!). We'll be there the nights of May 5 and May 6. We're spending two days in Amsterdam first. Maybe we will, indeed, see you there. I'll post any updates here. Cheers!
Mar 20th, 2005, 06:26 PM
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Here's another review with very positive remarks about the Hotel Haus Lipmann in Beilstein. The most recent addition to my webpages... Ben

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Mar 20th, 2005, 06:35 PM
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We are beginning our German vacation this year in Beilstein. Have reservations at Haus Lipmann for 3 nights, May 6-8. Very much looking forward to it based on the comments here. Really debated between staying in Cochem and Beilstein and decided we'd really enjoy the quieter atmosphere in Beilstein. Ill let you know if we made the decision when I write my trip report!
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Mar 20th, 2005, 06:42 PM
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We enjoyed Hotel Haus Lipmann a couple of years ago in June. The house macaroons are great. We bought a dozen or so when we left to fortify us on the way to the Rhein. Started chatting with Herr Lipmann. By the time we got to the car, the macaroons were eaten.

Mrs. Fly sleeps much later than I do. So while in Beilstein I would walk through town or along the river, or watch the early morning river barge traffic, swans, ferry, etc. out of our room window.

We enjoyed coming back from the day's travels and having a quiet, relaxing place to unwind with some wine and good conversation.

Beilstein and Hotel Haus Lipmann fit the bill for this. Not all rooms overlook the river--so specify if that's what you want.

We got a lot of use out of our binoculars on this trip.
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Mar 21st, 2005, 08:17 AM
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"Did you think 2 days was enough for your visit to the Mosel/Rhine?"

I think I would have added another day (and that's just for the Mosel part..I had already been to the Rhine area about 15 years ago).

A couple of extra places I liked. It was nice walking around Cochem (the older part up from the river). Had a good lunch on the patio at Hotel Lohspicher. We had Zweibelkurchen (tasty onion pie) and, since we were there in September, we had the young wine (Federweinber).

Another place we drove to was Bernkastel-Kues. It had been recommended by the group of Germans who were having their reunion at the hotel. There are lots of half-timbered houses and a neat square.

The thing I remember most was a drunk lady playing the accordian leading a bunch of other drunk women down the street singing songs. The drive is a pretty one along the river from either Cochem or Beilstein. have fun.
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Mar 22nd, 2005, 05:52 PM
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Mar 22nd, 2005, 08:34 PM
Original Poster
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maitaitom: thanks for the additional info, it has been a huge help. I have been struggling with our itinerary in past two days as I'm trying to add time to the Rhine... I am going to devote 4 days now to the Rhine and Mosel. Thanks for all the comments and your detailed info of your great experience, I am really looking forward to Beilstein and HHL. (reserved for 2 days). Thanks again! Happy Travels~
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