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Terry Apr 20th, 2001 02:56 PM

Hotel E Mail
The hotel Relais St. Germaine is a Fodors choice in Paris. Can anyone tell me how to make a reservation apart from the telephone. I can't find the hotel on the Relais Chateaux web site.

Sue Apr 20th, 2001 04:04 PM

You can book Relais St. Germaine on several sites, including <BR> <BR>Try a Google search or other. <BR> <BR>It is a member of the Atel group, but when I try to access their web site, it not only doesn't load, it shuts down my Netscape. There is this message on the search site: "Sorry we use HTML Frame and you can't view all the ATEL Hotels site. For any question on reservation contact us to [email protected]" which is an e-mail address. (I feel like Sherlock Holmes) <BR> <BR>Hope this helps.

Christina Apr 20th, 2001 04:21 PM

You can find it and book thru French Hotel Reservations Center which is accessible thru (just go to hotel section); I like that web site a lot. (BTW "Relais" is just a common French word that means inn or auberge, so it's in a lot of hotel names and some restaurants, also, so having that in a name doesn't mean it belongs to that one particular marketing consortium.)

Rex Apr 20th, 2001 04:38 PM

I always thought it (relais) translated roughly as "resort" (and precisely what is the definition of a resort, even in English, pray tell!) - - but here are some people that are prepared to give it a whole new meaning! <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>"the Cyber-relais concept : each room is equipped with a WC, bathroom, telephone, television and PC connected permanently on Internet (included in the price of the room)." <BR> <BR>Interestingly enough, I know of no such chain marketing themselves in such a way here in the US. <BR> <BR>Best wishes, <BR> <BR>Rex <BR>

Bilhan Öz Apr 20th, 2001 05:11 PM

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Diane Apr 20th, 2001 05:19 PM

Rex- closest thing I've found in US is in the W Hotels and Hotel Nikko in LA -- but internet connection is extra $10 or so per night.

StCirq Apr 20th, 2001 06:31 PM

The word "relais" does not mean or connote a resort. It originally meant a place where one exchanged tired horses for fresh ones along a traveling route. It means "relay" in English and has all the same connotations. It came to be related to accommodations through the horse connection but also as a means of expressing a place where one could stop and refresh oneself while en route, for a brief period or for a night or more.

Rex Apr 20th, 2001 07:03 PM

I knew the "relais de poste" connection - - but I guess I thought it had been "appropriated" by the hotel industry to now mean resort - - and not merely by the Relais Chateaux group. <BR> <BR>Thanks, StC <BR>

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