Hotel Des Artistes have some nerve

Old Sep 13th, 2001, 08:51 AM
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Hotel Des Artistes have some nerve

I feel compelled to let everyone know what Hotel Des Artistes told me about their policy. If you book a few months in advance, they require a non-refundable one night stay deposit. Of course things can happen and they said they will not refund the money if for some reason we need to cancel even if we cancel far in advance. This is the first I have heard of such a policy, most other hotels have a decent cancellation policy. Naturally, we are no longer booked there and are still searching for a good hotel for less than $150/night.
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Yes, Sherry, there are indeed hotels that require nonrefundable deposits. Some even require full, nonrefundable payment substantially in advance. That's why we all have to do as you have done -- understand a hotel's policy in advance of booking and vote with your feet.

These conditions are more commonly found in resort areas, but I guess any hotel can do it if they choose to.
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Is this the hotel that we stayed in twice in Paris? When we booked through Best Western in the U.S. last year there was no such policy. I did not know that this chain would permit such a policy for we have stayed in over a dozen of their hotels in Europe and have never been told this. We have also changed plans more than once and never been charged anywhere.
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There are many hotels des Artistes in the world, especially in France. I've also encountered hotels that do this in areas that are very seasonal and/or when the hotel was very small or family-owned. Also, some hotels with very cheap prices that cater to more casual travelers do this because they got too many last-minute cancellations--I know one in Paris that does (or used to anyway, hotel Marignan in the Latin Qtr), although some just won't take reservations in major cities. So, I'm not sure what the point of this post is? Some hotels do this, most don't, so don't stay at ones that do if you think there is a chance you'll cancel--no one knows where this hotel is anyway.
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More and more hotels are doing this not just in Europe but also in the United States.(I just encountered the same policy in booking a hotel in Las Vegas). This is their response to those inconsiderate people who make multiple reservations and then cancel the ones they don't want at the last minute. Unfortunately we all have to suffer for the selfish ones. Personally I do not have a problem with this policy. Making a hotel reservation is seen as making a contract. To pay a 1 days lodging fee for cancelation of that contract seems more than reasonable to me. It's a lot better than many airlines policies of non-refundable tickets.

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