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Peter Wollmeringer Aug 19th, 1997 06:58 AM

Honeymoon in Paris
My fiance and I will be travelling to Paris for our
honeymoon (10/27-11/8). We have never been to Paris
and would appreciate some hotel and restaurant reccomendations in interesting areas (Latin Quarter, Les Marais or others). Thanks.

Donna Aug 19th, 1997 03:31 PM

Highly recommend that you purchase one or more tour guides and read them (with a highlighter) before you go. It's important to familiarize yourselves with getting around, money matters, and so forth before you go. My favorites are Eyewitness (for the photos) and Access (for the maps and descriptions of the restaurants, sights, museums...). You should take at least one with you to plan your itinerary every day. Also, take a good map (Rand McNally's Cityflash Paris is excellent) and a good phrase book (Barron's French at a Glance is wonderful). A fabulous restaurant guide is "Cheap Eats in Paris". Since you will be spending two weeks in Paris, and there is SO much to see and do, you really should do some reading to determine what most appeals to you and your fiance. Be sure to consider a three or five day museum pass (a real bargain and you won't have to wait in line at the various places to purchase a ticket) and weekly metro passes (for unlimited travel on the RER, metro, and busses, another bargain). There's a wealth of information about Paris on the web. Start with Fodors, then, and search on It is essential that you each carry your valuables (passport, cash, credit cards, etc.) in an under your clothing pouch to avoid the pickpockets. Wish you a wonderful wedding and fabulous time in Paris!

Ed Aug 19th, 1997 04:29 PM

I have been to Paris about 12 times and after you have seen all the local sites, I recommend you take the
train from Paris and visit some sites outside the
city. I recommend a trip to Fontainbleau. Huge
chateau about the size of Versailles, where
Napoleon stayed. There is a wonderful Hotel called
the Aigle Noir just across the street from the
chateau. The city is delightful. Also maybe a
trip to Chambord in the Loire Valley. You can also
tour wineries near there. I stayed in Blois and they
have a nice tourist center which lists all the local
wineries. Loire Valley is beautiful. Many times I
rent a car in Paris and drive around the countryside. Train to Chambord is only about an
hour and a half and about 45 minutes to Fontainbleau. Trains and metro are wonderful. I
stay at IBIS Hotel at #2 Rue Cambronne about a 20
minute walk from Eiffel Tower. I do not spend much time in hotels and this hotel is new and costs
about $85 per night for two people. I prefer to
spend money on dinner at nice restaurants than
$200 per night for a hotel room. I hope you have
a nice trip. I have traveled over much of the world
and Paris is the most beautiful city I have visited.
Regards, Ed Musser

Trey Brant Aug 21st, 1997 08:58 AM

Congratulations you guys! There's a restaurant in Paris that's a lot of fun (ex. they serve red wine in baby bottles), really cool, and even romantic. It's called 'Chez le Fondue' and it's in Montmarte. It's very small, always crowded, and they don't take reservations. So, if you like to do fondue check this place out. Bon Ap!

Pierre Salinger Aug 21st, 1997 10:59 AM

In France it is customary to shower your best man with gifts to ensure a long a happy wedded life. Not doing so will make your honeymoon unhappy and cold.

joelle Aug 22nd, 1997 07:04 AM

This is funny. I am French and I have never heard about this special custom for the bestman...
Anyway, bestman in France could also be a "bestwoman"...

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