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Eric Huether Jan 8th, 1998 10:28 AM

Honeymoon in Germany & Switzerland Sept/Oct 1998

My fiance and I have decided that we wanted to go to Europe on our honeymoon. After very careful conideration we have chosen Germany and Switzerland. More specifically Frankfurt/Cologne, Munich, Lucerne and Lugano. We will be going between 9/27/98 and 10/11/98. I have the Fodor's Germany and Switzerland 1998 books and have found them very useful. However, I was wondering if anyone out there has been to these places/ and or have been there during the time I am going. I know we will be in Munich for Oktoberfest, and have already looked into making hotel reservations. I am really looking on insight of where may be the best place to stay, resaurants, fun, etc. I am not looking to go cheap, but would like to get the most bang for my buck (Or DM in this matter). Any and all insight will be greatly appreciated.

Eric Huether

Rod Hoots Jan 9th, 1998 04:24 PM

I've spent several years in Europe, mostly in Germany, and would like to recommend changes in your itinerary. Frankfurt and Munich have some places of interest but, in general, are just big cities without much charm. Recommend you stay in more romantic places, like Heidelberg (you can day trip to Frankfurt) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen (day trip to Munich). Whether you will enjoy Octoberfest depends a lot on your personal tastes, but be advised that it is crowded, noisy, and sometimes the crowd can be obnoxious. Every place in Switzerland is nice, but you might think about substituting one of the cities for a day or two in a smaller place like Interlaken. You didn't give your means of transportation but I suggest that you fly in and out of Frankfurt and rent a car there for the entire trip - driving in Germany and Switzerland is easy and scenic. For hotels, I agree that Fodor's books are the best. Enjoy!

michael Jan 10th, 1998 03:13 PM

Hi. I kind of agree with Rod above. Everyone has their own style and taste in travel, but Frankfurt is not known as a romantic getaway for newlyweds. The countryside around Munich is beautiful, and I am sure that there are a few schloss (castle) hotels in the mountains which would be spectacular. In Switzerland, my favorite place is Zermatt which is a mountaintop Alpine village nestled underneath the very impressive Matterhorn. There are no cars in Zermatt -- you take a cog railway up to the town. It is magnificent and at that time of year should be relatively uncrowded. Interlaken is also nice, as is Grindelwald which is bigger than Zermatt and can be driven to.

Nicole Jan 13th, 1998 01:52 PM

I second Mike's opinion on Zermatt. I've traveled to a few cities and towns in Switzerland, and Zermatt is my all time favorite (I've been there twice). It would be a relaxing break in your itinerary of larger cities. Obviously the surrounding Alps and scenery are beautiful, and the town is very charming. Please take a look at my personal travelogue of my European trip from a few months ago -- it includes some descriptions and pictures of Zermatt you may want to check out. Also, I would keep Lucerne on your list -- I enjoyed it very much when I was there a few years ago, and I suggest taking one of their boat trips around the lake.

Nicole Jan 13th, 1998 01:56 PM

Sorry -- I forgot to mention the URL of my travelogue which I mentioned in the above message! It's at

Bo in Guam Jan 14th, 1998 12:54 AM

Hate to be redundant, but I agree mostly with the previous replies. BUT...I suggest going to Nueschwanstien castle (schloss) for a nice romantic getaway. It is a day trip from Munich (my favorite city in the world) but stay a couple to explore the area. I stayed in Luzern, but decided to stay in a local Zimmer Frei (their version of a B&B, but nicer more homey)and absolutely loved it. Feel free to email if you wish to talk some more.

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Jan 14th, 1998 01:29 PM

You have the right concept but the wrong itinerary.
Try this, and you can do it either direction.
Fly into Zurich and train to Interlaken/Grindelwald.
After 2 days, train to Lugano, get your car and start 5 glorious days in the Lake country of Italy-
you talk about romance. Then drive via San Moritz
to either Fussen or Garmisch and enjoy the fairyland
of Bavaria. I would either go to Munich--although
you can miss Oktoberfest--it is a tourist trap, or
drive back to Luzern for your last 2 days and drop
the car and train back to Zurich. This works !!!

CHJ Jan 17th, 1998 03:08 PM

Interlaken is a wonderful central point from which to enjoy Switzerland. We loved the centrally located Krebs Hotel near the train station and on the main drag. Very hospitable; restrauntant was very nice. From there train to Grindlewald or Lauterbrunnen and then catch the narrow gage RR up into the Alps to Wengen and Kleinescheidek (sp?). Breathtaking scenery. From Lauterbrunner also take the cog RR then a 3 mile hike or another rail to Murren. Again fabulous scenery. Also from Interlaken take the train to Speiz, pretty church juts out into lake Thun, and then on to Thun by train for lunch, a tour of the castle and possibly take the 'steamer' back on the lake for a different view. Enjoy too a car trip up another valley past Frutigen to Adelboden with short hike to waterfall with heavy misty spray. From Adelboden take the train through the alps to reach Zermat but in three attempts we have never made it there, due to road or track closures (snow, rain, slides). Interlaken is a charming town with upscale shops, many hotels & restaurants. It is at the confluence of two lakes within 30 minutes of small villages and towns tucked into various valleys that rise into the alps. What a fine vacation spot.

Bob Ricks Jan 18th, 1998 09:56 AM

U are getting good advice. Dont spend much time in Frankfurt. Go to Heidelberg instead. We stay at the Zur Backmulde. Also get to Bavaria...Garmisch, Oberammergau and the castle at Neuschwanstein. I recommend the Karen Brown series of books for nice Bed and Breakfast places to stay. She has always given us good advice. They are much better than staying in an American style big hotel. You may want to go to Rothenburg for a romantic town. One of the most popular in Germany. We stay at the Reichs Kuchenmeister. Get info on this town and you will want to see it. Any other questions, email me. Have a great time!

lynne Jan 24th, 1998 07:24 AM

I've been to Lucerne in June & Sept. In Sept. the air was clearer for viewing the mts. Try the boat trip around the lake and take the cog train to the top of Rigi. From there you'll see a 360 degree view of the Alps that is amazing! There are small hotels along the cog train route & at Rigi. Lucerne is very nice with a small city atmosphere. At times it can have an almost hectic pace. If you are looking for romance, may I suggest Appenzell. It's where the Alps and high mountain farmland meet. You'll find a quaint and very friendly village with shops, bakeries, restuarants and hotels. Quite a few trams to the top of mts in this area. Wonderful hiking too. The farmland is dotted with dairy cattle wearing cow bells that tinkle all day long. The sound is very relaxing and romantic! During the time you have selected, I experienced the leaves at their peak color.

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