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Alina_T May 22nd, 2012 03:10 PM

Honeymoon! Amalfi coast vs Paris!
We have 7 days to spend,,,,some will be spent in venice....the others in either amalfi coast or paris!


Can you tell me about your experiences in those places?

wonderer May 22nd, 2012 03:34 PM

Been to Paris, loved it. Been near Amalfi (wish I had spent time there). Travel time may be a concern. You want to get the most out of your time. That said, we have spent more time in Paris. Paris is easy to navigate by foot. We have stayed near the Arc on the right bank and also in St. Germaine on the left bank. Loved both, honestly. Lots to do and see. Very relaxing. We did not find the Parisians uppity (we had read that). Both countries are not as clean as I would like. When you go to use bathrooms, there is no toliet seat and really the worst part of both countries (bring your own travel TP and seat covers). Both countries have unions that can and do strike at any time that can be a hassle for travel. In Paris you can take day trips to the Loire Valley, Monet house in Giverny, Versaille.

Italy we spent most of our time in the north and Rome twice but also did day trips to Naples, Pompeii and Capri. Loved, loved Venice - going back next year. Naples is only good for the museum that holds the artifacts from Pompeii. Capri is wonderful, but the day we went, rough ride over. Everyone I know who has gone to Amalfi coast has loved it. I understand that driving is not easy. We took trains and taxis. Good luck! Isn't traveling fun?!

travelhorizons May 22nd, 2012 04:04 PM

What time of year? And what kinds of things do you enjoy doing? If it were me, I'd go to Paris...

Sassafrass May 22nd, 2012 04:10 PM

I love both and they are so totally different.
Paris is a lovely, lovely city, wonderful for walking, with beautiful architecture, lots of cafes, river throught the center (evening boat trips are nice) with pretty bridges, world class art museums with some of the greatest art in the world, street artists, gardens for walking and places for good day trips. So, overall one of the best city experiences you could have. It is romantic. There is also great public transportation, so easy to get around and, of course, terrific food. Paris is always interesting, have been four times, and would go again if there were not so many other places I have not been to yet.

The AC is also romantic because it is a breathtaking coastline of cliffs and stunning towns and villages that look as if they are growing out of the ciff, all overlooking incredibly blue and beautiful water. The views are absolutely mind-blowing! If you are into photography, we will feel you have died and gone to heaven. If you enjoy walking, and don't mind steps, all the towns are wonderful for exploring. Food is really good and something to linger over. There is also the archeological stuff like Pompeii, Paestum, etc. and Naples, one of my personally favorite cities. It is chaotic, yes, but old Italy with a life and vibrancy you don't see in the North. I hate buses and driving there, so we take ferries and trains, which have worked well for us, but others love renting a car. The first time we went to the AC, it was to be only for a couple of days to visit Pompeii, and staying in Sorrento, not on the AC. It is so beautiful, we cancelled the rest of the trip and stayed ten days. We have returned three times since then, and there are still several places I would like to see that we have missed. Capri and Sorrento, especially, are often packed with tourists - just know that going in. Capri is best for an over night. I like Sorrento, but we do not stay in the city center. For a honeymoon, I would stay further down the coast.

I love Paris, but I most often close my eyes and day dream about the AC.

nytraveler May 22nd, 2012 04:14 PM

Precisely - what time of year are we talking about?

Do you love the beach? Do you like big cities - museums, culture and great restaurants?

You could not pay me to go to the Amalfi coast in July or August (to be trampled by the thundering hoards) versus Paris - although we do love Amalfi in May. But we are primarily city people - we like looking AT beautiful places - but I''m not hiking or climbing anything - esp if the temperature is higher than 70. (I find blizzards to be incredibly romantic - when you're inside in front of a roaring fire.)

Sassafrass May 22nd, 2012 04:28 PM

Nytraveler, It is all so personal, isn't it. I feel the same about a blizzard. I am also pretty much a city person, but the AC got to me the very first time we went (about 15 years ago) - probably just the first trip with DH in years and was so perfect. Funny thing was, it was late June - early July, and for some reason, hardly anybody was there. I bet there weren't more than a dozen people in Pompeii (don't blame them in the heat) and we stayed all day. Half empty ferry to Positano and restaurants all nearly empty. Went to Capri one April after that and it was packed. Is there just a lot more tourism in that area now than then? I know there is much, much more overall in Italy than the first times I was there.

uhoh_busted May 22nd, 2012 04:36 PM

You are also doing a Mediterranean cruise, right? Venice is a given, I would chose Paris over the Amalfi Coast.

Alina_T May 22nd, 2012 05:26 PM

We're going early september...

Not really into hiking (ask had a knee injury in feb which I'm hoping won't act up during honeymoon)....

We will have already done lots of sightseeing during another part of our trip (the first week we are taking a cruise) trying to decide where to go to have a nice balance of busy- high energy with lots to do....and also some beaches!

Typically I'm more of a caribbean girl...and although I was born in romania, I haven't been back to europe in over a decade! So I'm really really struggling with deciding on another city to visit (besides venice of course). My only concern is that Paris may be too busy? And fear that Amalfi too "boring?" Thats why I need lots of feedback- all these posts are helpful and your time appreciated!

uhoh_busted: Yes! :)

Delaine May 23rd, 2012 07:16 AM

I love Paris and I love the Amalfi Coast. However, they are completely different and offer different things.

In Paris you have fantastic museums (Louvre, D'Orsay, Rodin), lots of historical sights and churches (Eiffel Tower, Opera Garnier, Tuileries, Les Invalides, Notre Dame, Ste. Chapelle), shopping at pricey stores, French food. Lots to do but no beaches, of course.

In contrast, the Amalfi Coast provides a more relaxing setting filled with stunning vistas. You could visit Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, and Ravello (up in the mountains above). You could spend several nights on Capri or just go for the day. You could also take a day trip to Pompeii and/or Naples (Archeological Musuem, etc.) if you're in for more history. There is lots to do, and there are beaches. If it were me, I would probably choose the Amalfi Coast.

Sassafrass May 23rd, 2012 09:26 AM

After a cruise with ports every day, I would probably choose the AC for a Honeymoon. There really is lots to do there. You could easily visit a different place every day if you wanted to and each is different from the others. It comes down to a choice between museums and city walking (Paris) versus natural beauty with cliff side towns, archeological sites and beaches.

OK, just throwing this out there. You could always go to Venice and Rome. Rome is just as beautiful as Paris with enough to stay busy forever, but with relaxing places also. I can't say why, off the top of my head, but I actually prefer Rome over Paris.

The thing about your dilemma is whatever you decide will be a great choice.

hamlet May 23rd, 2012 10:52 AM

After sharing a boat with a few hundred people and herded around many cities for a few days I would want to be more relaxed. This could be done in both places, but I think moreso in Paris. I go to the Amalfi Coast area every September and was last in Paris for about a week 2+ years ago.

The Amalfi Coast is beautiful and a great place to visit. It is also a hassle trying to get around. Buses are crowded, they aren't as frequent as you want them to be and you may need to wait and wait some more until you can board one. Having a car doesn't help matters because then you have to deal with the driving and parking challenges and it is an expensive option. While the coast is gorgeous and so are the colors, the beach is not great, especially if you describe yourself as a Caribbean girl. Most beaches are rocky and hard to walk on and personal space on the beach is really limited.

My main issue is that the getting around will eat up a lot of your time, especially if you're only going to be there for 3 days. Of course you can pick one location to stay at for the duration, but then you might feel like you should go and explore anyway.

On the other hand, a city like Paris can better handle crowds and allows you to maximize your time. There is a great transportation system and you won't have to spend an hour to get a short distance away like you would on the AC. You have endless options of things to do and you can always just set yourself up in park and relax for a few hours, you can visit a great museum, go shopping and sit quietly in a cafe in a non touristy area - all in the same day. You don't get a beach though - unless you count the Paris "plage" on the Seine.

A cruise gives you a taste of many cities and often you wish you had more time. (I have done two 14 day European cruises.)You may find yourself running around doing the same thing on the AC. But if you spent 3 days in Venice and 3 days in Paris then you would probably feel more satisfied with how well you got to enjoy each location and how you spent your time.

I love both options and there is no bad choice, but for the amount of time you have, and surrounding circumstances, I vote Paris.

caroline_edinburgh May 28th, 2012 11:10 AM

Alina, not sure why you reposted - people are still adding responses to your earlier thread. Enjoy all the wedding preparations, btw!

mamcalice May 28th, 2012 12:26 PM

Since you will just have been on a Mediterranian cruise, decide whether you want more of the same (Amalfi Coast) or a change of pace (Paris). No one can relly decide for you. We have been to the AC once and to Paris 7 times. Our next trip is to Paris. But that is what we want to do. It's so hard for someone else to know what you want to do.

nytraveler May 28th, 2012 06:23 PM

I fel exactly the opposite. For me the cruise is too much all pcaked together and not doing very much (stuck on the boat most of the time). Reminds me too much of the AC. Not like a large city where you can do whateer you what whenver you want, explore new neighborhoods, go to a film festival and just relax. Not a high tension fighting the mobs on the AC - and the beaches there are awful anyway (at least any I've seen).

(When we do a beach vacation it's the Hamptons - beautiful beaches, not very crowded, great restaurants and lots else to see and do. And mostly stay home on the weekends with the pool and visiting friends or relatives for a BBQ - when the roads are most crowded.)

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