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LCivelek Jan 14th, 2010 11:46 AM

Honeymoon 5-6 weeks, June-July 2011
Hello everyone! My fiance and I are planning a 5-6 week honeymoon to England, France and Italy in June and July of 2011. I hope to give you a little background about our trip circumstances as well as our travel interests. My fiance is originally from Turkey, and I am from the US. We would both rather spend our money only on a honeymoon; however, we are feeling the guilt of disappointing our families... We are having two small receptions in the US and two huge, chaotic traditional weddings in Turkey. We are considering doing our honeymoon in between the US and Turkey weddings. Has anyone done anything similar? Are we crazy to consider flying from our honeymoon to the second set of weddings?

My fiance and I are 28 and 25 currently. We are more interested in history, technology, culture, good food, and shopping over lots of art museums. He gets bored easily and likes bigger cities; however, the one major interest he would like to add to our trip would be some beach time in the French Riviera. I'm more into medium size cities, so I am currently narrowing down 2 or 3 day trips from each main city we visit.

Our itinerary--

Fly from the US to Nice-- 5 nights (not including flying day)
Train to Paris--9 nights
Train to London--6 nights
Fly to Venice--4 nights
Train to Florence--5 nights
Train to Rome--6 nights
Fly to Denizli, Turkey

Does this look doable? As it is our honeymoon, we do not want to constantly be on the go. While we have done extended trips in the past, we usually spend some time staying with family and friends along the way. Any advice on our budget would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to keep our budget around $25,000 for our honeymoon.

$300 / hotel night (35 nights)
$200 / 2 for food each day
$3000 /2 for airfare
$1000 /2 for train travel
$3500 extra for travel insurance, additional travel costs, museum passes, etc.

As we are planning four weddings (and possibly my funeral ;) ), I am attempting to start the planning process as early as possible. I would greatly appreciate any and all comments/suggestions throughout my planning over the next year or so. I really look forward to all of your great advice! Thank you in advance!

yorkshire Jan 14th, 2010 12:06 PM

If you have 25K to spend on a month-and-a-half trip, why not pay someone to plan it for you? I am joking--partially. Congrats and best wishes for an amazing trip. It looks like you have it sorted out, and I see no reason not to travel in between the weddings, but don't add anything else! As you know, travel can be exhausting as well as relaxing. I would rent an apartment at some point in the trip for a little recovery period.

otherchelebi Jan 14th, 2010 12:58 PM


my daughter had her US wedding in November and will have the turkish wedding in June. Fortunately they are not spending the almost eight months in between on a honeymoon.

They will have their honeymoon after the Istanbul wedding, and i helped a bit in the planning.

The beach scene is nicer here in Turkey than on the French Riviera in terms of Romance. I and my daughter have been to Nice and Cannes, and she definitely preferred Fethiye. Letoonya rather than Hillside beach because Letoonya has secluded corners, and is nostalgic for her.

London is incredibly expensive and again not so romantic. It is good for stage productions.

venice and Rome are very romantic. Florence not much. But the countryside in both france and italy is terrific.

If you are not already bored with each other (sorry, :)) renting a car in Paris and driving to Loire valley and staying at a castle is definitely indicated.

I suggest the same in Tuscany. Renting car in Florence and driving to sienna and san giminiano on the way to Rome, staying at terrific farms with the most appetizing pastas should be cuddly and cozy.

My daughter and our new son will be spending time in the Languedoc region of France at some chateaus and in Barcelona and environs after the beach at Fethiye, because they are both admirers of Dali and Gaudi.

By the way, they are 24 and 29.

Whatever you decide, this is a good year for marriages, and i hope that you have a long and joyful sharing of all the best that life can offer you.

RebeccaHWA Jan 14th, 2010 01:32 PM

Congratulations. We are off to some of those areas this year. I am really looking forward to the Greek Islands. There are many posts on this board especially someone who posted photos. I would spend some of the time there. Rushing around madly before and after a wedding will make you tired. I would leave Rome and Florence out and check out Santorini etc. Good luck.

propertravel Jan 16th, 2010 06:27 AM

Congratulations on your marriage decision and forthcoming weddings.

A- try to engage a wedding organizer :-) may take some stress away....I may recommend one :-)
B- Your budget is very good to achive the tasks while July is high season at most parts you are visiting....I can suggest you trying to negotiate wher you stay more than 4 may work well for you.
C-Cutting some days from parts in France and Italy and adding a Greek Island can be fun. Hope you go to Kalkan area too for your honeymoon....

All the best and good luck,


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