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Richard Mar 10th, 1999 05:27 PM

Hoe much time is needed to see VENICE?? or ROME??
How many full days do you think I will need to see VENICE? what about Rome? i am planning 2 full days in Venice and 5 in ROME. I am not counting our arrival and departure days. <BR> <BR>Thanks!

Monica Mar 11th, 1999 04:58 PM

I had 2 1/2 days in Venice (needed another day) and 3 days in Rome (sufficient). If you find that you are in a city for more days than needed, then take a day trip to a nearby city!

hyacinth Mar 12th, 1999 07:03 AM

Richard, <BR> I did three full days in Venice myself. This is commuting in from Padua in the AM and leaving about 6-8PM or so. I never ventured to the other islands, though. If I had decided to island hop and tour the glass factories, I could have added a full day on easily. <BR> Now I am the sort that likes to see everything; I go inside the palaces, museums, scuelas, chuches, hear Mass, etc. <BR> For Rome, you can easily use five days. Get yourself the Blue Guide to Rome. That suggests various walking tours of Rome and will explain everything you see. <BR> Rome is more frustrating than Venice because things tend to close early and for lunch, and on days you wouldn't expect. (Venice is more accommodating to tourist schedules). When I was there, I found everything took longer than expected because of early closures and the Mafia. Yes, the mafia. I couldn't carry a daypack, bum bag, or handbag of any kind in a lot of places because they were afraid I was a mafia terrorist smuggling in explosives. So I had to stand in lines to check bags and fetch them. Also had my bag searched a couple times. Seems to me Vatican City was the worst. Can you blame the Pope for being concerned? <BR> So don't worry about running out of things to do in Rome. Get Blue Guide and plan ahead. You'll love it.

Bill Fleites Mar 12th, 1999 08:00 AM

In my opinion, your plan is just right. Venice is doable in two full days provided you stay in town and not the outskirts. Rome is surprisingly wonderful for a big city. Maybe it's the huge number of interesting historical sites and things to do. I also found it easy to get around on their bus system, I used day passes. I had no problem carrying my small daypack to all the places I went to. In fact, the Vatican Museum and St Peter's were the only places they searched through it.

hyacinth Mar 12th, 1999 04:04 PM

Hmmm, I think you could add a day to Venice if you like to go inside buildings, even if you stay in the city.

Richard Mar 12th, 1999 04:09 PM

i allowed more time in rome in case i wanted to take a day trip, maybe to florence. i know florence has a lot to see but we would just take a small bite! i wish i can have more time in Venice!

Juan Mar 12th, 1999 11:10 PM

<BR>No matter how many days you spend or plan on spending in Venice it will never be enough. If I was you I would spend the 7 days in Venice. Rome is no where near as memorable.

paciano diaz Mar 12th, 1999 11:21 PM

Disagree with Juan and completely agree with Bill especially if you are into art,architecture and/or history especifically.

steve Mar 13th, 1999 05:34 AM

I think you've got it about right-although 3days might be better for Venice. Definately do not miss Rome -it is splendid.

MollyDonnelly Mar 13th, 1999 05:42 AM

Richard, we had planned on spending 5 days in Rome and could have used every minute of those 5 days but...we were traveling with our 2 young sons, one of whom was sick most of the time and required an afternoon off to combat a fever. Besides that, there is only so much art a 6 and 8 year old can take, you know what I mean? So, on the 5th day we knocked 2 important museums off our list of things to see and took a bus tour to the island of Capri instead to give the kids a break. The moral... if you love art and architecture and are the type to read and study everything, take the 5 days. You will still be very busy.

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