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Wendy Jun 18th, 2002 12:11 PM

Help with itenerary
We will be leaving ford England in a few weeks and I have planed a tentative itinerary. I would appreaciaate comments by fellow travlers on what I have planned. Tell me if it seems like too much or too little for each day. My husband does not like to RUSH from one thing to the next.<BR><BR>July 8 arrive in London 8:00am<BR> Take Big Bus Tour<BR> See Cabinet War rooms/Westminster<BR> Abby/ House of Parliment<BR> Dinner Covent Gardens<BR><BR>July 9 Horse changing of guards/ Summerset House/ London Eye/ dinner- Ceremony<BR> of Keys<BR><BR>July10 British Musuem/ tea at Browns-5:00/ 7:30 My Fair Lady<BR><BR>July 11 Tower of London/ St Pauls/ Tower <BR> Bridge/ Design Musuem/ dinner/ evening Pub<BR> Walk<BR><BR>July 12 Harrods/ Fort Mason/ other shopping<BR> evening Globe Theatre- Twelfth Night<BR><BR>July 13 Windsor Castle/ Hampton Court<BR><BR>July 14 Leave for the Cotswalds for three <BR> nights<BR><BR>July 17 Leave for Bath for one night<BR><BR>July 18 Leave for Kent for three nights<BR><BR>Jujly 22 Leave for London<BR><BR>July 23 Leave for home<BR> <BR>

bettyk Jun 18th, 2002 12:49 PM

Just returned a few weeks ago from London. Had a great time. I think your first day is too busy. You will be jet lagged and while you want to stay out and about, you won't feel like doing too much. I think the Big Bus Tour and the Cabinet War Rooms would be plenty for one day. You can fit WA and Parliament in before the London Eye. Also, I hope you don't plan to do both Windsor Castle and Hampton Court in the same day. It's a 30+ minute train ride from London and there are only 2 trains per hour. We arrived around 10 AM (it opens at 9:30) and didn't leave until 2:30 PM. There is so much to see, it would be a shame to rush. I would pick one or the other but not try to do both. Otherwise, it sounds like a great trip. Do try to find time to visit some of London's great parks (Hyde, St. James, Regent). They are really delightful.

wendy Jun 18th, 2002 07:08 PM

Betty,<BR>Thanks for the recommendations. I was wondering about a bus tour that includes both Windsor Castle and Hampton Court or is that usually very rushed? If I did only one which would you recommend I choose?

janis Jun 18th, 2002 07:57 PM

Wendy: You've worked out a pretty good itinerary w/o too much rushing about. A couple of minor things:<BR><BR>July 8: You may or may not have enough energy to get to everything you have listed. But not to worry because you don't have much scheduled on July 9. So if anything slips from the 8th you can do it the next day.<BR><BR>July 11: Your order is a little back to front. The Tower and Tower Bridge are right next to each other. It makes no sense to do the Tower, travel to St Pauls and then go back to Tower Hill to see the Bridge. Get to the Tower by about 9:30AM and when done walk across the bridge and maybe do the Tower Bridge experience and visit the Design Museum. THEN head over to St Pauls.<BR><BR>July 13: I too think HCP and Windsor is too much for one day. My suggestion is to do HCP. Then on July 14 after you pick up your car visit Windsor on your way out to the Cotswolds. Windsor is less than 10 miles from Heathrow right on the motorway. From Windsor it is less thhna 1 hour to the eastern edge of the Cotswolds so you could visit Windsor in the morning and still be in the Cotswolds by mid-afternoon.<BR>

andrew Jun 19th, 2002 01:11 AM

Another vote for spending the day at Hampton Court on July 13th and then seeing Windsor castle on the morning of July 14th before you drive along the M4 to the Cotswolds<BR><BR>I think your planning otherwise is excellent and really hope you enjoy it over here - if you get weather like today 73F and sunny it will really add to your holiday

David White Jun 19th, 2002 05:08 AM

Wendy,<BR><BR>I agree with most other did a darn good job designing your itenerary. My few suggestions:<BR><BR>--To fight jet lag on your arrival day, I'd avoid touring quiet, dim spots (like Westminster Abbey). I love the Abbey, but you may start to get sleeeeeppppy.....IF the weather is good, try a walk through St. James's Park, up to Buckingham Palace.<BR><BR>--Yes, Windsor and Hampton Court in one day is a bit much...I know folks who have done it, but both sights are so worthwile it is a shame to rush them. Unfortunately they aren't that close together, so you have transportation logistics to consider too. I think the suggestion to do HC on one day and Windsor in conjunction with your "field trip" to the Cotswolds is a good idea. Also, if you depart from Heathrow, Windsor is fairly maybe it would fit on your next to last day as well.<BR><BR>Enjoy your trip!<BR><BR>David White<BR><BR>

bettyk Jun 19th, 2002 05:24 AM

Wendy, have to agree with the others that Hampton Court Palace would be my choice over Windsor Castle. And, as stated, you could do Windsor on your way out of town to the Cotswolds.<BR>

wendy Jun 19th, 2002 11:53 AM

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. We will follow your advise. I'll post a trip report when we return.

Ali Jun 21st, 2002 12:41 PM

I live in Reading, not too far from Windsor. There is a lot to see in Windsor, the castle, yes, but quite a few shops, a quaint market in the station, a walk across the river to Eton...Where Prince Harry and William went to school! etc....need a day for each HCP and Windsor.<BR><BR>The cotswolds are beautiful and like someone else said, perfect after a day or so in Windsor...straight along the M4. Need a good map...lots of winding roads and lanes....if you are not familiar with the villages, it can be a bit of a maze!! Be prepared before you set off in to the countryside! Lots of nice pubs for lunch.<BR><BR>Burford is a very pretty place, nive shops and cafes and restaurants on the highstreet. Recommend the Mermaid pub for dinner...lovely! Hope this is helpful! Happy Holidays.

Two cents worth Jun 21st, 2002 04:54 PM

Just to add my two cents worth, I would go to Windsor on July 13th and then proceed directly to North Wales for three nights instead of the Cotswolds. You could then stop in Bath on the way back to Kent. Absolutely spectacular scenery in Wales compared to the Cotswolds.

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