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jnn1964 Jul 25th, 2003 08:11 AM

Help Me Finish My Crossword Puzzle
From last Sunday's Washington Post...

#4 down, the clue is 'Euro preceder'
I've got this much...



gailw Jul 25th, 2003 08:14 AM


jnn1964 Jul 25th, 2003 08:22 AM

PESETA! Thank you!

Rhea Jul 25th, 2003 09:02 AM

jnn1964 is correct.

Scarlett Jul 25th, 2003 03:58 PM

That was fun :)

BrimhamRocks Jul 25th, 2003 04:09 PM

Let's do a virtual crossword puzzle! OK, building on Peseta....

E is the first letter, 6 letters down including the E, clue is:

Tall tourist attraction in a popular French city.

You guess, and then build on what we have so far, offering a clue for a new word.

The only rule: All answers must be travel related. (Hope this works, could be fun!)

Scarlett Jul 25th, 2003 04:16 PM

OK, it is Eiffel but now what :) ???

How about across M_ _ _ _ E

Scarlett Jul 25th, 2003 04:17 PM

Whoops, forgot the clue~

Usually chocolate :)

wren Jul 25th, 2003 04:17 PM


wren Jul 25th, 2003 04:20 PM

OK, now building on the word, Mousse, use the u and fill in the word for the clue
Instead of a fourway stop, the European use a ---------- at their intersections.

BrimhamRocks Jul 25th, 2003 04:29 PM


More specifics might help people envision an actual crossword puzzle (number of letters, which letter you are building on from the previous word, the position of the letter you are building on, etc):


So it's a 6 letter word, built on the second E in Eiffel, with the E in your word being the last letter...

And your clue was: Usually chocolate.

And now wren has guessed and then built on that many letters, wren? And what position is the 'u' in your new word?

wren Jul 25th, 2003 04:32 PM

10 letters the second u

BrimhamRocks Jul 25th, 2003 04:33 PM

wren Jul 25th, 2003 04:34 PM

sorry, the only u!!!

BrimhamRocks Jul 25th, 2003 04:51 PM

OK, I'll bite...


ok, this is two words, but not using any gaps between the words...

This builds on the B in roundabout. The B is the first letter of the first word, the first word is 7 letters, then NO GAP between the words, 2nd word is 5 letters, so 12 letters in all.

Clue is: Refreshing necessity in warmer destinations and on long hikes

wren Jul 25th, 2003 05:07 PM

I am working on this!!

wren Jul 25th, 2003 05:24 PM

Could it be brimhamrocks?

BrimhamRocks Jul 25th, 2003 05:42 PM, not even close!

wren Jul 25th, 2003 05:46 PM

OK, sounded good at the time! Back to work now...perhaps another clue? I am stuck!!!

StCirq Jul 25th, 2003 05:58 PM

It's got to be BineralWater.

StCirq Jul 25th, 2003 05:59 PM

No, wait a minute - bottledwater.

Scarlett Jul 25th, 2003 06:02 PM

Yes! StCirq has it ! Doesn't she?

Scarlett Jul 25th, 2003 06:05 PM

A THREE letter word, using the First U in Roundabout as the Middle letter.

sometimes known as a mascot.

LVSue Jul 25th, 2003 06:28 PM

Piece of cake! DUG (pronounced &quot;dewg&quot;) As in: &quot;Madame, I thought you said your <i>dug </i>didn't bite.&quot; &quot;Sir, that's not my <i>dug </i>!&quot;

Betsy Jul 25th, 2003 06:45 PM


Scarlett Jul 25th, 2003 06:45 PM

Almost Sue!!
clue: P

Scarlett Jul 25th, 2003 06:45 PM

we posted at the same time!!!

Right !! ((&amp;))

Betsy Jul 25th, 2003 06:51 PM

...a no-brainer, Scarlett.

Scarlett Jul 25th, 2003 07:10 PM

Well, I didn't want to make it too difficult :)

dln Jul 25th, 2003 07:53 PM

Well blow me down! Just got back from a very nice evening out, checked the forum to see, what's this???, 28 answers to a question that was answered in the first post!!! I was curious, to say the least.

I should have known it would be a Casablanca moment.

&quot;Round up the usual suspects.&quot;

LVSue Jul 25th, 2003 08:03 PM

At least I was in the right species! I love those lines from the Pink Panther.

OK, next! Using the P in pup (either one--I hope no one is trying to grid this out), 5/4 letters (9 in all, two words), P is the 6th. A Fodors-eschewed means of monetary transport.

BrimhamRocks Jul 25th, 2003 08:57 PM

Oh that would be funny, if someone were to grid this out. I'm sure we'd be all OVER the place, lol.

And yep, the answer was bottledwater!

So now we have Pup....

And my guess for the new one is Fannypack?

BrimhamRocks Jul 25th, 2003 09:12 PM

If Fannypack is right, then here's my clue...

Building on the first A: 6 letter word, the A is the second letter.

Clue: Some are in ruins, some are still intact, but all are a sight to be-hold.

If Fannypack ISN'T correct, then ignore this and carry on. I'm going back to bed (fever of 102, blecchhh).

Scarlett Jul 26th, 2003 04:41 AM

I hope you are feeling better today ((F))

jmw Jul 26th, 2003 04:46 AM

I've only read the first two postings and I think you people are hysterical. What a kick. J.

wren Jul 26th, 2003 05:10 AM

Could it be castle? (Hope the temp is gone, BR)

Assuming castle is correct, building on the c as a first letter, 12 letters long, 2 words,the clue is:

where the tour de france ends

Scarlett Jul 26th, 2003 05:16 AM

wren, I thought it ended in Paris ~

Phil Jul 26th, 2003 05:19 AM

Hmm... deducting 1 point from wren, as &quot;champs elysees&quot; has 13 letters. Building on the y as 9th of 9 letters: one of four homes of the magna charta. (If champs elysees is incorrect, disregard this question and deduct 4 points from my account :-) )

Scarlett Jul 26th, 2003 05:19 AM

Champs Elysses :)

Ok if that is correct, building down from the C -7 letters, beginning with the C , A big house in any language.

Scarlett Jul 26th, 2003 05:20 AM

Oops, sorry Phil, ignore me :)

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