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Help me choose between these 3 Paris apartments?!

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Hi all,

Well after many threads awhile ago we thought we had all settled for our 3 week trip to Paris next June.

On a recent trip to Paris this summer, I had the privilege of actually visiting Paris Perfect apartments and was able to settle on the Layon apartment for the first 2 weeks in June, yay!

Originally I had booked the Layon for all three weeks that we are actually staying, but thought it would be fun to move to another area since we are there for so long and that we've been to Paris so many times, but wanted to try another area in which to live. so I booked another PP apt shortly for our last week after I returned from Paris that is located in the Marais. I have trampled the Marais pretty good throughout the years, but never actually have stayed there; this time we wish to for part of the time.

So the Layon is all booked, all safe all good to go. Love the neighborhood, apt, everything about it, all good!

Just found out today( about 2 hrs ago) the Marais PP apt is not going to work. I don't want to disclose the apt or the reason why as that would be unfair to PP. But safe to say we won't be staying at this apt.

PP was gracious and forthcoming so early in advance of our stay to sort something out for us. But unfortunately I want to stay east and other than moving to another 7th eme apt which is dumb because we are already there in the Layon for the 1st 2 weeks. They offered some of the 5th and 6th eme apts, but we have done the 5th and 6th so many times so many times and want something else this time.

So I am contemplating on going with Guest Apartment Services as I have done this past summer, for the last week. I love these guys, really fab to work with, we rented the Snowdrop this past Aug.

We have no qualms about using 2 diff companies or moving, I do indeed want to stick with PP and the Layon apt for the 1st 2 weeks., I saw the apt in person, fell in love, its fab! Since we've been to Paris so many times, a moving and losing a tad of Paris time is no biggie, so no need to chime in about your concern for me on this point.

I just want your opinion of these three apartments. I know in your effort to be gracious and helpful, you might want to suggest entirely different apartments or different companies altogether. I am sticking with a PP/GAS combo. Do not suggest Montmarte either. Please, I don't need you to. I just want opinions on the 3 listed below as it will be one of these 3. Do not judge what I am paying as well.

So now that I laid out what I seek, here are the apts.

What I like: I was going for a 2 bdm with PP( the one that we will have to cancel) in the thoughts that my son and his girlfriend may come ( if you all remember from a previous thread we had orginally had another couple joining us, not now happening). This is remote chance he will come for our last week. He would not be upset in the least if we decide we want to pursue the other 2 listings below of 1 bdrm. My son can't let us know early, it would be so last minute, so even if we took it and he didn't come, its always lovely to have extra space;

What I like about Lupin: The balcony( it looks fab), kitchen ( really, really love), size of apt( quite huge), fab office area for hubby.

It's in the Marais as I wanted, but its closer to west than east as previously booked with PP. It's located at the corner of Rue de Archives and rue des 4 Fils. I want to be sure that the street is not a busy thoroughfare and that it feels "neighborhoody". I've been on Rue des Archives before, but I don't believe I've stood in the location of the apt. Please let me know what you think if you've been to that corner.

This past summer as much as adored the GAS Snowdrop apt itself, being on the Quai de Montebello was just too busy, I didn't feel like I was living in a residential area which I crave for this next trip. ( that by the way was my own fault, I know Paris pretty well, I chose the apt itself over location, we loved, loved the apt itself).

Just want to be sure that Lupin isn't located in the midst of too much stuff, I want to feel like I'm living there. You all know what I mean

On to the next..

Now this GAS apt is not in the Marais but it is on St Louis. We love St Louis and as similar to the Marais, have been all over it in all the yrs, but never lived there. I know this feels very neighborhoody ( I do know that of course in the daytime it teems with tourists).

What I like about Hyacinth: The decor, size and it has a beautiful view of the Seine. It's close enough to the Marais that I would be fine with it. Love the bathroom and bedroom in particular. Like the kitchen better at Lupin ( I cook alot!), but the kitchen here is lovely.

Concern that while I like feeling quiet and residential, the Marais is livelier. I know we can walk right over, so would it matter so much if we weren't on top of the Marais?? Not sure.

And lastly

This GAS apt is in the Marais, in actually my second fav area of the Marais next to the east bordering the 11th: Village St Paul. I really get a sense of neighborhood here. Walked that area alot this past Aug.

What I like about Ortensia: Love that little street of Rue Charles V. Love the paved courtyard entrance. Feels very homey! The living area is very cozy, a little more ornate and proper than we are used to, but looks good and "cushy". Kitchen is lovely. Bedroom I like the least of the three, but its still lovely. Love the office area.

However, there is no special view except of the street from the living room and want to make sure I don't feel boxed in ( the apt is large, but the smallest of the three).

So I know, I know.. what a predicament to have!

But I trust and love your inputs, so input away...

Thanks a big mil.......

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