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KATALIN Oct 16th, 1997 01:07 PM

If anyone has heard of "PENSION FERRETTI" please
let me know. I would like to know if it is a good
place to stay in Florence e.g. what the rooms are
like, the area it is in, and the cleanliness.
Any information you have would be appreciated.

Tricia Oct 18th, 1997 09:05 AM

Haven't heard of your pension but here is a couple of options: try is more hostel/pension oriented website with travel forums (15) of them broken down into subjects. See if anyone in there has heard of it. Then my Frommer's book lists a pension for Florence, Hotel Europa, run by a family, clean, etc. , has TV TEL, $83-89 a night, rates include breakfast, 055/210361, address is Via Cavour 14, 50129 Firenze (near the Duomo) they list more in the inexpensive category, so you might want to hit a book store and if you don't want to put $$ out for the book jot some down for reference. All of his books have great maps showing areas and then list hotels by price (high to low) within each area. Then he lists restaurants. Its Frommer not Fodor (but Fodor is good too!)

Tricia Oct 18th, 1997 09:21 AM

Katelin-Did a little more research and your hotel isn't listed in any of my resources- however, Fodor's came up in the city net sight and they recomment the Gellettini, 055/213561 fax 055/283551--its 190,000 lire-says its a little more quiet than some and has lots of charm.

Katalin Oct 18th, 1997 06:17 PM

Thanks for replying to my message. I will look in
the site you mentioned. I also have a frommers book
and it's great but am leary to stay anywhere that
I don't hear first hand. Have you ever been to Italy? Part of the fun of this trip is the searching around. I am also in a dilema about
booking something now, or waiting till we get there
at the end of April and just hoping we can get
reasonably cheap accommodation. Dilema's dilemas.
Anyway thanks for taking the time.

Tricia Oct 18th, 1997 06:34 PM

I always book 1 or 2 nights in a Best Western or somewhere I can be sure of and then go looking for something else, like your pension. I am sure in April you will be fine without reservations ahead.

Tom Oct 19th, 1997 07:49 PM

Katalin, you'll probably be safe in waiting until you arrive to find hotel rooms. A lot of travelers
(including me) are visiting Italy in April during Holy Week. However, if you're short on time during your travels and don't want to deal with the worry/unknown of finding a room on the fly, I would suggest booking in advance - it can be done simply via a phone call, fax , or a letter from you/a travel agent to the hotel OR via a call to European hotel broker (e.g., UTELL).

Tom Oct 19th, 1997 07:53 PM

Forgot to mention that noise is a nuisance at night. Sometimes, this city never sleeps. Mopeds are abundant and the drivers seem to relish racing at all hours of the night. You may want to choose lodging in a traffic-free zone, ensure that the room you choose faces away (e.g., courtyard) from the busy streets, and/or check on whether the windows are double-paned.

Katalin Oct 20th, 1997 07:39 PM

Thanks Tom for your tips. Have you ever been to
Florence? If so where did you stay? Any recommendations. I will keep in mind about being in
a quiet room. I have emailed some hotels in Florence but they are the most of them about 220000
to 350000 lira. With our Canadian dollar that's not
very good. Anyway once again thanx for your infor.

Katalin Oct 23rd, 1997 01:05 PM

Is that a fax number or the phone number for Hotel
Europa. I would like to make a reservation there.
Thanks Katalin

Lee Gruenwald Nov 11th, 1997 05:13 PM

Dear Katalin: Couldn't believe my eyes with your question about Pension Ferretti. We just got back from a month in Italy - returning to Florence after many years to celebrate my birthday. We had the best stay at the Pension Ferretti which we read about in Fodor's Berkeley budget guide Italy '97. Only picked it because of the location as we wanted to stay relatively close to the train station and yet be close to all the sites (about 10 mins to the Duomo and 5 to the train station.
Much to our pleasant surprise it turned out to be our favorite place during our trip. The owners Luciano and Sue (South African) were fabulous. As he managed a four star hotel before buying the pension their breakfast buffet (complete with the daily Herald Tribune and Twining's tea) were the highlite of our days. We felt like we were coming home each night after an exhausting day of sightseeing. They are eager to help you out at all times from making reservations to the Uffizi (a 2 day wait even in Oct.) to calling an old friend at a hotel 4 star in Lucca to reserve a very expensive room for us at a very low rate. We paid $114,000 lira double with bath and breakfast (about 65.00). Do request a room upstairs (3rd floor in Italy) away from the street to avoid hearing any motor scooters. You would definitely not be disappointed with this marvellous pension. We found two great places to eat from the guide as well. Write back if you'd like more info. Florence is fabulous. Ciao

Lee Gruenwald Nov 11th, 1997 05:17 PM

Dear Katalin: Oops just went back after sending you a response re Pension Ferretti and noticed in one of your replies that your in Canada. I'm from Vancouver so please E-mail me directly if you like and I can give you lots of good food, shopping, museum info for Florence.

Joyce Nov 13th, 1997 06:25 AM

The second hotel Tricia mentioned is the Bellettini, not Gellettini. We stayed there just a few weeks ago and liked it very much. I would check their rates vs. the Europa's as our experience always seems to have been that rates have gone up since the book was published. I can't quote exactly what the rates were for a double or single since when I called for reservations, a couple of months in advance, I needed a double and a single and all they had left was a "double" with room for an extra person. We were simply amazed at the size of the room. It had a "double" bed in the middle (actually two twins pushed together and made up bedding-wise as one large bed - seems to be the only way in Italy) which was flanked by two singles. There still was ample room. Talked to another guest there who had the same set-up for just the two of them. Anyway, we paid L220,00 for the three of us, which was just under $130. I imagine the price of a double would be comparable with the Europa's. We chose this hotel because it was strongly recommended to me by someone who had stayed there and also, under the "Ask the Expert" here on Fodor's, one of the Fodor editors listed it as one of her favorite hotels in Florence. It was within easy walking distance of the train station, headed toward the center of things, so we found it very convenient. A large and good breakfast was included. I definitely would make reservations well in advance, however. It doesn't cost anything but gives you peace of mind.

Bhavna Kapur Nov 13th, 1997 07:28 AM

I will be going to Florence in 2 weeks , I have booked a hotel called Hotel Lombardi, it is 2 star hotel close to the station.The pictures of the rooms looked really nice and the deal was excellent of 95,000 Lira for a double room with bath. Has anybody been here before. It seems too good to be true.


Katalin Nov 15th, 1997 04:25 PM

I have been trying to email you for days. What is your e mail address. I'm not getting anywhere with
the one that is in Fodors. Please e mail me with
your email address so I can talk to you about your
recent trip to Italy. Thanks for the information.

lee gruenwald Nov 16th, 1997 09:32 AM

Katalin: noticed your message (Nov 15) asking for someone's e-mail address but no name attached. Who are you trying to contact for advice?

Gino Nov 16th, 1997 11:00 AM

I also booked a room at the Bellettini for next september. Price for a double is 180,000L. There cancellation policy is three days in advance with no penalty. You can book via e-mail. Their web page is:
You can also book and change your mind later if you feel you can do better. I doubt it.

Lee Gruenwald Nov 17th, 1997 07:53 PM

Back to the Hotel Pensione Ferretti. Just found their business card with the internet address - - Less expensive than Bellittini - only $114,000 double with private bath including breakfast. Go visit their website for details. It was spotless, hugh rooms, great breakfast and the best hosts we found in Italy. Just remember to ask for an interior room as always in Italy.

Gino Nov 18th, 1997 06:19 AM

Keep in mind that the Pension Ferretti is only a 1* hotel. I try to avoid anything less than 2* The Bellettin Hotel has a very convenient location.

Katalin Nov 20th, 1997 08:26 PM

Hello Lee Gruenwald,
I tried your new E-mail address that you posted
in Fodor's. I hope you got it. If not, it is you
who I have been trying to E-mail. Thanks, Katalin

Katalin Nov 20th, 1997 08:26 PM

Hello Lee Gruenwald,
I tried your new E-mail address that you posted
in Fodor's. I hope you got it. If not, it is you
who I have been trying to E-mail. Thanks, Katalin

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