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Barb Nov 8th, 1998 12:34 PM

Help, I need suggestions on what and not what to see in Paris.
This is my first trip to Europe and I plan on visting Paris. I will be there for two days. Suggestions on what I must see, and budget accomdations. Also, do you have suggestions on the most effective and inexpensive travel to London? I deeply appreciate yout time and help. Thank you!

Christina Nov 9th, 1998 11:32 AM

There have been a couple threads <BR>very recently, even currently active, <BR>on this exact same topic (short time in <BR>Paris, must-sees, and not-sees, etc.) <BR>-- you could find them if you use <BR>the search tool. As for ways to London, <BR>I don't understand what you mean by <BR>effective? All methods get you there, <BR>but cheapest is a bus, but it takes <BR>quite a bit of time. I think second <BR>cheapest is regular train/ferry or <BR>Hoverspeed combo which takes about <BR>6-7 hrs total. There have been a few <BR>threads on this also, you could probably <BR>find by searching for Eurostar or <BR>chunnel or something. Eurostar high- <BR>speed train (3 hrs transit) or flying are <BR>quickest and both cost prob. about the <BR>same (between $100-150 one way for <BR>adult 2nd class).

Monica Nov 9th, 1998 02:41 PM

Hello Bar, <BR> <BR>There are many things to see in Paris. Of course there are the biggies: Louvre, Museum D'Orsay (my favorite), Arc de Triomphe, walking along the Champs Eylysees, the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame and St. Chappelle (beautiful windows); walking around the Left Bank; visit the Sacre Coeur and the La Place due Tertre which is around the corner: great touristy square with painter and cafes. These alone will keep you busy. <BR> <BR>Other places I visited: the Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, shopping along rue de Rivoli (okay, so I just window shopped); the outdoor markets such as Buci on rue de Seine on the Left bank. <BR> <BR>Get yourself a travel book on Paris and read cover to cover. You'll have to narrow it down for your two days, then promise to come back again. <BR> <BR>I plan to be in Paris next year, hopefully in May. <BR> <BR>You'll love Paris!!! <BR> <BR>Monica

Meg Nov 11th, 1998 08:31 AM

I highly recommend walking the Champs Elysees from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde and then on to the Louvre. It may only be a walk, but it's free and just mind blowing that you are where you are. Stop at the Tuileries and buy a hotdog (French style - on French bread with melted camembert - best $5 lunch you'll ever have). Also take a bateaux mouche ride on the Seine - you can see a lot of sights for a nominal price and in just a few hours. There's great food stall streets on the left bank just a few blocks from the river where inexpensive, tasty snacks can be found. We ate around here a lot and saved the more expensive sit downs meals with wine for dinner. Another budget meal idea is buy picnic stuff - a bottle of wine, cheese and a fresh loaf of bread and find a park and enjoy. We stayed at the Hotel St. Louis on Ile St. Louis for about $150 a night. The room was small, but had a small balcony over looking the River and just loved it. Ask for a room on the top floor. I'd take the chunnel to London. Have a good trip.

Carol Nov 12th, 1998 09:11 AM

Barb: <BR> <BR>Since you're only going to be in Paris for two days, you have to maximize your time. Go to Barnes and Noble or your local library and sit down with a Fodors or Frommers guide. They both discuss the top places a fist time visitor should see and they have the sites identified on a map. Use the map to figure out how many things you want to see in the same general area, and them think about another area with sights of interest to you. I always plan my trips this way--so I don't find myself spending too much time in a cab or on the Metro or on a bus. Paris is the place for walking! <BR> <BR>As for Hotels: I'd recommend the Hotel St. Thomas D'Aquin in St. Germain on the Left Bank. It's about $85/night and located on a quiet street filled with very chic little boutiques and in a wonderful, very French neighborhood. I think it's in Cheap Sleeps in Paris --a book you should check out in Barnes and Nobles also. Bonnes Vacances!

Dick Hardy Nov 12th, 1998 03:54 PM

Most people want to see Notre Dame (although I don't think it's pretty and recommend Ste. Chapelle, instead) and if you do, go around behind it and look at the Holocaust Memorial. It's a lovely, but heartwrenching, experience. I also suggest you visit L'Orangerie to see the Monet waterlily paintings. Dick

barb Nov 15th, 1998 10:54 AM

Dear Christina, Meg, Monica, Carol, and Dick, <BR> <BR>I want to thank you very much for all the responses you have sent to me. I am very grateful for all your wonderful advice, to make my first trip to Europe a great experience. Thank you again for taking your time to help a first time traveler. It is deeply appreciated. Happy travels to you all! <BR>

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