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Help-currency exchange in Budapest & Prague


Mar 23rd, 1999, 09:17 AM
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Help-currency exchange in Budapest & Prague

Leaving this weekend for Paris, Vinna, Budapest, and Prague. I was told by the czech consulate that in Prague withdrawlling directly from ATM gives the best exchange rate. Is it true from your experience?
What about using ATMs in Budapest? How bad is the theft crime there? I'm travelling alone.
Some of the posting here is making me nervous.
In addition, have anyone been to small town like Sopon, Gyor...? It's worthwhile to stop there on my way to Budapest from Vienna?
Thank you for your kind information. When I come back on April 11, you can ask me anything regarding to those destinations.

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Mar 23rd, 1999, 09:40 AM
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I'm sorry my correct email address is:
[email protected]
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Mar 23rd, 1999, 10:08 AM
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I would say that it is fairly safe to assume that ATMs will give you a very good (even if not necessarily "the best" if you consider the ATM fee and you withdraw a lot of small amounts) exchange rate in any city. In my experience, Paris is unique in that the Bureaux de Change give very good exchange rates (slightly better than banks, often, as long as you don't go to the "Chequepoint" brand) that rival CC and ATM exchange rates--I think there is very good competition in Paris in money exchange. I was in Budapest last summer and did not exchange money because I was there for only one day. Since you didn't say how long you would be there, I just wanted to inform you that like many third world countries with lousy currency of their own that is worth nothing outside the country, most establishments accept US currency, in fact prefer it because it is worth more than the Hungarian f.... (whatever their money is, I forget). I used US$ in restaurants, cafes, gift shops, etc., which is all I did there. Also, don't exchange too much there as it is worth nothing outside the country. Don't know about Prague.
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Mar 23rd, 1999, 02:34 PM
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I'm planning on visiting Prague and Budapest in July/August, so I hope you will have good info for me when you get back. Take your ATM cards, but take your credit cards too, since the banks give each other a more advantageous rate than what we poor travellers get at the exchange window.
For safety you could split your money between a money belt and a neck pouch. I have a small pouch that goes into my bra that I used in South America. Nobody ever got anything out of that!

As for local currency, the last time I checked the Czech Koruna there were 34 to the dollar. The Hungarian Florint had 212 to the dollar. While you probably could use US dollars at the prime tourist areas in Prague and Budapest you will suffer financially for the privilege. However, I suspect you will need the native currency in smaller cities.

I would love to hear about the Eastern Europe leg of your trip when you get back!
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Mar 23rd, 1999, 06:11 PM
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Be careful with US dollars in Chech Republic and Hungary. I just read that is actually against the law to trade in US dollars in one or both place.
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Apr 22nd, 2012, 02:04 AM
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Hi, there is a list of exchange offices, which offer the best exchange rates in Prague: http://www.prague-tourism.eu/where-t...ney-prague.htm (incl. VIP coupons for better exchange rates).
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Apr 22nd, 2012, 04:22 AM
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This post is from 1999.
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