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Help a student with Tourim Project About Turkey!!!

Help a student with Tourim Project About Turkey!!!

Feb 6th, 2002, 07:14 PM
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Help a student with Tourim Project About Turkey!!!

I am attempting a tourism minor at Texas A&M and need help with a project about Turkey. We have to create a tour company that will cater to "affluent" travelers vacationing in Turkey. Part of the project is defining what the wants, needs, dislikes and likes of the affluent traveler are. So...If anyone makes more than $100,000 a year...(Lord knows I don't know anyone like that) could you help me out?
Or if you've been to Turkey clue me in to the higher end accomodations and such.
Thank you very very very much!
Feb 6th, 2002, 07:45 PM
Marc David Miller
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Sarah, start by looking at postings about Turkey on this board; also, learn how to do searches on www.google.com for the Turkish tourist offices, as well as touring companies that specialize in Turkey--there are several that cater to differing incomes (really price ranges).
Feb 7th, 2002, 06:36 AM
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Well, my husband makes $100,000 a year (I unfortunately make much less than that), but we certainly don't consider ourselves affluent. If we lived in a small town and still made our current income, maybe we would feel differently. But $100,000 doesn't go all that far in a large city. So you may want to raise your income floor.

But here are a few observations I have about higher-end travel. Higher-end travelers pay a lot of money, and they expect a lot in return. They want and expect everything to run smoothly, from their flight to getting to the hotel to checking into the hotel. They want the hotel to take care of dinner reservations, setting up tours, and arranging other trips. They pay the big bucks to avoid hassle. They also want to see things that are off-the-beaten path. The unusual sights, that only people with money and influence can usually get to see.
Feb 7th, 2002, 06:55 AM
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Look at a travel company that caters to high-end clientele such as http://www.rcrusoe.com/. Definitely request one of their catalogs --- reminiscent of J. Peterman catalog, with its' copy writing. They offer packages around the world in high style. A two week trip to Turkey costs $5200 ("starting at" that price). And Turkey is one of the more inexpensive places to travel these days.
Feb 7th, 2002, 07:19 AM
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Except for Istanbul (and possibly some other large cities I haven't visited) I've the feeling that most of Turkey may present a "problem" to the higher end segment: It's way too cheap!

That doesn't come without a price. Far from being "affluent" we had 2 five-star resort hotel experiences in Turkey (Kusadasi and Pamukkale), paying $100-120 for a double, including buffet dinner! The properties were marvellous, with all one would expect (and then some). Service, however, was way below par ... With rates as above, it's simply impossible to have personel with the level of training a high property would require. The same regarding the buffet dinner, and shows that are normally carried out. In other words, it was as if the hotels were 3-star all around except for facilities.

I, for one, understand how much it costs, for instance, to run a property like the Four Seasons in Istanbul (BTW, among the best in the world). It therefore certainly doesn't bother me if, when paying somewhere in the middle of the scale, I get a service level in the middle of the scale. If I also get accomodations in the top of the scale, it just comes as a welcomed plus. I suspect, though, that there are just too many "affluent" travelers out there, that don't see things the same way. Independently of how much they're spending, if it's labeled as 5-stars they'll keep demanding 5-star service, even when it's clear it's impossible.

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