Heathrow to Tonbridge Street/Bloomsbury

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Heathrow to Tonbridge Street/Bloomsbury

Any suggestions on which bus to take from Heathrow to Tonbridge Street? I'm arriving on a Saturday, and don't think there will be much traffic. I'll be traveling with a 13 year old boy and it's his first time in London. I thought a bus ride would be a great way for him to wake up after the night flight to london.
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The Airbus A2 stops in front of St Pancras station, which is pretty well directly across Euston Road from Tonbridge Street. I haven't taken the Airbus in years, but I think it is still a double decker bus.
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Jamila, I think the Airbus could get you there just fine. Yes, it's still a double decker bus. Put your luggage on the bottom, and ride on the top, watching the city as you go. http://www.gobycoach.com
Have fun in London!
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Yes the AirBus goes right there. But why do you think there will be little traffic? That bus goes through areas that are VERY congested, even on Saturdays. You will be able to see a lot from teh coach - but it will be a slowish trip.
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I thought the traffic on a late Saturday morning will be less than a usual weekday, unless of course there is a special occasion this week. Also, I think the Airbus will most likely be easier to deal with since we'll have luggage versus taking the tube. I'm trying to get to my destination as cheap and comfortable as possible without switching anywhere. If anyone is really familiar with that area, I'm trying to get to 124 Queen Alexander Mansion Tonbridge Street. I don't mind if the trip is an hour and a half. At least we'll be occupied with the scene.
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david west
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You can see down town Hounslow any time, (the view from the bus) but after a long flight I would get the tube to Russell Square or Kings Cross (which is nearest to Tonbridge St).

Why are you going to Tonbridge St (its not exactly touristy!)? There is a pub there called the Boot which is mentioned in Dickens though.
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s. c. dixon
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Having just arrived and carrying luggage can make the Tube a nightmare, depending on how many bags your toting. I’ve done both the Tube and the Airbus many times and would say, hands down, the Airbus is the way to go. But be forewarned, some of the “scenery” is very much on the bleak side, very industrial. I had been to London a couple of times alone and when I first took my wife and daughter we traveled from Heathrow via the ‘bus and, frankly, they were somewhat traumatized by the view. Just explain to your son that London is a very old city and was the seat of the industrial revolution and that the old girl bears some rather unsightly scars from the experience, but it’s all part of the mystique of the city, as they say “warts and all”.

You will find, in the end, the Airbus is economical and much less stressful than sitting in a crowded Tube car trying to keep your suitcases out of everyone’s way.
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David: I'm going to Bloomsbury because my sister has a flat there.

S.C. Dixon: Thanks for the info. I just received an email from my sister. She said she lives closest to St. Pancreas but claims it's a nightmare and highly recommends me to arrange for a driver at the airport. Is it really that bad?
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Well, yes, St. Panc.’s is a bit of a hassle sometimes, busy, not a particularly nice part of the city. In Bloomsbury the Airbus will drop you off on Southampton Row right in front of the Hotel Russell, less than a block from the Russell Square Tube station. Consider taking a cab from there, a driver from the airport might be prohibitively expensive. Seems to me that Airbus cost something like £8 or there abouts. Considering the facility on board for your luggage it really is a bargain, though it might take a bit longer than the Tube, still its not an unpleasant ride. If possible do sit up top on the bus, a nice overview of some places you may want to come back to. If I can be of further help, just email me. Have a wonderful trip (I know that you will!)
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I doubt if there's a city in the world that doesn't show some fairly manky parts of itself on the road in from the airport.....
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