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CYESQ May 1st, 2012 02:39 AM

Heathrow connecting time
In late July (yes during the Olympics) I fly into LHR T4 at 1:15 pm and have an hour and 45 min to connect at T4 going to BOS. Is this sufficient time to allow for security, the bus, lots of people and anything else? Thanks

texasbookworm May 1st, 2012 03:06 AM

If you are flying into and out of T4 then there's not a big issue; is that a mis-type?

My husband came through LHR the last weekend in April. He was updating me with texts as he went from stage to stage, arriving at Terminal 5 and going to Terminal 3. He arrived on BA around noon and connected to an AA flight. It took him between 30 and 45 minutes, including catching a bus transfer, stopping at the loo, getting a new boarding pass, and security checks (multiple stops). But the week before and on into this week, there are all those stories of long lines. I'm not sure if those lines were/are for connecting flights as well as for arrivals into the UK--??

So there's not really a definite answer--too many factors. I don't know all the legalize, but if this is considered a "legal" connection by your flights provider, then aren't they then responsible for that? Maybe things will have sorted out a bit more by then anyway; perhaps all this bad press will have positive impact for travelers; I am notoriously Pollyanna-ish, in truth, though!

flanneruk May 1st, 2012 03:30 AM

" But the week before and on into this week, there are all those stories of long lines. "

Those stories apply ONLY to immigration queues.

It's virtually certain that any all-T4 international connection will be on Sky Team airlines, so even if this journey isn't all on one ticket, the poster ought to be able to get a through boarding pass to Boston, and his/her luggage checked through, at his originating airport. IF the question is accurate (if it is, what's this stuff about buses?)

But if it's all Skytea,stories (and the reality) of immigration queues are a red herring. As, obviously, are the Olympics: there'll be fewer tourists arriving anyway, and no increase in airside transfers. If Delta or Air France or whoever say 105 mins is OK, it'll be OK. And you'll be OK if you KNOW your bags will be interlined, which might be possible for some non-Skyteam connections to Delta

But if this journey necessitates going through immigration to collect and recheck non-interline baggage then all bets are off. Right now, it's impossible to depend on getting through Heathrow immigration in 105 mins. Might be different when you're flying, but who knows?

Interestingly, the immigration minister accused newspapers yesterday of making stories about 2 hr queues up.

Given this government's attention to detail and all round competence, that PROVES I'm right.

CYESQ May 1st, 2012 03:40 AM

Yes Texas, that's a misprint. Thanks for catching that. I am coming into T4 and departing T3. I'm also connecting to an AA flight and I hope I have a similarly good experience.

The stories that I've been reading are about the lines at passport control, primarily for non-Eu passengers. My understanding is that I do not have to go through passport control as a conecting passenger.

CYESQ May 1st, 2012 03:49 AM

Flanner, see above re original mistake as to terminals. I believe I'll need the bus from T4 to T3, bags will be checked all the way to BOS so I shouldn't face anything but the security check. In this event, you think timing is ok? The only other option is to sit at HR for 5 hours. I'm willing to take the gamble if I don't have to go through passport control.

Last time I went to London, there were ridiculous lines for non-Eu passengers at passport so as the story about yesterday's mess was told, I could easily believe it. Especially if the lone non-Eu agent really did go to lunch and leave the passengers just standing there. Hopefully, they'll get it together to move people through quickly for the Olympics.

janisj May 1st, 2012 04:14 AM

"<i>The only other option is to sit at HR for 5 hours. I'm willing to take the gamble if I don't have to go through passport control. </i>"

5 hours is not all that long at LHR really. Sure -- it is 5 hours, but getting off the plane, taking the coach (T-4 is quite a distance from T-3), and security will probably eat up close to 2 hours.

I personally wouldn't like such a short connection - even if they'll put you on the next <i>available</i> flight, that may not be for a day or more.

AGM_Cape_Cod May 1st, 2012 09:15 AM

We recently flew Boston to Heathrow and then connected to a flight to Orly. The ticket was booked through British Air website on a flight itinerary from the website. It allowed 70 minutes for a T5 to T5 transfer. We considered paying for exit aisle seats in order to get out of the plane quicker but figure that British Air would know whether it was doable. We were lucky that I pushed to get through the security line in the expedited line. When we got through with 25 minutes to go before the departure time they were calling for all passengers because the gate was closing in 5 minutes. When I looked at our boarding passes they said the flight was at 9:30 but that the gate closed at 9:10. I would have been severely peeved if we hadn't made it since there were no flights to Orly until later in the day.

VolCrew May 1st, 2012 06:42 PM

Could easily be on the tight side as Janis says. When I arrived at T5, BA said to allow 120 minutes to transfer to T3. As TBW described, I breezed right through, but it is easy to see why it could take much longer. Since I had 4 hours between flights, I had time to shop in T3 and eat in the AA lounge.

You do not go through Immigration, but you will have to clear security in T3.

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