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Joyce Oct 9th, 2000 07:31 AM

Heard of Esperas Traditional Houses in Oia, SANTORINI?
Hey gang. After all of your wonderful and generous feedback, we have decided to stay in Oia for our Honeymoon. We've realized that being far away from the action is what we really want, and that Fira and all its crazy glory is just a quick drive away! <BR> <BR>Alas...we are still torn between several hotels (perhaps you are all beginning to realize that I'm extremely indecisive!). Perivolas is still in the running, but it certainly is very expensive. I found what looks like great place...Esperas Traditional Houses. Anyone heard of it? Their Web site is fabulous (, but you never know... <BR> <BR>Thanks all!

Steven Bird Oct 13th, 2000 12:55 PM

Esperas is great. We stayed at fanari villas which used to be part of the same complex. These two are on the best part of the island and Oia is the place to stay. E-mail me if you have questions.

Robin Oct 13th, 2000 01:16 PM

We loved Katikies Traditional Houses, also in Oia. Their web site is

BOB THE NAVIGATOR Oct 13th, 2000 01:51 PM

We did Esperas in 1998 and loved it. <BR>You will need some good legs, but that <BR>goes with the territory, and we were <BR>all over 60. Great pool and views.

Joyce Oct 13th, 2000 01:59 PM

Great - thanks everyone! I posted this message earlier this week and hadn't heard from anyone. VERY happy to hear people think this is a nice place. <BR> <BR>Sunset view is good from here??? Makes for a great honeymoon...

Jeanne Oct 14th, 2000 06:57 PM

Hi Joyce- in reading your note I needed to write to you because I am also planning my honeymoon in Santorini and Mykonos. I have been researching the best place to stay in Santorini and have also spoken to a rep from Cloud Tours. I am just as confused. I will tell you that the lady from Cloud raved about Astra Apartments (Imerovigli) and Katikies (Oia). I am tossed between these 2 places as well as Sun Rock Villas (Firostefani)which I found on my own. I don't know if this will help you but Santorini does have their own website- I hope I was helpful to you and best of luck! I thought planning a wedding was stressful!!

Jeanne Oct 14th, 2000 07:35 PM

Hi Joyce- in my previous note I sent you I should have mentioned to you about calling Cloud Tours- they are very well known for Greece. Their number is 212-753-6104. I've been in contact with a rep from Cloud and she has limited my confusion about all the different places but I'm indecisive like you. I hope this helps. Good luck.

mikki Oct 16th, 2000 06:51 AM

Look at the Atlantis Villas in Oia and for a change of pace consider The Vedema hotel inland...great service and atmosphere but no caldera view. We thought 3 nights in Oia was plenty.

eric & kimberley Oct 21st, 2000 12:44 PM

We stayed in Esperas in late may and early june. They are wonderful. Oia is definitly the most romantic place to stay on Santorini. You are going to want to make reservations at a 1800. It is simply the best place to eat on santorini. If you have any specific questions about the island. do not hesitate to ask.

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