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Jennifer Oct 12th, 1999 10:57 AM

Have you heard of these hotels??
Hello, <BR>Going to Spain in November. My travel agent is recommending the following hotels. Can anyone recommend or comment on them? Thanks for your help! Jenn <BR>Madrid:El Madrono <BR>Seville: Casas del Rey <BR>Barcelon: Rehente Hotel

Maira Oct 13th, 1999 04:26 AM

I am not familiar with none of them, but needed to comment that el madrono is a tree similar to the redwood and that may be an indication that this hotel may not be centrally located, as you find it commonly on the outskirts of the city. This is just a guess, the real point been that your TA should be able to give you an address for the hotel. Please post it and I may be able to tell you about the neighborhood.

Jennifer Oct 14th, 1999 05:48 AM

Maria, <BR> <BR>Thanks for your response. I don't have the address for the Madrid hotel, but they say it is near the Prado & in a central location. The Barcelona hotel is near Catalunya square & I don't know anymore about the Seville hotel. Thanks, Jenn <BR>

Maira Oct 14th, 1999 06:25 AM

Across from El Prado are the Botanical Gardens, and it is an excellent location. I will continue surfing for the hotel until I find something!!

Maribel Oct 15th, 1999 03:33 PM

Jennifer, <BR> I have the Official Guide to Hotels in Spain ('98) that lists virtually all hotels, hostals and pensiones, and the El Madrono isn't listed. Is it new? It could be near the Puerta del Sol where the famous statue of the "oso' (bear) and the "madrono" (strawberry tree) is located; this statue is the symbol of the city and the point from which all distances are measured. <BR>In Barcelona I have found a listing for the 4 star Regente (but not a Rehente) which is located in the fashionable Eixample section, on Rambla de Catalunya, a very nice street, upscale location. It has an indoor pool, which is a rare commodity, and rooms should run in the $150 range (rack rate). Can't find the Casas del Rey in Seville either, but perhaps it's the Casas de la Juderia or its sister property, Casas de los Mercaderes? Both great places with lots of Andalusian charm. Same ownership is the all-suite, new 5 star luxury hotel and former 16th century palace, Casa Imperial, where a friend stayed last week and raved about. It's received a great many accolades lately both in the American and Spanish press. <BR>

Ruth Oct 16th, 1999 11:05 AM

Don't know any of the hotels you mentioned, but I can highly recommend the Taberna del Alabadero in Seville. It's in a great location and small and charming. Only has 7-10 rooms, so it may not pay travel agent commissions. We stayed there in May, loved it and friends stayed there in July and were equally enthusiastic. It's pretty reasonable also.

Maribel Oct 25th, 1999 07:32 AM

Jennifer, <BR> Just a follow up regarding Madrid. Found your Madrid hotel, the Aparthotel Madrono. It's not near the Prado nor the Puerta del Sol (so much for that theory!) but instead in the elegant residential Salamanca district, on Calle General Diaz Porlier. I'm very familiar with the area (used to live there), and if you're a first time visitor, I would definitely choose a more convenient, central location. The area is certainly upscale, but a bit removed. <BR>Your travel agent may have suggested it because it can be easily booked through (or through <BR> <BR>Also the Seville hotel must be the Casas del Rey de Baeza, a sister to the others that I mentioned. Very nice, but again, not dead center. <BR> Hope this helps.

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