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Joey Shammah May 20th, 1997 10:00 AM


Colleen May 23rd, 1997 12:40 PM

Colleen May 23rd, 1997 12:41 PM

Colleen May 23rd, 1997 12:45 PM

I don't know it kept cutting me off. Sorry. Be sure to see York. It's a walled, medieval city north of London. How about Ireland? Ferry from Wales to the Dublin area. Driving is easy in Ireland, although you are on the left. Scotland is cool, too, and driving is easy. Accomodations all over Ireland the GB are cheap -- many B&Bs along the roads. That's my suggestion. Or you can do a few days in Paris, too.

Joe Seiwert Jun 3rd, 1997 09:02 PM

The only place that lived up to all my expectaions was Paris. Brugges should be seen; I had no expectations, but it was a wonderful place. Vienna is a great place to see also, but far afield for you. There is nothing wrong with spending the ten days in Great Brittain, unless you want to experience the Continental life. By reputation, Prague is a great place to see, but again, you will spend a bit of time travelling there, and I cannot vouch for it from personal experience. In Brugge, and Belgium in general, you get a great combination of French and loc country influences. If you have any interest in beer as a serious subject, and not just a keg party fuel, you must try Belgium beers. I do not say this lightly, as I realize that most folks have no interest in that subject. But it is treated like wine, and is carefully, painstakingly preepared, and it is not to be believed as to its quality and variety until it is experienced. A fellow who shares the name of Michael Jackson has a video series and books on the subject, and, again only if you are interested, it would make your trip worthwhile just to learn about these brews. Of course, this is the home of Godiva chocolate and a workd of other cholclaters also. Brugges is a canaled, medieval city, and lest you think I spend all my time drinking beer there, it is a joy for its architecture and city. I recommend it highly, and it's available by ferry from just east of London to the Belgium town of Zeebrugge, which is nearby. Although it has been ten years since I have been there, I have no hesitation in recommending it to you.

Larry Weber Jun 4th, 1997 05:07 AM

Normandy! Honfluer, Ste Mere Iglese, Bayeaux, the DDay beaches, cemetaries. Truly special.

Karen Orcutt Jun 27th, 1997 12:16 PM

I too am going to spend 3 weeks in France, Belgium and Holland. I was there 17 years ago and want to know what 10 sights anyone would recommend in 1998! Four children and two marriages later I may find what I thought was paradise merely a "rerun" . Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Is it worth battling the heat in July in Provence or the Riviera in France?

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