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Jason Aug 13th, 2001 12:50 PM

Has anyone every been to Luxembourg?...
My wife-to-be and I are planning our honeymoon and we tripped across a few web-sites on the small country of Luxembourg. It looks absolutely lovely but we're finding it very difficult to locate people who have stayed there or know of people who live there. Any comments, suggestions and advice would be much appreciated... on subjects such as places to see, stay and what the people are like in general. Thanks very much.

Roger Aug 13th, 2001 01:25 PM

Visited in 1979. Grand Duke's palace was fun to see-very refreshing to have a Head-of-State with only one military fellow guarding the gate. Town is ringed by castle walls. Outside the city, ten miles or so, General George Patton is buried with a few thousand of his troops.

Alice Aug 13th, 2001 01:27 PM

We went to Luxembourg last year in <BR>May for the afternoon. There's no reason to stay any longer than half a day. We took the rickety tourist train that carries you through the valley between uptown and downtown, saw a nice park, and some old buildings, and then we were done. The castle cannot be toured so you get a distant glance and that's all. Had supper at a decent sidewalk cafe - they had toilets with self-cleaning toilet seats (no kidding!) and that was the most interesting site we saw. Then we high-tailed it out of there as fast as we could. Whoops, no, the toilet seats were in Lichtenstein. <BR>

Larisa Aug 13th, 2001 01:49 PM

We came with a bus tour for what was supposed to be a day trip to Luxembourg. On the way there the bus stopped in some old castle for about 2 hours. Then the guide brought us to the service area for the lunch which was the complete rip-off. Another 2 hours. <BR>Then we finally came to the Luxembourg, which I loved immediately. <BR>The guide convinced us to take the train tour (for extra money). It traveled for an hour in the park, then 10 minutes in the town. <BR>Via our headphones we listened to the love story that took place in middle ages. No sightseeing! After that the guide told us to board the bus for a ride back. People were complaining, but I was the one started the rebellion and he reluctuntly agreed to let us an extra(?) 45 minutes. <BR>It gave us an opportunity to run around and see at least something. <BR>There is a lot more to see and enjoy, but 1 day is enough. It's a very beautiful but a relatively small place.

wes fowler Aug 13th, 2001 02:05 PM

Jason, <BR>In the prior postings you've heard about Luxembourg city, not the Duchy of Luxembourg. Luxembourg city is small indeed and interesting indeed due in part to its topography of ravines and bluffs that offer stunning views of the city. The Duchy itself has some charming towns, Echternach, Diekirch, Clervaux all of which have castles dating back over the centuries. The Sure river valley is highly scenic as well. The village of Vianden is as spectacular as Luxembourg city. It has a great medieval castle overlooking the little town that is surrounded by a river and steep wooded hillsides.

ALW Aug 13th, 2001 02:16 PM

I found the city beautiful and entrancing and the people (mostly) open and friendly. I had some bad luck while I was there and left shortly afterward, so I can't tell you what to see or do, but the physicality of the place is ruggedly friendly.

Steve Aug 13th, 2001 02:26 PM

My wife & I found a cheap, last minute flight to Brussels last October from Atlanta last October. Spent 3 nights in Belgium and 2 in northern part of Luxembourg. First trip to latter. Enjoyed it. That part of Luxembourg is scenic - mountains, valleys, lots of hiking trails (big activity there). I can find the hotel where we stayed if you need it. We found it on the web and were the only Americans there; on a river, in a valley, looking up a mountain at a castle. Took enjoyable day trip by car to the city of Luxembourg. Food/wine/culture remeinded me of Germany. People pleasant, reserved, seemed fairly prosperous.

Laura Aug 13th, 2001 03:05 PM

Hi Jason, and good luck on your upcoming marriage! <BR> <BR>Luxembourg is absolutely beautiful. We drove all over, taking the smallest roads we could find, and loved every minute of it. The City is beautiful, too, and the people are very friendly. It is remarkably clean, too. We had a very good lunch and spent the afternoon walking around, enjoying the shops and the people. Go, you will love Luxembourg!

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