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FAMOUSUNCLEART Sep 18th, 2003 09:02 AM

Has Anyone Been To Den Helder in Holland?
I've been to most places in Holland and have about a week left and thought I would go north to Den Helder and would like to know if anybody has been there and if it is worth the trip

GeoffHamer Sep 18th, 2003 09:09 AM

It's a naval base and fishing port. I think the only reason why a tourist would want to go there is to get the ferry to the island of Texel. There are more attractive towns in north Holland such as Alkmaar, Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik. All can easily be reached on a day trip from Amsterdam.

PalenqueBob Sep 18th, 2003 09:10 AM

Been there a few times but only to pass through to get to the island of Texel a short ferry hop away. Walking thru town from the train station to the ferry terminal i was not terribly impressed by the town, though, like all Dutch towns, are pleasant. But Texel is a famous destination for Dutch, to visit not only its beaches but quaint villages. You can rent a bike at the ferry terminal on the island.

adoptionisfab Sep 18th, 2003 10:46 AM

This wil give you info on Texel

FAMOUSUNCLEART Sep 19th, 2003 09:04 AM

Thanks Geoff;
I took your trip and went to Enkhuizen and it was a delight. Thanks again, even the train trip was interesting in that I had never travelled that far northeasterly.

Outside of the obvious industrial landscapes of the larger cities on the way, there were miles and miles of pasture passing by my window, and cows, many different types, some looking kind of regal all munching on the bright green pasture. In adjoining pastures many herds of sheep but no sheep dogs or fences.

I've seen farm country in the states but this was different. As far as I could see there were dairy farms, and vast vegetable fields. Cabbages, corn and vegetables I didn't recognize

Then many different fields of flowers, I assume they might have been tulips, and as the train approached Enkhuizen, there were fields covered with make shift hot houses, and then a vast glass enclosed hothouse which seemed at least a mile long.

There was a canal or irrigating ditch running parallel to the train. At time, there were homes on the canal with small boats. And at times there were squatter-types of gardens, all diffent and obviously tended by people in the vilaage. Colorgul and a bit unkempt.
On the trip home, the sun was setting and the scenes passing my window looking like moving postcad pictures. I tried to snap a few but I think the window will fuzz up the image.

Sorry to spend some much time on the train trip. I liked the smallness of Enkhuizen, it wasn't glitzy and then it wasn't dowdy but simple and charming.

Where else would you see a museum of ships in a bottle, some dating back a century ago along with a demonstration of how it is done?

Another musuem was for the Enkhuizen Almanack. I was surprised that it dates back at least three centuries and I believe it is still published. Much like our Farmers Almanac.

Finally the crowning touch was that I arrived at part of a celebration, there had been a harness race yesterday and today it was a festival for kids. Gaudy Circus Carnival and it was great watching the children enjoying all the fun rides with bubbling laughter.

Again, thanks


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