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kk Oct 11th, 2000 05:47 AM

Awhile back on this thread, someone asked if there would be anything a New Yorker would be interested in at Harrod's. IMHO, the answer is NO, unless you want to go and look at the food court. It is a lovely store but extraordinarily overpriced. It makes Neiman Marcus (often called Needless Markup here in its home state of Texas) pale in comparison.

kk Oct 11th, 2000 05:50 AM

ps. Perhaps I should have been a tad more explicit. <BR>Anyone living and shopping in NYC can find similar things to Harrod's at stores throughout NYC (think, Bloomingdales et al) at cheaper price points. <BR>For specifically British goods, the same thing is true if you shop at some other stores in London.

shopper Oct 16th, 2000 08:09 PM

You know, this thread has been very interesting in a lot of ways--politics to the opinion that harrods is overpriced, etc. Frankly, when I shop at Harrods it is not b/c I want to find a bargain or b/c I can't find the same or similar goods elsewhere. I go and shop at Harrods b/c it is an experience unto itself--even if I don't buy anything, it is worth the time just to be amazed at the sheer magnitude of it all. Sure, it is overpriced and maybe I could find all of it in a NYC flagship store. But, it wouldn't be Harrods, would it? And that is the point.

Jeff Oct 17th, 2000 04:48 PM

While I object to people with blinders on as to the price of things, "shopper" has a valid point. God knows that NYers and Londoners pay a premium for living in the City. Why not pay a premium to shop in one of the most exciting stores in the world.

Maura Oct 17th, 2000 05:14 PM

Gosh I go away for a few weeks and I don't log on the Fodors site and my question about Harrods gets turned into a political debate. Don't these people who are arguing about the pros and cons of different countries have a life? I asked about a stupid sale, one that I happen to think is worth going over for. I found out the dates of the sale by logging on to their web site. Marsha is correct it is Jan 3rd. and I do know they replenish their merchandise for at least the first week. I do know that on Saturdays during the sale an additional 10 % is taken off.However it is not taken off designer goods such as gucci and prada purses etc.As for Jeff who says he can get better deals in NYC. Tell me where I can get Gucci loafers for under $150.00 in NYC or the Gucci purse I got for $225.00 and $175.00 that retailed for at least $150.00 more in DC please keep me advised Jeff and that way I will just have to come up to NYC! Harrods is not the only one having a sale at this time, the whole of London seems to be on sale. The other big stores such as Harvey Nichols has great sales, but so do the little shops. Sure you can find great deals on little items but I think you really save on the higher end stuff such as I mentioned before--the designer goods. Plus you have to consider what the rate of exchange is. Right now its a $1.44 which is pretty good. Sorry I didn't answer the question sooner but as I said I've been in Spain for the last couple weeks and I stopped looking at my Harrods question since noone was responding to it and I was getting frustrated by it.

tina Oct 18th, 2000 08:37 AM

Well, excuse us, Maura, for having the temerity to go off on tangents you don't approve of! Why don't you just go back to Spain. <BR>Obviously you've never been around a big dining table, when someone starts a topic and others take off in all diretions with it. <BR>It's called human nature, just in case you were interested. Which you probably aren't. Happy shopping at Harrod's....and yes, I can beat those prices you mentioned lots of other places. <BR>As to the quality of the shopping experience, I do think IMHO that that is a valid and unique point.

Pardon Me Oct 18th, 2000 08:59 AM

Maura, are you not-so-subtly letting us all know that you have the money to spend a bundle on snooty designer clothing and shoes? Are you also dropping a hint that you are such a fat cat that you can fly to Europe just to go buy pricey goods, also implying that you buy so much of these goods that the trip makes economic sense? If so, you should know that it is unbelievably crass to come on this Forum to brag about your personal wealth, and I don't appreciate it much. <BR>

Jeff Oct 18th, 2000 09:13 AM

Speaking of tangents... <BR> <BR>I think that we should go back to Fodor's splitting of categories including a forum just for "Nasty people". The funny part about Fodors is that people go out their way to help poeple like Maura and then you find out that you would never talk to people like this on the street. I may be accused of not having a life and actually I can prove she is right. If someone asks a question and I am not sure but know where to look it up within a minute, I have been known to look it up (so I don't have a life and an endless curiousity). In fact, if you note, my first e-mail was at 11:30 pm, and I was just playing on the internet and I actually went on the Harrods website to play and find out. If we have a separate category for nasty people, I won't do that and won't feel like an idiot when they come back from Spain. <BR> <BR>

kk Oct 18th, 2000 09:19 AM

Jeff, I think you sound like a really nice, helpful, informative person, also one WITH a life. It's your choice what to do with it. <BR>While you are in your helpful mode, any ideas where I should eat on my trip to NYC Dec. 1-5, staying at the Times Square (Hilton, I think) on my husband's expense account. Not bragging, just saying we wouldn't be staying there otherwise at that steep room rate. Got any favorite lunch places around the Frick Museum, for example? Thanks, kk

maura Oct 18th, 2000 06:35 PM

Tina,Jeff, and Pardon me you accuse me of being nasty what the heck do you consider yourselves. Yes I've been at a big dining room table Tina where the topic shifts from one to another but this isn't a dining room table is it. I asked a question I am so sorry none of you know it alls have the answer. And Jeff I believe my question was about how much merchandise Harrods had not what you thought about the prices and their taxes. As for Pardon me do me a favor and listen for the coverage of Harrods opening days sale on the news or Entertainment Tonight etc. and they always tell you about a fur coat etc that is a steal because its been reduced by $5,000!! PARDON ME!

jack Oct 18th, 2000 07:00 PM

It seems to me the only nasty ones are the last 3 people dumping on Maura. Maura is the one trying to be helpful,giving info on the sale at Harrods as well as throughout London. Jeff you don't happen to be an attorney do you? I know a lot, and they all like to here themselves talk and give out useless info. Tina, you talk of human nature--I think jealousy. I do have advice to the ones going off on tangents--why don't you log on to a chat room where the topic is useless dribble that noone asks for. Good Day

Miss Manners Oct 18th, 2000 08:00 PM

Actually, Maura, I believe I know the phrase for which you have been searching. That phrase is "Thank You." <BR> <BR>On behalf of all of the patrons of the forum, I will say "You're Welcome."

K Oct 19th, 2000 02:16 PM

Miss Manners, what does Maura have to say thank you to. Her answer was never answered. I agree with her if I ask a question why should I have to hear what someone has to say about the taxes. and yeah I would like to know where one could buy the classic Gucci loafer in the states for under $150.00 or where I could get my bamboo handled gucci purse for a few $100.00 less so please enlighten us. As for Maura she seems to be more helpful than those last 3 no -nothings. If you don't know the answer to a question just let it go by. Now Maura what do you think of the middle east situation. Pardon me I forgot I am in the travel forum not a current affair or political site. My mistake, I will now log off and go to that site.

Gina Oct 19th, 2000 02:32 PM

I went to Harrod's thinking I might find a nice, high quality sweater or some other nice piece of clothing, something with thick fabric and nice workmanship, you know something you can't get in the department stores in the U.S. and I was certainly willing to pay more for better quality. <BR> <BR>I was sorely disappointed to find that Harrod's casual clothes were made of the same thin, flimsy fabrics and had the same type of shoddy workmanship that clothes in the U.S. do. Apparently they are all made in the same Third World sweatshops. Only difference was that Harrod's was charging far, far more for the same lack of quality.

shopper Oct 19th, 2000 02:57 PM

Oh, my dear shopping virgins! For those of you not getting off on tax tangents and wondering why someone would travel so far for a "good buy", most luxury or higher priced items in London are about the same price as they would be in the US at their regular price. Therefore, at a sale, they are a great deal. And one should not judge Maura for buying Guggi shoes, etc. She just has the savvy to know that you get what you pay for....if you want it to last, you have to pay a bit more. From the airfares I have seen lately, it would be cheaper to fly to London from NY and shop than to pay for transportation in the city! Whoops! Now I have probably started a whole debate on the cost of transportation in major cities around the world....By the way, the summer sale is in July.

Miss Manners Oct 19th, 2000 03:13 PM

Actually, Marsha gave the correct answer many posts ago, so Maura should say thank you. <BR> <BR>The real problem here, IMHO, is that Maura seems believe she owns this thread. Obviously, as any veteran Fodorite knows, anyone is free to post on a thread, and no one owns or controls a thread. So yes, I think Maura should thank those who helped or tried to help, and she should ignore the rest.

SharonM Oct 19th, 2000 04:13 PM

Wow! <BR> <BR>Curiousity got the best of me... <BR>I really wasn't interested in Harrod's Super Sale Post 'til I saw 35 posts listed! ... got to thinking... This must be Some Reeeeeally SUPER Sale! (Let me check it out...) <BR>Anyway, still not that interested in going to the sale, but I AM now ever-so-intrigued with this thread, that I think we really should know just what that "Middle East situation" is...AND Moreover, (and more importantly), how it may (or may not) have an advers effect on the upcoming HARROD'S SUPER Sale! Don't you think?! <BR> <BR> the way, WHEN is it???

Jeff Oct 19th, 2000 04:28 PM

Everyone just stop this at 36. <BR> <BR>I can handle talking about anything and even handling nasty people. But I do have a hard time with cranking my neck and looking up at people on their high horse off on a tangent talking about the propriety of tangents. Stop the madness.

SharonM Oct 19th, 2000 04:45 PM

Jeff. <BR>I was j-o-k-i-n-g! <BR> <BR>(who said I was funny!) <BR>

SharonM Oct 19th, 2000 06:06 PM

actually...(Jeff) <BR>Who are you talking to? <BR>(I must be paranoid!) <BR>(yikes...once burned, twice shy?)(I need to ring up Dr. Fodor!) <BR> <BR>hmmm...

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