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Hadrian's Villa Villa Adriana Tivoli Directions

Hadrian's Villa Villa Adriana Tivoli Directions

Old Nov 20th, 1999, 08:38 AM
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Hadrian's Villa Villa Adriana Tivoli Directions

This is the route I took from Rome following different guidebooks/websites and my own discoveries. I've just detailed the directions so hopefully they'll be easier to follow and I've "Titled" this post so it will be easy to find in a search. Hopefully others can add other options or corrections. HTH Regards, Walter>>>
Take Metro Line "B" towards Ribibbia (last stop) and get off there. Exit metro station and turn right & stop, that street in front of you is Via Tiburtina it goes to directly to Tivoli. Also in front of you to the right are stairs going down, it's a pedestrian tunnel that crosses under V. Tiburtina. Take it and at the end take the right staircase to the sidewalk. Directly in front of you (5m) is a "Snack Bar", enter and buy 2 tickets (per person round-trip 6000L) at the cash register on the left. Exit the Snack Bar and to the left (10m) is the bus stop (note CO.TRA.L bus stop sign) to Tivoli. You'll want a *Blue* "CO.TRA.L" bus with a sign (front pass. window) which reads ROMA/TIVOLI with VIA TIBURTINA below it. The trip takes ~45 min dependent on traffic. Enter back of bus and Validate your ticket. (<<< I didn't do this but it's in the guidebook and others I talked too did. Before you climb up to Tivoli the town at the base of the mountain in which Villa Adriana (Hadrian) is in. You can get off there and walk 1.5km (1mi) to the Villa. I did see a road sign (right side of bus) for the Villa Adriana, my guidebook says the stop is called "Bivio Adriana" and then walk down the sidestreet (Via di Villa Adriana) which is on the right side of V. Tiburtina>>>).
The bus climbs up the mountain to Tivoli, the 1st stop is Largo Garibaldi (you should see the small [trees,fountain,statue] Piazza Garibaldi [Info, w.c.] out the left side of bus), the bus *then* turns right and stops (Largo Garibaldi). Get out onto a sidewalk island (bus stops), in front of you is a *large* wall with tower. The small white building with the tile roof is the ticket office (no sign but an eagle plaque) (if closed try the newsstand kiosk) 1400L *if* returning to Tivoli buy 2. Go back to the bus stop island and wait for an Orange bus either #4 or #4x (guidebooks say #4, I took #4x just as long as it says V. Adriana on it), it will say "Tivoli-V. Adriana" on the sign (front window). Enter front door of bus, driver rips the ticket. Now the bus desends the mountainside again on V. Tiburtina. When it gets into the town at the bottom, the bus will make a sharp left turn (off V. Tiburtina and onto a side road V. d. Villa Adriana). The road heads straight (with maybe a couple of stops before yours), then less than 1mi/1.5km and the bus will stop as the road semi-ends (after this stop it turns a sharp right). Straight ahead is the entrance road to the Villa Adriana (yellow sign also look for Hotel Adriana sign) and on the right side of the bus is the "Garden Cafe" (bus stop *notice the CO.TRA.L bus sign*, Info, and bus tickets). Buy water/soda/snacks there if you need too. Now walk 200m downhill to the Villa ticket office (w.c.), the tickets are 8000L. I suggest getting the audioguide also (7000L) and following the planned itinerary which takes ~3hr. After you enter the ticket gate, go straight ahead uphill on the paved path (unmarked and easy to follow the exit path (on left) by accident). Next to the Canopus (the *famous* site, water and statues is a long brick building, the end (nearest you) is the museum entrance and w.c. to the right of entrance. If the museum is closed walk along the building (Canopus side) and peak into the barred rooms and you can see the original statues.
When you leave return to the "Garden Cafe" bus stop and either take the Orange bus back to Tivoli if you like or if you are going back to Rome wait in front of the cafe at the CO.TRA.L bus stop sign. Ask inside when the bus is due (my was 15min late, so don't worry. The Blue bus will come down the street like you did from V. Tiburtina and *WILL* say "ROMA" with a blue "M" (for Metro) next to it. This bus will take a *different* route back (thru country roads/towns). At one point this bus will get on a *divided* hi-way (interstate, autobahn, motorway, etc) and then exit shortly. The bus is now on Via Tiburtina, now keep your eyes open because it will soon stop at the Ribibbia Metro Station on the right (look for the "M" signs for Metro). Exit and take the metro back to Roma, buy your tickets before you leave Rome. If not and the ticket window is closed buy them in the machine. Note: the machine will vend a CO.TRA.L metro ticket which can only be used in the turnstiles on the far right. If you miss the metro stop, don't worry the bus is going back to Rome somewhere. I would pack a lunch and picnic at the Villa, eas
Old Nov 20th, 1999, 10:32 AM
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Walter----nice of you for a detailed post; a lot of people heading to Rome this upcoming Y2K and I'm sure somebody will be following on your path...

Now, how did you like Hadrian's Villa?
Old Nov 20th, 1999, 01:01 PM
Scott McDonald
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You're the best! Keep 'em coming! I'll be making a binder out of your postings for my family's trip next summer.

Old Oct 18th, 2000, 01:50 PM
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Up to the top for Terry.
Old Oct 20th, 2000, 11:47 AM
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Walter - In case you missed my thank you on my original post. Your step by step approach will be of great help to us when we go to Tivoli and Hadrian's Villa. Actually, we had not heard of Tivoli until we saw the posts. What exactly is there besides fountains? We plan to take the bus there for lunch and walk around a bit before going to the Villa.

Thanks Again for taking the time to post such a detailed and helpful response. Terry

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