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angela Jul 9th, 2001 05:54 PM

Guide with car in Paris
Any recommendations for an English speaking guide with a car for 3 days in Paris?

Rex Jul 10th, 2001 04:08 AM

At first I was surprised that there have been no answers to this (it's been less than twelve hours) - - but the reason is that it might not be clear what you want from this guide. Do you have three days in Paris? or more? Paris can and should be enjoyed on foot and on the metro, with the occasional use of very affordable and pleasant taxis when you feel like it. <BR> <BR>I hope you get answers. But single- or half-day guided experiences with a driver and car - - to equal one-third or less of your total time in Paris might be a more appropriate plan. <BR> <BR>On the other hand, if you have certain specific needs (mobility impairment, or a long list of highly specialized targets you need to "hit" - - like specific business appointments, dressmakers, whatever), such a resource might be very important to you. <BR> <BR>Best wishes, <BR> <BR>Rex <BR>

Karen Jul 10th, 2001 10:39 AM

Our group of nine booked a minibus with driver and guide for a private 3-hour city tour through We also used them for airport transfer. They were prompt, friendly, and our guide was knowledgeable and charming. I would recommend this company based on our experience of a few weeks ago.

Gigi Jul 10th, 2001 12:39 PM

Karen, can you tell us the name of the company you used. I am interested. <BR>Thank you. <BR>Gigi

Karen Jul 10th, 2001 12:51 PM

I think the company is called Come to Paris. I suppose they are agents who make arrangements with other limousine services, etc., but they are the ones I dealt with and paid for the services we used.

Angela Jul 14th, 2001 07:55 PM

Thanks for the information. I decided to hire a guide for the three days that my family will be in Paris. An American artist, Michael Osman, has a website called Discover Paris. He responde to my query within 12 hours, his price is reasonable and he will meet us at our hotel and help us navigate the city as well as guiding us through several museums and places of interest. Will post a comment after I return from Paris in August.

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