Greece Itinerary suggestions!


Aug 2nd, 2014, 01:15 AM
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Greece Itinerary suggestions!

I am thinking of coming to Greece mid next year.
I am starting my holiday in Barcelona then flying to direct to the Greek island (Rhodes)
I then want to go to Mykonos.
I want to leave Athens last.

What is a quick way to get from Rhodes to Mykonos without a long ferry.
Would you have to go through Athens first or is there another way.
And is it better to fly straight to Rhodes from the start?

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Aug 2nd, 2014, 09:11 AM
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If you are Mavo1 from Virtual Tourist your questions were already answered on that website and I doubt you will receive any more options here.
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Aug 3rd, 2014, 05:22 AM
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The OP has posted in various places the same questions, same indecision over and over again....
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Aug 3rd, 2014, 01:14 PM
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Hello Theo1 !

Sometimes it is fine posting same questions on different travel forums for better exposure, if one seeks for opinions or there might be some flexibility on the answers that is... Replies on your specific questions are simply a matter of a stable, given fact. This fact is the specific transport options which are available on/among your destinations.

Your options are very specific and I know many people have a wish list and desperately try to find a way to make it happen, but posting in various forums wouldn't help you in this particular case. You have the facts, make a decision, don't look back!

Good luck!
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