Greece in June with a 4 year old

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Greece in June with a 4 year old

Hello there, need your advice here as I'm planning a trip to Greece with my small family. We will be 3 adults (aged28-34) traveling with my daughter who is turning 4 in a month.
We plan fly into and from Athens we have about 2 weeks starting 15 June here is the plan:
Day1-2-3-4 athens
4-7 fly to crete spend 3 nights
7-9 ferry to Santorini spend 2 nights
9-12 ferry to naxos spend 3 nights
12-14 ferry to mykonos spend 2 nights then catch a flight to Athens connecting back home.

My questions :
1-Is this doable, traveling between islands can be harder than traveling by land?
2- I read that Santorini and mykonos are not suitable for children, I cannot really tell by other people's reviews whether it is boring for children or dangerous,appreciate your input on this.
3- should I skip one island,or do a day trip to one instead of few days?

My first time in Greece and I read that traveling is not as easy as other European countries,therefore a little hesitant but I think it could be fun if done right.

Thanks in advance everyone
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There won't be much for a 4-year-old to do on Mykonos and Santorini besides swimming. There is a small water park at Perissa Beach on Santorini but besides that the sea itself gets deep quickly there as well as on Kamari Beach. Monolithos Beach is a lot shallower and has a much gentler slope.
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That is a lot of moving around with a 4-yr old! Children generally do best if they can settle in somewhere. Those two-night stays are just one full day on an island.

If it was me - and it isn't - I'd choose just two islands to give everyone a chance to settle in and explore those islands.
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The caldera views on Santorini are from a steep cliff, and many hotels have lots of stairs as they hang off of these cliffs. You will need to be very watchful of your child there.
Mykonos has some nice beaches. The best place you list for your child is Naxos.
I can't comment on Crete as you don't menrion your location but hopefully it's Chania.
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Thank you for taking the time to give your suggestions. Then crete and naxos would be more suitable options.

Would we still be able to do a day trip to one of the other two? Or save them for future trips?(I doubt there will be any to Greece).
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Happytrvlr >> we didn't book any flights yet so I'm open to suggestions for where to stay in crete to get the best experience for all of us. Thinking of renting a car in the bigger islands as suggested in many reviews.
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Hellenic Seaways does offer daytrips from Heraklion, Crete to Santorini. Check their website:
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The ferry from Crete to Naxos stops at Santorini for a few minutes, so you may get a glimpse of the caldera villages through the windows. You can do day trips to Delos/Mykonos and Santorini from Naxos too.
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The problem as I see it with travelling and children is either the trip is built around what would work best for the child or it is built around what the adults would prefer.

What's best with a 4 year old is to go to one place and stay there. That may not be what the adults would prefer to do though as they want to 'see more places'.

A reasonable compromise would be to choose 2 destinations of one week each.
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