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tomandjudy Apr 14th, 2017 04:36 AM

Greece - four specific questions
We will be in Greece for almost a month in early May. I am hoping someone has suggestions about the best ways to do the following without a car:
- get to LIndos and the Acropolis from Rhodes town
- get to Spinalonga (former leper colony) from Heraklion
- get a guided walking tour of the Imbros Gorge (from Chania or Heraklion) - any good?
- get to Ancient Akrotira from Fira (Santorini)

Thanks for all suggestions.

Mimar Apr 14th, 2017 06:14 AM

Re: to Akrotiri

We took a bus tour from Oia that went to Akrotiri and provided a guide for the ruins there. I would say a guide is very valuable there; it's hard to distinguish what you're seeing. Unless they've improved the signing radically in the last couple years.

travelerjan Apr 14th, 2017 06:49 AM

MAY -- if "early May" includes May 1st, be aware that this is Labor Day all over the world except USA, and 99% of workforce is off... so, no transport.

RHODES - there's a public bus to/from Lindos, takes about 1 hr. see this map (use + on computer to Enlarge) Bus leaves from terminal just outside N side of Old Town... We were staying near a SOUTH gate, & saved ourselves a long walk by catching it at bus stop on Southbound Katzou st (look for bus sign opposite a grocery). At Lindos, bus stops on Highway you must walk downhill to the town & the lane leading up to ruins. For return bus, u need to walk back to highway. Ask yr hotel to get u bus times. NOTE: In early May, the Aegean is too chilly to swim on most isles, but Lindos Bay is a "sun trap" and I had an enjoyable swim about May 8th - amazing!

SPINALONGA - unless u have a looong stay in Crete, this is a forgettable destination, mainly popular due to that novel, and because people who stay at (purpose-built) upscale resort area Elounda don't have many nearby sights to visit. Just my opinion, but save yr days for famous ancient sites.

IMBROS - What a great destination! We rented a car, but Happywalker is a well-established company, great TA reviews. In May, one's surrounded by greenery and flowers ... I remember being enveloped in a wonderful smell and feeling somehow like a roast leg of lamB! then realized Gorge walls were covered w. bushes of THYME.

AKROTIRI - Just downhill from Fira Square is "Bus Yard"; busses go every hour or so... be sure to scribble down return times from schedule board. While down there, u can cross road, scramble up some hills, and you'll be overlooking Red Beach (off limits for sunning, due to rock-falls).

neckervd Apr 14th, 2017 07:38 AM

Bus timetable of Rhodos:
City hotel only a few steps from bus station: Hotel Hermes
More charming hotel inside the walled city relatively close to bus station: Hotel Attiki

Dogeared Apr 16th, 2017 08:55 AM

"We will be in Greece for almost a month in early May."

Really? How do you get a month into the early part of May? LOL

"Best way without a car". I love when people use the word 'specific' and then are anything but specific in what they ask. What does 'best' mean?

To get to Lindos from Rhodes Town without a car, you can:

Ride a bicycle.
Ride a scooter or motorcycle.
Take a public bus.
Join a bus tour.
Charter a boat.
Join a boat tour.
Charter a helicoptor.

I vote for the helicopter as being the 'best' way to go.

tomandjudy Apr 16th, 2017 03:27 PM

Many thanks to travelerjan and Mimar.

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