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susan1226 Feb 21st, 2008 12:52 AM

Great Apartment in Venice
I want to give a glowing review of Venice Rentals ( We decided to have our annual girls trip in Venice during Carnivale. There were 7 of us total and we stayed one week. I came across Venice Rentals on a web search and saw they had a US number. I called Boston, left a message and heard back from Denise (who lives in Venice but is American) in less than 6 hours! Denise obviously speaks English well and understands what Americans expect in the way of accomodations and customer service.

Being that we had 7 women, there were some specific requirements we wanted for our stay in an apartment. I gave Denise our requests and she described some of the options available. A few of them seemed just right and so she promptly emailed those to me right away. I saw the description, the location and pictures--this made it so easy to pick the right apartment. There were no surprises when we arrived. All the fees were inclusive and it ended up being only 67 euros for each of us per night! We stayed in a absolutely gorgeous, four bedroom 3 bathroom apartment with a terrace and canal view (and even a washing machine!). There was so much room--almost 2500 square feet--and so well maintained and furnished.

Once we made the reservations, Denise continued to show nothing but superb service. She gave us detailed directions on how to get from the airport to the vaporetto stop where she met us and guided us to the apartment. She showed us all the features of the apartment, made sure we were comfortable, and told us to call if we had any questions. I have stayed at 5 star hotels that dont give me that kind of service, so I have nothing but praise for Denise and Venice Rentals. The annual girls trip was a huge success and part of that is owed to Denise--she was so attentive and went above and beyond. Next time you plan a trip to Venice, skip the hotel and check out Venice Rentals--you wont be disappointed.

willit Feb 21st, 2008 03:20 AM

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but this looks suspiciously like an advert particularly as it is your only post.

Grcxx3 Feb 21st, 2008 04:07 AM

Yup willit - I was thinking the exact same thing - 1st post, rave review of an apartment/service, no other details of the trip. I would have thought a 1 week trip to Venice during Carnivale would warrant more to write about than just the apartment.

susan1226 - just and FYI - advertising is not allowed on this forum.

Zerlina Feb 21st, 2008 04:17 AM

If the OP is Denise, as one suspects, she also sounds pretty full of herself...

julia_t Feb 21st, 2008 04:22 AM

Yeah, the apartment looks great, but if the poster is genuine then I'd like to hear about the week in Venice, what churches, galleries, restaurants, etc.

Way too much detail here makes me suspicious.

susan1226 Feb 23rd, 2008 07:16 AM

I'd be happy to tell you about our week in synical of you to think otherwise. We all came with capes in hand and bought masks in order to partake of the Carnivale festival. Much to our surprise, there were alot more of the 'halloween' type costumes than the traditional ones you see in the pics all the time.

We ate at some fabulous restaurants (Rossa Rosa by Campo San Manin and Hotel Malibran by Teatro Malibran--gotta get the canoli there!). We even took in the Carnivale experience wasnt worth the 79 euro they wanted for it but it was a decent, quick review of Venice's almost 2000 year history. We did all the regular touristy side trips to Murano (skip it unless you want to see the glass being blown) and Burano (cute and can be done in under an hour). We even did a train trip to Vicenza and thoroughly enjoyed the different atmosphere there and the famous Teatro.

I personally have been to Venice a zillion times so the reason I was impressed with Denise is that customer service is often lacking in this city and the Venetians can often be considered rude by American standards. For a first time visitor, it is nice to be able to have someone treat you with the respect you deserve...I stand by my glowing review.

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