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Grandpa driving London to Edinbrugh HELP!!

Grandpa driving London to Edinbrugh HELP!!

Sep 3rd, 1997, 08:47 AM
Larry Martin
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Grandpa driving London to Edinbrugh HELP!!

Will be arriving in London October 2, with two
daughters, two grandchildern and wife for ten
days. I intend to stay two or three days in London
and then travel to Edinburgh for a few days.and
return. Could someone give me advise about
renting a car for the trip north. What do cars rent
for per day? What company is best.? Drive time to
Ed.? Also lodging in Edinbrugh cost etc.? I am a
retired working stiff that has been saving over the
years for this trip and need all the help I can get.
Any other information would be greatly received.
Thank in advance
Sep 3rd, 1997, 01:50 PM
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Larry, I can answer part of your question as I just returned from London and have lots of websites saved under "favorites" because we rented a car-but only in Holland and Germany. Used trains in UK because of the difference in the right/left roads and steering wheels. Even crossing the street in London almost got me killed because you don't expect a car to be coming at you, when its usually going the other way-- know what I mean! Here are some great websites to explore and read: (1) www.ricksteves.com/services/rrdrive.htm (2)www.eurorail.com/britrent.htm (3)http://city.net/countries/united kingdom/england/#transporation (4) wwweurotrip.com--this one answers a lots of general and specific questions and has another travel board with specific topics (5) www.europcar.com/english/bo_e.htm (6)http://members.aol.com/europevan/index.html--
We were 2 adults and 2 teens so decided to get a VW popup van. My husband and son slept in it at night when price of room was really high, they then took a shower in the girls hotel room and also partook of the continental breakfast and no one was the wiser- VANS have fridges (for drinks and fruit and stuff) little stoves and silverware etc. We fit all of our suitcases in the back and put the backsit down and good lay back against the sleeping bags which were rolled in front of the suitcases. We took turns- navigator or sleeping or driving-what will it be today. Gas stations were nice, all had restrooms and good selection of food and drinks .
LONDON-WATCH OUT!! We spent $700 US in two days and that's what we spent in Netherlands in 6 days. That was for a room that was $100 a night US (found it on internet and saved $30 a night) A night out at Beefeaters, a walk thru Hyde Park (it was free!) and a bus tour through London. We had a cheap pizza delivered by Shakey's the second night and then hightailed it out of there. I hated the money exchangers because for every $1.00 I spent I lost 55 cents because of the devaluation of US dollar there.
And their prices are high. A 10 minutes taxi ride and 1/2hr train ride to get me back to Gatwick was $88.00 american dollars. Beware. If you don't want to see shows, shop or spend a lot stay out of London and just see English/Scottish countryside.
Sep 3rd, 1997, 02:00 PM
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If you will go to your AAA travel agency, they can
give you a large brochure with all types of cars,
automatic and stick, available in Britain. If I were you, I would take a train from London to Edinburgh...the children would like it and it would be better on your nerves!! It doesn't sound like you have alot of time to spare, and the drive to Edinburgh is not a short one, unless you get on the M roads, which are like our major freeways. Then, you could rent a car at the Edinburgh airport, which is a fairly small airport. Driving there is easy, but you must always keep in your mind, left, left, left. Three days in London and a few days in Edinburgh...have you considered doing London, then going out from there and drive thru the Costwolds, or go over to Bath? There are plenty of things to see south of London, down to Brighton, or SW to Devon or Cornwall. This would keep you on the little roads, in little villages with loads of places to stop. You might want to consider keeping the driving down to a minimum, saving on time, mileage and frazzled nerves. IF you do end up going to Edinburgh, three times we have stayed at a hotel in a great location, right on Princes Street(the main street) within walking distance to everything, or, if you are tired, taxi. It is call Mount Royal Hotel. It is within walking distance of the train station, or if you have a car, they can tell you how to get to their sister hotel, out of Edinburgh, where you can leave your car. Let me know if I can give you any other help.
Sep 3rd, 1997, 06:33 PM
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been there twice. would not advise driving in London. Tak ethe train to a smaller town ourside London then pick up acar. The trains are wonderfull. If you drive don't miss York. For us oldtimers there is also the statue of Greyfriars Bobby ( if you remember the old Disney movie) in Edin. The tube is a great way to travel around London if you don't want to walk ( but walking is the best way to get the feel of teh city. If you have a mind to, the Cotswalds are worth the time. Also a beautiful cathedral city of Wells.
Lotsa luck mate !

or [email protected]
Sep 4th, 1997, 12:04 PM
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Car rentals are very reasonable in GB. I suggest reserving one with one of the American companies like Hertz through the US International Desk. You can get an 800 number from your phonebook. Booking in advance from the US is cheaper. As stated above, do not drive in central London. I stayed on the outskirts of the city and took the trains, then drove outward only. I drove in May from Aberdeen Scotland to London over two weeks. The driving was easy after the first day on the other side of the road. Be sure to get out of the way of passing vehicles, it is an expected courtesy. Edinburgh is a big city. Like driving in San Francisco. You should pass by the industrial cities of middle England on the M1. The Cotswolds were precious, the Peak District is worth a glance, York is a must, the Yorkshire Dales so beautiful that you will believe all is right with the world. Take some time through the Scottish Borders area. In fact, I stayed in quiet little Peebles and commuted to Edinburgh, much more peaceful. You'll have a blast. PS. Car rentals were about $200 a week, not bad, do not get the smallest class car (like Ford Ka), you will not be prepared for the Brits definition of small!
Oct 26th, 1997, 02:14 PM
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sending up to 10/26
Oct 26th, 1997, 10:40 PM
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Sometimes Tricia gives good info other times she's way off base as is the case about money exchange. A British pound is worth about $1.57 (10/26/97). That has nothing to do with the money changer making .57 on the transaction or because the dollar is "devalued." The ratio between currencies has to do with international transactions and the relative worth of those exchanges. The money changers make a small commission on each exchange. London prices are not much different than Rome prices where you get 1600 lira for one dollar. As for London, my suggestion, especially for first time visitors, is to go to Picadilly Circus and get the double decker tourist bus for, I think, 10-12 pounds. My mother and daughter just did that and had a great time. The ticket allows you to get on and off at their many stops and hop on the next bus whenever you like, and they come by all the time. And try to sit on the top deck. The view is great! Then, if you like some particular stop and want to spend more time there, go back the next day on your own. It will always be near a tube station. London is far more than just shows (although you should try to get to one. Check one of the weekly mags about what's on in London. They're all over the place.)
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