Gourmet purchases not to be missed?

Old Jan 8th, 2000, 04:44 PM
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Gourmet purchases not to be missed?

I will be headed to Paris in June. Gourmet cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. Any recommendations on items to purchase that would please the home cook? Nice shops or markets? Non-perishable items that are the best to be had only in France?


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P Reifers
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Go to "LE PRINTEMP" departmental store.
You'll find a lot. "Galerie Lafayette" is next. Also not bad.
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There are numerous excellent articles in this regard at www.bparis.com. You can find excellent kitchenware, especially copper cookware, all over Paris. As for food, there's not much that can't also be acquired stateside, making it not hardly worth dragging home on the plane. If you have a craving once you're returned home, there are dozens of websites that sell French food items. If you plan to shop for food in Paris, though, it's best to know enough French to read the labels.
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Each year, Danish friends visit France and do some "grocery-buying" for us. They send us a small, cloth bag filled with dried herbs from Provence. We put it into a sealed, glass jar and use a pinch each time we make spaghetti sauce, lasagna, soups, etc. Gives us the "flavor of France" all year 'round. I feel sure you can buy such pot-pourri spices in any upscale food shop in Paris. Try Fauchon's?
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Dear Lisa,
You must take a look at Patricia Well's book, 'Food Lover's Guide to Paris'. It is very complete. Other good books are Linda Dannenberg's 'Paris Boulangerie' and 'Paris Bistros'.
Good Luck.
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Here is some info from my Paris notes:
First there are chain stores like Prisunic, Monoprix, and Tati with multiple locations.
Prisunic and Monoprix are like Woolworth stores used to be in the US, everything from
inexpensive clothing items to housewares. Monoprix also have very nice grocery departments. You can pick up bread, butter, cheeses, produce, wine, and other items for a picnic, or teas and mustards to take home. Tati also has several locations, has low prices, and has a flea-market atmosphere, with everything jumbled around and very busy.

For items like gourmet jams, teas, oils, mustards, and biscuits, go to Hediard at 21 pl de la Madeleine or Fauchon at 26 pl de la Madeleine. Prices are high.

Cookware: Dehillerin, 18 rue Coquillere, 1st, metro Etienne-Marcel
Some say it's the best cookware supply house in the world. Will ship.

A. Simon, 36 rue Etienne-Marcel, 2nd, metro E-M or Les Halles. Appliances, pottery, cutlery, metalware.

Department stores:
BHV 52-64 rue de Rivoli, metro Hotel de Ville. Some fashion, excellent for hardware and household goods.

Au Bon Marche 22 rue de Sevres metro Sevres-Babylone
Linens, furniture, table settings, mens clothing, books, recordings, stationery. Excellent grocery dept, the largest in Paris.
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Fauchon's is not to be missed if you're prepared to splurge or just look at their wonderful goodies.

Kudos to the participants of these forums. I'm very impressed by your in-depth knowledge and generosity to share your experiences with others!


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Great suggestions everyone!

I would underscore Elaine's suggestion of Dehillerin for cookware. I've bought copper and other items there over the years - always the best price and highest quality. Of particularly good value and a nice gift is one of their small carbon steel paring knives. I also picked up a chinois for half of what it would cost me in the States.

If you're looking for non-perishables for yourself and don't need the Fauchon or Hediard packaging (and high prices) Monoprix and MiniPrix markets are great. The market upstairs at Galeries Lafayette has a huge selection, great prices and best of all, there are often a half a dozen people serving samples of all sorts of goodies. I found great prices on interesting (Cassis, Cognac, walnuts) mustards by Bornier and wonderful, inexpensive hazelnut oil by Guenard. I regret not having bought some truffle oil as well.

Bon voyage et bon appetite!
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I love to cook too, and the one thing I regret not having bought in Paris is a can of goose confit for making cassoulet. I found it in several shops there, but it's very difficult to get here. That's on my shopping list for my next trip!
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Hi all,

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions. I am hoping to do a little from ALL the posts...you have my mouth watering and I am itching to get in my apron and start creating!
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julie c.
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Lisa: When I was in Paris last spring I happened upon a little store on or around the rue de buci in the 6th. It was totally devoted to olives..fresh olives, canned olives, soaps, oils etc. I brought back several cans of olive oil from provence which I have hoarded. I use my olive oil infused with truffles sparingly.I love cooking with it and plan to stock up when I return this April. Also, I stocked up on mustards and dried herbes from provence shopping at the food markets on the rue de buci during the weekdays and sat. 9-1. Great fun.I also second the suggestions about Fauchon and the Epiceries at the Galleries Lafayette. Unbelievable!!Oh... great jams can be bought at monoprix and luscious chocolates too.
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Don't forget to pick up a few jars of Nutella....what memories

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